7.9.18-KTK MORNING SHOW-Plogging-Secret In Making The Crispiest Fried Chicken

Monday, July 9th

Why you might want to start plogging, post-vacation tips to ease back into the grind and the secret that Chef’s say makes the best fried chicken.  It’s the 98.5 KTK Morning Show recap for Monday, July 9, 2018.

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Hi there it's the ninety point five GTQ what are recap for Monday July 9. Jump right to Shelley now grabbing birdies today we have a lot of fast food restaurants in Florida. But we're not need Mac daddy biggest stage or the stay with the largest amount of professor restaurants that. Balls in Alabama. Loved by apparently they have over six fast food restaurants per 101000 residents Nebraska gonna get a number to. Followed by West Virginia Oklahoma and Tennessee resting pass for the has just one point 9% one point nine fast food restaurants per 101000 people because they get that grid managers didn't register those who deserved to skip to at a dinner and dessert you can New Jersey is there as well as as well as new York and mrs. C of the shops I would think we did think today that McDonald's would be. The number one of the biggest fast food chain in the US well we got that wrong we got it wrong because some way. Actually is quite larger factor almost 19% of all fast food restaurants in America. Our someplace McDonald's on the other hand as an eleven point 3% LE. Way down there and they burger kings at five point seven zones even further down followed by Taco Bell and Pizza Hut. Here in Florida we have 3.3 fast food or diners pert. 101000 residents and about mid bad but about mid range we have ridden middle and there are however Naples if you're really looking for faster change foods. That's we wanna go there 43 almost 44 fast food restaurants per 101000 people not wanna drive down the road there and just seat he had a house saturated I can't. I get visually pictures that I imagine they're stacked upon each other yeah. This thought was interesting in this whole study says of all the cities in the United States. The one city that has the most McDonald's restaurant. Is Orlando and that's something they say there's 21 McDonald's per 101000 residents she's you've Louis maybe it's because you know you got so many tourists come and it's sort of wrote an international food and hunger food for people he knows and it's a kind of on the cheaper side could you need to find some sort of price breaks when you go to I think that's a soldier after a Naples not a big city now but they've got forty but 44 fast food restaurants for 101000 people. That means that they've opened up a McDonald's inside of a subway that's you know it's it's in a Starbucks yeah it's been pregnant that huge for some reason now hey do you plug. And bigger pardons yeah blogging it's the cool thing all the Swedes are doing it and we should be doing in the US is very simple that have melted cheese on a sticker with some browser knows she should Hayes knows that that's funded I think the Friday America. Emitted is is when you're doing a Monday morning or afternoon jog when you come across letter you stop picking up I like that jogging and picking up picking up litter so it becomes plug being you know he might do clocking on pickup trucks as I walked Betsy just as good as we hear how do and you're exercising your feeling good and easy trash pick up the fact a lot about people in Sweden. And actually start going out without gloves and bags to yeah cover all the garbage show that for the it's. We should adopt here is going to be very easy especially if you I say some tips to do here is don't do a job or whopping two seam routes picked for once you can pick a different tracks up now and then you're kind of make it a community thing major for entertainment involves about a rose a remarking media during World Cup the Japanese. Fans who lost in Russia actually cleaned up the stands before they left. The Italian losing the team when the team was kicked out the other make a lot of cars are up in the left him a note on the drive us. I'm like well is going on in Japan so nice and real hot let's see let's talk about the post vacation tips can storms came back vacationers. Boy are my good advocate she's had a Kristen is getting all giddy for her vacation you player. 40% Americans and the benefits of vacation only lasts a few days after they come back to work. About a quarter of 24% same expected they'd get off vacation that the goal after goes way god. Hi they said that basically people feel stressed on their vacations 28% actually say they're working on their vacation because you're trying to get ahead. She'll come back to allow a you know an avalanche of email exactly. They say the biggest buzz kill a vacation is returning to a heavier than usual workload tallest player on that see you and actually plan for us some time to catch up. Padilla chip yeah so on your auto reply when you haven't out there make sure you were say I'm not replying to emails she wanna tell you and it's elm before they need you know. Would you come back like on a Monday patent auto reply continue to let Wednesday or Thursday so even give you chance to catch up Chris and you do your auto replies like even ahead of time before labor. Yeah I chided him out or quietly Sam leaving on a Wednesday or something even if I'm leaving the next week and try to do it the week before. Just say it doesn't say I am out of the office that says I will be out of the office starting on this day. Because it kind of helps people saying like oh shoot extra million does Campbell with her now where what why you take a vacation on Wednesday to Monday with I'm leaving her -- street tunnel Wednesday and so random kind of just bill for the Salina Wednesday I know but it's just I know you're my Canadian friend become the started he started the beginning of the week so you'll have to come and this is like a nose CDs personally am doing in this pocket that you don't miss any two full weeks. That I know that I'll be home for a little bit one week and then I'll be home at the end of next week I guess and tonics and she's actually. Planning to ease yourself back into the ground. And maybe that's who we should be doing said just a yeah and Vegas is on Wednesday. Two words that I avoid when you're eating out when your on the diets. Crispy crunchy right as a kind of words that mask. Either saturated fat. Calories salt or even sugar so you're trying to lose weight after the vacation and you see the words crispy or crunchy on the menu. You might wanna avoid what about Captain Crunch yeah. The same thing I love me some capital pressure here with Obama as a human Syria that was your deal I used to eat so much of it that the roof of my mouth was it was all. Tender one how is I would just double terra yeah you have to literally sit multiple health. That's and sometimes I just can't wait. They also talk about aim of the talk about and the crispy crunchy it's it doesn't that necessarily be fried some times it's food that has sugar coating on his well. Who loves you when you're getting into the you know the salad world of assists Chris speer crunch even though maybe a Walden could be covered in sugar some yet really look forward to that. Are they also say it was kind of interesting here we have an oil based dressing dependence haven't on the ES LA itself instead of off the side. And the reason is is that all those vegetables need that. Fat soluble nutrients found in the best most do oil actually helped write a body absorb that I never knew that about yet onions and rest and then lastly they say consider IBM I some weird and counter intuitive they go into a meal thinking hey I can't wait for dessert ha I'm gonna get a piece of that chocolate cake in kind and good talent on now you -- -- don't necessarily are gonna get the caper your comment to setting yourself up to save room for these you know usually what you do shall make sure you know eating too much -- receiver of the chocolate taking generally is the only just enough annual the desert. And generally lets be real honest desserts usually stink they're they're never live up to what you think they're gonna taste like yeah I've had some pretty good desserts relic I'm honest on that had an incentive for disappointment and gene makes great desserts. There aren't the secret for chefs for the perfect piece of fried chicken hour talking may say you need to drawing your fried chicken before hand. It can be anywhere from a few hours to today. Anything from water and salt or sugar or soy sauce or socket or even fresh ginger I did Turkey breast on the grow last night and I Brian did but I didn't run a long enough mood music Ron for about 24 hours and if you if you can do it for 24 hours more than makes it juicy juicy and delicious and apparently really helps that's what all the ships say that you need to do for the most. A delicious fried chicken of all tied you know and as there are different brine recipes for the when you pointed out there. That was. Equal parts chicken stock and dill pickle juice yeah. And it. That's very interesting the and it seems to me I guess the the that are kind of breaks down the that your gonna bid but. They say you know if you can get this one particular. Shepherd says that that's what their brightness for 24 hours. And then they actually poached chicken and that and that mixture you mention that way they are rip it's cooked all the way it's always cooks or he thought I had and it's just a couple of minutes on the friar and it's done. They say never fry ice cold chicken knew coming right from the fridge explode let him warm up a little bit. And a they say if you're able to break your chicken lettuce sit in a refrigerator overnight it's also good that gave the chance rose Jesus is soaked into the bread and the brand the Krispy will keep will stick to the chicken but yeah so that's kind of a things in this and adding cornstarch team mixture adds a little bit of fluff. And though maybe Anixter some numbness there now and then not driving makes you sleepy Christmas after a bucket of chicken does. So. Credit amendments to drag Mir around the block like Lisa guy Jeremy at all and you boasts no wise that Egypt collect somewhere for twenty hours straight concede is usually wants asleep till and obviously when he just he is one of those people that I mean I'm not kidding you like and so we go to Niagara it was a nine hour drive and he did not flinch that's a like try to get that man a pull over. For your for your message the schedule Chris Jeff and I want to go up so quickly to the bathroom. I yeah there's a study that was done that actually the beauty that Easter visual art virtual simulator that replicated the experience of driving on a road like the vibrations you feel right rice and they did some different tones are different variations of the the vibrations and they measured the the heart rates. Of all the people that we're testing an ace found that even those people were healthy fully rested as participants. After fifteen minutes being exposed to that. Started to get a little bit sleepy and then increased a lot by the first half hour and in their saying that there were the other hoping that this research. Kind of works for the car the fusion and maybe we'll have those particular vibrations. I really kind of worry about parents casinos make you sick person there are some parents to take the kids for a driver on the block yeah. Help them falsely there quite. Do they are just as tired as the kid. So maybe it's not something we wanna get it completely that mean there's a button you can pushed through but yes who takes fifteen minutes and the and then there were drowsy you out or you can just get an I ten head to the panhandle. That will put you to sleep and and a few minutes and Google road now I've actually driven the entire length of my ten from Santa Monica to Jacksonville railway and even through Texas oil man of the most boring as part of I ten is in Florida and I'm. So there's a show for today Monday July not those kids a YouTube viewers listen to us live Monday through Friday between five intent. A ninety point five Katie gave BC Mac. You.