7.6.18-KTK MORNING SHOW-The Secret Of A Great Potato Salad-Signs Of Heat Stroke In Dogs

Friday, July 6th

The killer Potato Salad hack you need to know, disabling the “re-routing” feature on your phone’s maps and the signs of heat stroke in dogs.  It’s the 98.5 KTK Morning Show recap for Friday, July 6, 2018.

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Well that president. They carry out our building it's the Monica. And warnings are recap for. Friday July 6 welcome back story thank you very much as they're wonderful vacation yeah you always have that have you finished attacking it. Yeah as a matter of fact we got back on not Monday but the windows and well appointments in August in Auburn a couple of places. Most of the pack thing mostly yeah mostly on there's always like a couple of things in the like in my bag which is kind of staying in there and then I forget they're in their and a packed magaw like what is it sure the other that's pay dividends from me before as an accident room with a ball one and no opener and I might look in the one pocket go home and little you know Britain's pop up. That's our training right there at Alia swirling everywhere like Canada. All right so here's all the stuff on the show you may have missed today is artificial tan safer than the real thing Reston. Pitch yes yes there yeah. Earlier this we had compared to get UV rays from the sun and damaging your skin yes they faked hand is the way to go but to be very careful because. There's the ingredient and actually they spray and your skin and that economy does the same thing he has is the heir to turn your skin brown. And it's called DHK. Which is good on your outside. So inside so you don't want a breather while there superintendent and yes Richard you're holding your breath and you know I don't inhaler because it's not FDA approved and I doubt it ever will not. Well there there are some organic spray cans down yet you can you can does have an integral that does miner has done in the past. It's all organic it's all made from lake natural things that peanut butter copy. I don't know but it's made from natural things so even if you do inhale it and I think the growth of her but the dogs won't stop applicant that's generally yes and I have noticed. I get like the extra extra orange feet and knees and elbows from it. Or hates our. And a classy elegant to you and looks it looks vaguely yeah. So the secret killer potato salad at odds it's it's editors and miss the absolute Taylor yes it's not extra may or sour cream it is actually throwing in a pretend you wouldn't think and that's the rusted. Which is usually user may make your baked haters yeah but it is crumbling right and that's one of the reasons you don't when he uses in potato salad actually when he is more of the waxy ones which would be the finger lanes and the smaller little potatoes but. If you were to take I medium size arrest of potato and mix it in with a out pound of the wax potatoes what happens is that. It'll get mushy. And then it'll start absorbing all the flavors that are in their analog stick to its new buddy the that potato and therefore you have a delicious killer potato salad daily to help flavor of the tiger now user to my absolutely. Edit another cut perhaps it's time in New York in the financial business sector may be separate quit your job. More Americans are doing that according to a recent a survey 74%. Said they are planning or have left to jog to pursue. Their true passion that's a lot of people it really NS. Some Americans are looking for a more satisfaction in that jobs mean consider your here at least eight hours today you know you've got to be happy what you're doing here and people are willing to take their wrist to pursue careers or give them a sense of purpose. Of the top three industries employees are legal behind them be retail hospitality and finance swapping them for careers in the arts education and technology. Prisoners and you know the first two there you got the hospitality and retail. It's right here on the front lines of talking to people who can be very rude and you guilty after awhile and then finance. We know much fun as it. Now that's an even the paycheck is not stopping people almost half said that they were they're planning to to make the jump even though the gonna make less money. 32% said that they actually went on to make more money 21% said it was a kind of a wash so it's a washing your happier to job that's that's a win in my book out yeah. I'm very small ways to make changes to be able to go a little lower humanities and payment is genuinely makes you happy yeah really I mean you kind of come look at your your your status of living in you know do you really need to do this yet you by without that so your happiness I really hope you're happy every day when you get a lot of people. Our -- up right now driver and workers we speaker and aren't real happy via what I wasn't happy with this holiday being in a Wednesday I mean I'll let the media guy coming not that we had we we can no longer do this phone yet to Mondays and one week and yesterday it was the Thursday as Monday ever. I don't Monday night into Thursday and NBS Thursday night and as of Thursday ever it was bad you know and I hate. I hit my GPS map rerouting me a collapse of the last set you know yeah it happened I was saying he. Almost kill the guy you are wrong lane here in the left lane and three lanes overs the exit date that just says he wants to pass like. Yeah it's like to turn here like right here now I'm not home and I can't. The ninety car speeding by me so and a lot of times I don't figure this is what this article talks about but a lot of times against pointless changes like you reroute you to SP go speeding down an off ramp. Just to take the next on ramps up so what do you make. This kind of always to concept that there is no on Google Maps or apple mats is no do not reroute me feature button yeah it's. So you can't control it a little but it annoys the heck out of you and it's as simple as turning on your phones airplane note that makes sense and I can get any other daddy okay calls or messages either bonus problem northern new data comes in like that reroute stuff down yet people think a lot of times too that the map will continue following but it will continue got a when you're always in there when your airplane though the GPS still works so that's that's good to know but. If you do wanna continue to gauger calls is a little bit more complicated a little easier for the apple you have your settings and into the map and then just turn up the cellular data. So there for a while he's it'll get the data once on Wi-Fi button android actually need to going to some call a net guard which is an apps you have to do make the change to that app but he got it is the same thing. Let's talk about your ideal age gap RR ice domestic gaps forget our relationship the old may December relationship will it work or there are some new steps on the yeah we we actually I think we talked about this yesterday do we Kristen about this is kind of the prime time to be getting into a new relationship yet we haven't talked about in July and then my theory was because they get you in Philly just before the holiday is yet to bring someone home to mom yeah I usually after October 31 there's no new people being invited to a Thanksgiving or Christmas yet because we don't know what the river alike were not. But I'm going to be bringing age 25 herald home. Our which makes me really creepy I'm. Not so. There is a formula the good news depending on how old you are now how young should you be dating somebody RCE divide there age. By the number two artists are divide your age for the number two in the at seven yet and that's the low she should absolutely ego that I. If you're forty yet somebody 27 in I was lower fuselage and a body blow younger than right yeah I'd according to this data argument when he fourteen they say this is because it looked at 3000 troubles and they found that. The longer the larger gap between the ages of the couple the more likely York get divorced if you're a one year age difference is about a 3% chance of divorce. Five years with his two more years that increases up to 18% chance of divorce. Ten year difference in and ages of 39% and then a twenty year gap in your age nearly 95% race but to risk of getting divorce like she's a billionaire head and I. I I honestly think that 5% the only reason why it's not a hundred is because they'd. At that died up to about not a double arsonists tech with the true technically true widow or widow would work. Are not Peyton but but what they say is an early maggert. AG does it really depends on your basic component do you have shared values and beliefs healthy communication and conflict resolution trust and intimacy. In the village support each other house goals doesn't really matter the age zip that they're talking about though like a twenty year gap you're talking about someone who has used a landline phone. Somebody who doesn't even know what a land line in. Yes but you're used to college home phone the cell phone he brought with him from home of Britain instead of it actually be info and he's like yeah call me or my home phone only get them all Anita and came out yet what brought the phone from home with me so that's my home phone did you see them beam that was floating around this is a phone Booth in 1988 is actually phone Booth outside. And in a phone Booth and 2018 is a toilet stall. It is your your. Where. Testimony. So keep your doctor and getting over here no seriously it is super hot out here and just like us dogs to suffer heat exhaustion and heatstroke. But unlike as we have ways to cool down quickly dog takes a while lose all they have to the Ali and his pants. And the larger the dog is the more painting it's gonna need or the word our courts have which have long urged suited to cool down and you can tell symptoms of heat exhaustion and heatstroke. Heavy panting looking anxious elevating changes to the gum caller. I don't know if you've ever seen a fat dog. Fresh from a really hot walker parenting. Rocky has a very around body and miniature little legs. And we get back from our locks any flips over onto his side but he's so fat none of his legs touched the ground. Well let's just this little bouncing ball with these four sticks going one month until. It's the funniest thing I've adverse seen. A man that's its Q but you you walk your dogs in the evening right we do not lock them homeless the pavement is okay for our feet that are bare. Feet that's a good rule it's obvious what this talks about here you know you may be able to go on to elect a new and run with pitcher doc probably not going to be able to handle the odds of the heat so. Did you recommend going early in the morning or late in the evening when it's cooler outside. They say however if you dog does kits are signs of overheating with temperatures have a 104 you'll need to actually cool them off. Before taking him to the vet. To around a 103. They say actually wiping the the pot the pads on their pol with a damp washcloth it's brilliant column off little bit when you know also just make sure DO prevention is the key here make should Richard Dawkins play any issue if they're outdoors play any of fresh cold water not in the sun. And if it is super duper hot. Maybe let them in for a little bit just to cool off so they don't if that's central school there's our show for today. Like did you Friday July 6 recourse to on the air live Monday through Friday between five and ten and ninety point five GT KABC got back. Need.