7.6.17-KTK MORNING SHOW-Secrets to keep tomatoes fresh-Cure bacne-Better way to carry a child car seat

Thursday, July 6th

We've found a pretty easy way to keep your tomatoes fresh, how you can help keep back acne at bay and it's all about the way you shower and a better way to carry a child's car seat that won't leave your back and neck in agony!  It's what we covered on the KTK Morning Show that aired Thursday, July 6, 2017.


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It's that idea point 5 take TK morning show for what is it it's Thursday July 6 I've been really think and it was when we first came in this morning it was Tuesday yeah tea that registered about right there's always tomorrow lips to your ears. The great way to enjoy the show if you haven't gotten up early with us again today's special is my half birthday half birthday at TDK to me so that's right. And it hurt the amount past I it's so nice to get those sent an email. Is it was a really unexpected surprise Ellington while happy half birthday he grew to one thing Eller on the show today is I know that your husband Mitch was such a big transformers. Fan he huge because the first or we talked about was a young boy from warriors old. Who also loves the transformer yes and it's really addict is a testament to tell you how realistic movies are the only Russia he's a four year old boy. And I guess there was a guy who had a bright blue Dodge Challenger which is one of the cars that there's in transformers and and now I guess that the if the four year old father was a little bit embarrassing that ready you know sticking it on the windshield of the Carney you can imagine coming out to see something on your car to either in wells are going to fliers or ticket there yet Omnia and he starts reading this notice says. My son and just started watching transformers a few weeks ago. He's almost four years old and may he may or may not have slapped your car few times trying to wake him up so our. We took a few pictures with him in your car and honestly it made his day and possibly skewed his perception of reality for the next decade. Of course the car's owner he was like well I can kinda see why for real wanna do that idea and I'll robot emblem on the side of my guy challengers and there's no damage to the car or anything. The snow is just a feel good thing and I mentioned images car he isn't mustang and it's named. Rod MS prank yet throughout this fraud and yes I was promptly scolded during the show where are telling us. Apparently he used to be hot ride but he change in or out of his prime when he took optimist friends all spark when he was dying. I was in Iran Alex's school. But I know now. Heartland you know that means that means union home it's just gonna have transformers in the dvd ready to yells he's gonna school him go to commercial couple years ago which of the young boy dressed as Darth Vader. And he always does such a car in the 54 deaths there with an automatic stuff to get the lights turned on again I was heretical elegant you won here. We just are just go back to remind North Carolina in the tradition you have as you bring those hiring NS yeah I bring heirloom tomatoes back from North Carolina and I'm sure you knew this but this was kind of you know it's insistent that tomato its tomato timed out and there there's a lot of them that you if you don't you quickly enough things go bad. So found a couple of hacks for you if you have a tomatoes one of them if it still has the the stem. We can do is rapid and plastic cover what they do with the knee in his face and the reason for that is that the moisture still leaking from the inside of the tomato out the stem air. So if you keep that kind of wrapped in plastic he keeps western. Or if fiddle stems Gagne at full belly button limit upside down that kind of does the same thing precious couple more days of this tomatoes I can't remember race socially even in the French on the count you should try believe in my account as long as you can but you do have them in the fridge or will slow down. The U. I'm going back out of time but don't take them have a little get to room temperature before you saw got it up absolutely and we also learn about backed me or Beck act mean it's a it's a big thing and more than 50% of women have experienced it at least once in their lifetime nearly 40% of men and realize that and it really comes down near a link if you're here. Here's why you're cleaning that backed off in your areas but then you wash your hair shampoos and put conditioner and it maybe you leave it in there or whatever but. Your putting basically all the oils and substance that you just washed off back on your back in the hair the hair lays on your back and that's where the act he can score because the pores are being caught exactly dermatologist doctor Kristy kid who is a dermatologist and stars suggest. Bringing a clip in with you so that when your Harris finished you clip it up so does pressure back. And taken out of the shower or if you're star readers have your sister commend the Chara and hold hold fallen out for an idea of the I've got people that I thought. Them serve a couple purposes you because I always thought my commissioner and then do everything else aha so the water hits and washes out have to conditioner on half my head so music cooked it and it's going to be safe from one team. And it'll be just the lovingly for national. That's fabulous right now I love the rat a thinks working in as got a quiz for you we asked the question here if you're an outcry inched and you had to pick one or two would you hate filled for the healthier option. When you look at the sugary deep fried Donna with empty calories or skip breakfast altogether first thing in the morning what do you do skip breakfast or an oral and a lot of people would do skip breakfast near and it's not a good idea now and it's not and as strange as it sounds yes I would eat in you should eat that did fried good donut instead of having nothing at all. He's got a message of your metabolism you trying to break the fast which is you know they need to ten hours you haven't eaten since dinner. And by putting something in there at least get your body going in keeps your metabolism and straight out that is a mean you can have doughnuts every day of the week day dammit now means that question kind of another problem. But it just tell you that you might wanna do a little bit of planning to make sure that if you are always in a rush rally. Like you know the kids go back to school maybe you know make sure that your breakfast is ready to go and exec glossy Lotta people think well. If fights and the first thing in the morning and then by 10 o'clock am hungry again well that's good because you've started your metabolism and your body is burning energy them and you should be eating every couple of hours anyway a little bit every couple hours there is greatest of the great three great big meals were your Slepian ports yet you look at reports of keeping weight off that is the key that is being smaller portions out into the keys. And then also I thought this is kind of a cool way because I've seen so many parents struggling with the car seat is a pull it outside the car going into the store. And got the shopping bags have got the other kids that gotta watch and they've got it's in basically they hold the the the handle in the crook of their elbow. And the kind of walk kind of funny and that's putting a lot of extra stress on your your neck in your wrist and your upper back and that's kind of a problem so. Found this really cool story or video you that you still have the arm through the handle but instead of letting that dangle in the crook of your wrist. Or your elbow you flipped your form around CU release of the back you're handing you grabbed the hinge of the side of the car seat in your pom. And while lie it distributes the weight evenly so it doesn't give you although strain to. Pena I was really pleased to see like all my mom friends sharing this video which means it must work in must Wear area where the shots. And finally talked about Timmy the pain when not out doing very well he's been not a penguin in this short month of July already. Because the national Coram a New Zealand apparently they point out that Timmy has been a little rude pushing other penguins out of the way. Flicking sand that down and stealing fish for himself but eventually led to a rate the penguins that they'll bad penguins and all have a good time is like Betty Betty said in a fairly waits patiently impatiently for the fish. And she your flippers look great I don't know whatever else it she is an all star via a gold star for her but Italians is a good swimmer you you can take a look at what penguin is that a good swimmer. I don't know how much of a penguin maybe Timmy just needs a friend on the and that's bad these things that she's a good patiently for efficient she's a good swimmer yeah all right OKMR well and in hindsight Timmy lists found with a back injury and of these as we use in the rehab of this and aquariums or maybe he's just you know. Still in much of pain what he doesn't speak the same pain when is your other penguins because. You know I am presumably you zoo animals are you like bring them altogether from disparate places and a what if there's not like some penguins fan business when fingerprint checking is a friend I don't know holes and there you go out that was says we've discussed this morning on though the Katie gave morning show if you can't catch a slide between five and ten weekdays you can catch the podcasts and they can actually get it to the app as well. Thanks so much for joining us.