7.5.18-KTK MORNING SHOW-Avoid Sabotaging Your Sunscreen-Healthy Kids Do Not Eat Everything On Their Plates

Thursday, July 5th

Make sure you are not sabotaging your sunscreen regime, food safety for your outdoor cookout and proof that you really are as old as you feel.  It’s the 98.5 KTK Morning Show recap for Thursday, July 5, 2018.

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Heidi Harris the 98 Forsythe KGJ morning show recap for Thursday July 5 given today independents say Kristen did independents say I don't know that there was anything very pitcher out about it now now we watch TV and ate food and me I guess that's just too much Independence Day. I hadn't I had so many friends watching Independence Day wiest to our normal routine relaxed couple transformers for the noise at night and to. We added a new one to our our fireworks from the list which I generally. Pop lots of fighting scenes lots of in gnashing of of metal on metal and it was a good distraction and that's. And we're a pretty good yep I noticed yesterday is that when that for for lunch. And on ESPN two a must have been a really slow day for sports. Is there and if you are so called spike the ball. No all right and the best way to describe his poor people would like a handball and a trampoline in the middle of the circle. And every third every third touch of the ball has to hit the this trampoline and bounce off. Yeah there's that there's a there's a turner editors like sponsors leisure suit that they uniform sort of like NASCAR led logos all over the place. I was mesmerized when as course right after the the hot dog eating contest which I refuse to watch did you rely take. Something as one it was a hot dog and make it like sick to your stomach wasserman even competitively. Yeah makes it a hot dog eating contest a couple of years ago locally yeah and net it was the same I had the same reaction filming his doughnut eating thing you know. You can hear me in the background filming it just blew. The lid off an and they buy Il watching it come find out. It started out at all because it was a test of someone's patriotism. The eating more hot dogs and the other person I think Mitch Miller would agree that there that's up. That's how that started well this morning at a show we talked about a new FaceBook just feature that should be hitting you very soon it is called the key word snooze in a pro works. Like the snooze button does last year what do and introduce we can actually. You can block somebody from it that you washing their viewing their posts and they yes you yours which are still friends with them. Yeah you just it's afraid it's a friendly eat way of saying I'm really sick of seeing your posts you know send this news you and you'll never know well this works lungs airlines is at the looks for keywords so if you really don't want to give a stones. Spoilers rights block anything this is game thrown to not only as a blocker from your friends but a blocks from the pages you follows well so. That should becoming to FaceBook you're very very soon yet obviously outdoor cooking outside no we talked at this early about you know sometimes it's best to keep things cool inside but. I had no idea that you have about two hours inside your house about two hours to get food from. Being cooked either Andy your stomach or into the fridge before nastiness towards a growing on it. I two hours is genuinely. Mary to law and sorry not long enough now long enough to owners I mean honestly we've put up the food and then we start cooking and it's two hours later by the time things are done yeah. And are ready your food is bad apparently. Be careful specialist outdoors that exist those by even quicker they found out according to food safety experts Seminole up bacteria. Easily multiply by tenfold in the slow and over an hour and 92 degrees outside. So and it's really what you wanna do is make sure that you anything that is they say here after playing an outdoor picnic or whatever no egregious. Are gonna go bad in the heat generally that's most of them but they say things like cooked vegetables cooked grains like rice. Stuff like that. Meats cooked meats even raw meats and even your low acid for its had no idea like cantaloupe they need to stay chilled before they're put on the disabled because and what state the axis are heating up. They actually start dating all the the bacteria growing on him. And I cooked vegetables and cooked grains like rice and stuff. Honestly a shock because I always figured. You know what it's cooked like especially veggies and stuff yeah comes from nature they don't get refrigerated in nature I guess I was just assumed like even if it's cooked it's different little. Well and that's why I was like you know you could that you cook to kill off the bad stuff but I you know its discount clearing the room four more people to commend him messed up. They say don't like god dry issue foods. Like Brad various civic economists likes also I think in ketchup and relish. It's generally okay to be outside without cool. Pitchers trying to keep him out of the sunlight that's the big thing only. They say here also to make sure washing your hands frequently they say most your food poisoning. Doesn't actually come from your food comes from your hands touching things and not cleaning improperly so. Yes and I would like to point out. I said earlier other people's hands yes but if if you think about it the majority of the tiny hands touching the food our kids yeah. God knows where their hands on bended yes that's that's always kind of what I've tried to it did teach Jeremy like you may be very clean and you might have washed her hands. Yes no idea where that child's hands. Bad absolutely so to make sure your Miller place to wash hands or at least have you know Hanson's hazard as a last resort yet. So I found out did today that I've been sanitizing my sense greener team. Mainly because nitty you know you'd tend to think that take your sunscreens can be good forever and it really isn't it only lasts about three years this is according to experts. They also point out that make sure your applying sunscreen every single day did you do today. I did not know they say even even when you're outside normal did dated a routine yet you are getting enough exposure that could cause us some problems later on down the road here. I do where. Facial specific facial sunscreen every day right. But I don't do anything so do you put that on before or after your makeup I put everything on before and then I also have like us sprayed. That kind of like goes on after good because a lot of been a lot of cosmetics we'll have a SPF protection in their depth that's not enough that you actually should have a base code of. A sun screen on your face before you put on your makeup yellow SPF protection and SPF. I read about the differences in the way that make up can say they have SPF problem in the it's kind of like Lou we talked earlier about like how things can say they you know contains fruit. You're right but it's really just like. Drive drew I'm sure a little drop of yes yeah I know a lot of make up says it contains SPF four or SPF derivative or something like that it reference yeah I mean indeed to you gotta protect your face put it on they're the only got one and then finally all. Have to his you know if you're giving out a car and spraying yourself with sunscreen before you go into the park yeah that's two related takes about fifteen minutes for the SPF dressed up properties to begin protect yourself from the sun totally guilty of how why announcer make sure that you were doing that. Odyssey let's talk about the kids and my mom did this to me you know she mean it meant in a bad way but. No you know I was a kid I was it was a picky here and there is many times I cannot leave the table until I finished my plate yeah a lot of parents do that according to dietitians. That's probably the worst thing you can tell a kid and thank you should be doing the opposite they say. He should. Have kids stop eating when they feel full regardless of their took place finisher not. Better strategy they sensed edit this said advisor telling you had to finish to play has asked them how hungry they are first you and then you served there accordingly. We do very we'd use small plates to begin less bright because seconds are things hmmm and I would rather because Jeremy like as seafood and eat it kid. He's he's got food on his plate he sees it he's gonna needed especially if it's something he likes and we used to struggle without when he was younger he could be sick like they'll all night long because he would eat so much early in this so we started using lake skid plates board like the side plates and just kind of starting out small it's an idea yet and then now that he's older now that he can think about it the number one thing I say before if played him anything. How hungry are you right and that's exactly with a dietitian says and they say that what that would do is that will prevent overheating prevent people on the other we have this big case of obesity in our country. Leading to diabetes and everything and basically you're forcing your kitty when they're not hungry yet so that's why they're saying this is probably a little better strategy doing that you did here. Other advice guys says you should stop calling your food good food or bad food whether it's good or not bad. What happens is is that your kids that may be it would you know hi eating the quote bad food from you know you have no idea what they're eating and secondly to emotionally eating and you died in. A voice calling you hit a picky eater by telling the rear ended to deface their picking your Kirsten to actually be a fussy eater. It's kind of you know doing exactly which you don't want them to do yell at us instead I hope it's just kind of a phase and we'll get direct also make sure that you are rewarding kids by finish by finishing their plate you know like saying if you finish a play. You can go play them the PlayStation. That's again that's encouraging UT over eat to get rewarded and finally don't beat yourself up and don't if you don't do this right every time this is what I dietitians say it has to be aware of that you offer the best food parenting advice. You can't your kids in your helping them create healthy lifestyle healthy eating habits yeah. And it's you know romo's a bill that day so don't beat yourself up if you mess up every now that yeah. I this that we should be slipping on charcoal and food infused food I never got to to begin with no I just can't imagine charcoal being taste DTE because. That's the stuff they usually give you a hospital. When you've taken too much medication or you vote he'd because the charcoal absorbs everything and then also kind of you know collegial sick they'll say yeah so this is actually kind of thank you there's in the city of new York and actually banned tropical infused foods. Because it does a couple of things you don't think it will do like and mention their charcoal absorb medications. It doesn't know if it's good or bad medications are few overdosed not includes the medications you take like for your blood pressure pressure birth control perhaps your asthma medication whatever it's actually is absorbing that as well. And secondly it give plug job you get constipated. And nobody likes that. Now you don't need to add insult to injury hit that. So if you do find yourself wanting and it's a treat to watch him I'll talk to your doctor first but. They sit for the most part if you have one occasionally now and then a charcoal with these product you should be okay between having. One more week that's a problem. Probably should stopped yet and finally got a good no proof positive that if you feel you're as old as you feel. Age is not a number it's how you feel at this lane when it. 25 yeah I didn't I feel like a sometimes with a my mind MM fourteens estimate comes to body noises I'm digging it (%expletive) Base they actually did scanned some people their golden years. And anyone to see what was going on with the brain and they found is that if you feel younger than the age actually you show. You show fewer signs of brain aging. That means content. Cognitive skills yet he says that you actually do better with you memory. Better health and less likely to report symptoms of depression. So there you go. I like it I am at a mutt some days I may even go if. Seventeen yup turn things back in my life of like the good teenage years I love it especially since I started exercising and people will. You know don't confuse my age and they'll give me a good fifteen years younger yeah. IA is the best thing ever yet because I definitely don't feel the age that today is a my driver's license I do not at all I often will say my age mom and I get this look from people like just. No yeah I had people like. Friends new friends asked to see my ID because they're like no that's not possible Maro hill Jim thank you so much media. So there's a show for today Thursday July 5 of course run the airline manager Friday between five and ten here in ninety point five KTJ have a grip on.