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Wednesday, July 5th

We love it when a scammer gets scammed by their own scam!  plus the deodorizing hanger that should help cut dry cleaning costs and some resume clinches that can backfire when you are looking for a new job!  Just some of the items we covered on today's 98.5 KTK Morning show that aired Wednesday, July 5, 2017.


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I that's the Kati K a morning show are doubting crap. From our extended this day I was so where is that I am president the three day work week when he thing I'm more I'm definitely for the hotel AM on Friday I can get a breath. And a nice. So we'll be had a great fourth of July we were just talking about how we got a little sleep last night as we get up very early and for some reason at least in our neighborhoods we noticed that people were firing it was expert Safire spent the big kind of stretched out over the evening just who's for me is like every twenty minutes from and it would let one go. It's having the big finale yes there's like our let's stretch these things out emitted probably 11 o'clock last amounts we're mine was as ever and just about a fall asleep a big boo yeah but I'm not spark something about Joey chestnut this morning together 872 hot dogs and buns in ten minutes. His morning's going to be interesting that's almost say yes to all his role model growing the guy hates all the hot dog yes he idol only got Sheila sec he's going to sneezes over his food you'd do news mother told the chew his food apparently not passed the pepto rules. Let's see out by the way you can now pick up our show on IE to. Into the website so there's a more convenient for you that's you can look at it just as scanned for Katie came morning show us free and it's free and it's a freebie and these -- large enough that it isn't a good story that we did this morning on Wednesday July 5 because I love it once gamers get scans but their own and by the on scans yes so we're gonna go up to barefoot Fairfield Connecticut last week there was a husband alive for couples team that we're together. They've got 780 dollars worth the merchandise victory secrets which UN four I mean it's not. And usually it's pretty easy and me in their undergarments lakes start at fifty to 75 bucks for each trying to work. No lake for bras while they're Thomas sex can be like a hundred dollars it's crazy yeah. I suspending a seminary in a box is not done that unusual now. Well than usual is that these people are using fake fifty and hundred dollar bills other scandals are trying to clean up that money so they. Will buy the merchandise with a fake money and then return the merchandise later hopefully for a real money. Yes so they can go on their merry way as exactly what is but probably a Little League jumped the gun on this because in the same to him he went back to the same start. And actually complained because when they are getting their money back it was the same fifties and hundreds been given so they got the same fake money back and they complained about it complain about it which said the employees said I'm so sorry about this let me call the placing investigate the Sony quietly tiptoed out the last time you'll receive made there way out Kanye that was an interesting story how did he do a deal and pricing clothes hanger. Going to be dry cleaner is expensive and and a lot of times is just at least from ICC's is because I've worn 34 times out into the heated baskets smells exactly so we have the app Panasonic. Now I know X clothes hanger. At the prices are closing your. Here's how it works obviously he hasn't -- negatively charged ion particles smaller than steam itself and it actually seeks out the allergens and voters and things like sweat pollen and -- cigarettes smoked and ate -- your pursuit of that sort kid kills the voters but you have to put it in a dry cleaner bag and takes what five or seven hour and is there 57 -- but instead of garment bag plug this thing in the right it and you know something you can do really quickly you know you can do it after you Wear the suit for the day in the should be fresh the next morning our cost about 200 dollars only available in Japan right now but hopefully in the US here very soon I can see traveling this would be really useful for guys in particular suit over and over again without having a pack a million. If that is the the sad part is a guy can get away during a seat 3040 times yes and I only Wear dress once yes I got that little portable steamer there is great to travel with it really does take the wrinkles on your closures and and jackets so you have to this disease the smiling and does get the airlines us. Bell bottoms up but that's where your for Brees some of hundreds of I guess what guys that we have a follow biological clock just like women. Medical expert through the mid 191000. And each operatives lake is the fertilization cycles of weather 7700 couples. Found that the younger the man on average the better chance the woman has as having it to successful birth food here's some of the examples are said women under the age of thirty had a 73% success rates with IVF. If their partner was aged between 3035. That dropped to 46%. When you bumped it up by ten years. And conversely women 35 to forty euros all of his partners were between thirty and 3554%. Chance of having a live birth. And that rose to seventy percents for thirtieth and 35 to forty year old woman if the man is under the age of thirty sort of encourages the cougar. The correct thing again very much I used to work with a gentleman. Who is 87. And Annie had a son graduating from high school. I'll try I'll let you do that Matthew Stein all the that's a that's a big time span. Obsolete your resume let's today's filled with words like passionate synergy creative thinking. Hard working. He girl no no words according to a lot of HR departments you got up fifteen to thirty seconds. Before before the person reading your met resonates gonna ditch it if they got to keep your were impressed me out that's exactly what this article talks about the we share a website. A worse likes energy passionate extensive experience are really descriptive but instead of using that words. Give an example of your having extensive is here don't say it prove it they prove it tell me what you've done absolutely. You know we joke about this all the time because there's pills that are on TV advertising TV that apparently air cure all human and Iran to the whole gamut of things that could do you know like you could explode you made may yeah may yet cause you did died problem. I the FDA is reviewing this this policy they've had it because quote. The information is overwhelming us Jeff over warning systems are now especially on having more than half the antlers the Contra indications of them a Medicaid do it and I see there's a couple beer in separate bathtubs outside somehow holding hands. So that's the good part about the medication she is the next forty seconds so we Tanya and things might fall off. His rights and so would lead said the FDA to kind of research just to see if this is actually causing two renowned really doing a disservice for the pharmaceutical company too much negative is that yes you're you're listening out there and so what they're saying is that let's cut that list down to us is one of the ideas is yes cut it down to maybe it's only a twenty seconds vs 45 seconds so. That's what a lot of people figuring wall what are you gonna cut out yeah. Well here's a little interesting fact for you in Canada. You can't actually say what the drug does in your advertisements. But yeah so like Tylenol you can't say gets rid of the headache now you have to it's amazing to watch the creativity that comes from these commercials for drugs seat because they have to convey it they have to do a whole commercial. And never actually tell you what the drug does so they don't say what it does or what it does negatively or anything do you think allies salesperson you sell that yeah sell a product but I can't mention your name I can't say yet even daylight who'd does it what the name of it is but in other they're limited to what they can actually say in the commercial. Albert would buy advertising things that I can't prescribe myself for things that I don't even know find me it seems kind of ridiculous that tell us mean with that what they should be telling doctors and then we get really charged fort is that advertising is expensive means they said there were on roughly about six billion dollars worth of advertising goes on to visa medic unit in San. And those costs are passed on to use that as united. And it finally we talked about one in my favor writes it pied Disney land in them and done magic kingdom. Is pirates of the Caribbean right now and a lot of times that things were you sixty years ago I had different meanings in and there was an as much oh awareness as there is now. But one of the scenes that is being it's being replaced is at the Paris right is the one with a four women that are tied together and you and it's easy they option right yes. Very miss us in this stick in modern modern times so. They're getting rid of that and so now the current manner this has auctioned take a winch for brides get replaced with the sinuses auction surrender he loot. The redhead weeds wants the redhead and she still gonna be anonymous is. Duty still instead of being a top prize in the option she's going to be rifle tote and Irish he's got a gun now dad and revenge on her mind yes at some sixty years of being upside. Yeah and a damn what think you may not even those with the pirates right at that made it less massage and a stake is that originally was the men the men chasing the women now they have the women holding fruit plate plate so it appears the man chasing the food. Lou I never noticed that's a little cheaper there I mean seriously in place in the food taste in the Seattle. Batman yeah Celtics though. I annuity or fruit plate in the morning or yeah coaches. And electronic stuff so you can just dress them up differently Nestor they're Greg Garrett those guys from hauler president's what do they do. This delay California's already gone to the renovation looks like match eating and will be done next year so there is the latest for you. Ott thanks for listening to our podcast. What we're back again tomorrow to. Markowitz fried chicken day you're gonna love it won't. I.