7.3.18-KTK MORNING SHOW-Cleaning Products You Should Never Mix-Samsung Phone Glitch Sends Random Pictures to Random People

Tuesday, July 3rd

Should you wait 30 minutes after you eat before swimming? Cleaning products you should never mix together and a weird Samsung phone glitch that causes random stored pictures to be sent to random people.  It’s the 98.5 KTK Morning Show recap for Tuesday July 3, 2018.

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I there's a 98 point five K to hear more mature recap for Tuesday July 3 Muster spreading Preston thank sue saying yourself sweetie knee. Yeah apparently. The Sweden like the sweetness of a desert actually kind of helps the party your brain that it's a speech that the words of love. According to a new study they found scientists say it's consistent with previous findings that links wing tasted the positive Evelyn a valuation a potential romantic partners who. They did is they had some people drink reclaimed water and then water mixed with sugar. And out they asked them to deuce and decision making task and yeah also that those who drinks sweetened water had an addict. Advantage when it comes to processing romantic words. They're you know me know I should you wait thirty minutes before you go ahead in the pool or swim after eating. I mean I still maintain yes but not for other reasons that this specific doctor cents gathers a doctor at the Mayo Clinic this is is no evidence of allowing thirty to sixty minutes to digest food reduces your risk of drowning. So I guess back in them back in the day one time in one of the reasons that you did not go into the water if you eight. Is people believe that when you before we're finished when you finished eating at the body actually kind of diverted blood from your extremities yeah to your stomach to help digest and I never heard that yeah I neither. Member I'd had heard the association of waiting because you could drowned. And I guess and there's no it is so basically they say wants the of the food though that the blood goes to your stomach and senior extra raised their four muscle fatigue and therefore you would drown in the water blue. It's just simply not backed by any signs or any evidence according to doctor Michael but a face of the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota. I've always said it was because what my grandmother always said is because of his stomach cramps. Now and it's not like. I mean you might drown from those who knows that's a Shealy said Obama makes as they say yet at the most jerks you'll experience a stomach cramp or muscle Korea but that's not from. You know and so it's not really in essence of of drowning because your arms are fatigued yeah percent. Cleaning products you should never mix together and these are some very common household items that they really should. Not mix together the should not be in the same room like Sean Penn and Madonna okay. I never mix hydrogen peroxide and vinegar. And actually produces a corrosive. Acid and an irritant at that high concentrations can harm your skin your eyes you know should throw your lungs. If you got a clog in your us sink may be tempting to porn as much drain opener as possible but keep in mind the more you add. That's very dangerous. You could actually I'm could be causing the release of chlorine gas and potentially to an explosion crazy to Jim a stuff is supposed to get that clog up yet. Do you read the eight sections on that would avoid mixing bleach and ammonia. I don't like using ammonia yeah period I don't either by here's what the story talks about a lot of our cleaning products contain bleach and ammonia yet so you could sprays something that you think is a glass cleaner Wes has ammonia and it. And cling to clean like you've been bleach cleaner. A which has bleach unit that can actually make a volatile gas that could be very toxic to you and them cause you guys some irritation as well. Police as a mix well with a degree either kind of the same thing yeah. We found out that Christians. Dogs get sick when they're in the car yeah pour a little Harley Harley gets sick yet but it's get production fund right. Other is actually fine and they're not at Harley is like sit and stare out the window type dog violence kind of do lake. Front seat backseat. Under seat oversee an open air out of yes and they're always moving I don't know if it has immunity with that new and interesting they say that the obvious signs of the your car or your dog being Carson just like what people is up vomit yeah. Other signs include dry heaving drooling shaking whining and excessive lip licking yep he's got all those and what they say is there's actually and it won FDA approved pill that can actually help up prevent dogs from vomiting blood Nugent a motion sickness. To detect check your with your bet on that but if he'd have a long trip coming up. You can kind of do some pre game here yet make sure that you don't feed your dog give him a small meal before you go on the out on the road just to reduce the symptoms motion sickness nothing better than a giant pile on chewed Campbell in your backseat Yahoo! exactly and it just like with the people every two to three hours regardless what your father say you can hold it wait five minutes yeah. Richard your hours you dog he's about a fifteen to twenty minute John outside union relax and be our focus. And then this is actually from the NE SP CA and it makes total sense. Is actually have them sit in the front seat much like a younger men who if they're not able to see what's on the side of them which is causes the motion sickness in Ecstasy more what's in front of them. That can actually come there nurse. Yes he think about their point of view in the backseat at least nine they're smaller. They're looking up at the tops of the trees just whizzing by so it's kind of like a constant. Yeah emotion of like. Blurred. Bright so like I said earlier we have the anti gravity seat that puts them up to where they can actually look out the window. And it keeps them from sliding in the opposite direction of the car and moves them with the car or some us like a hammock it's like a little Hanik that they can kind of like the yeah I keeps them from. Basically what makes me sick is when I'm in the backseat you know you turn right in your head goes left and I can only see though. The whipping by on the sides this keeps them from doing the same thing to keep some little more stable. And then we found out far friends I have Samsung galaxy and note phones that are using the Samsung messaging app food and be aware that there's a glitch that they recently discovered. That actually well send random pictures from your camera to random contacts on your fault. And you won't even know that's crazy yeah so they say that's because of updates Sampson says they're aware of the problem are working to fix it. The prevailing theory and all this. Asked to do with the way your phone receives mixed at text messages there's some updates that come across every once in awhile you and I guess the latest one didn't jibe well with the Samsung message so they say. Until send some has eighth patch to fix this. Two things you can do one of them is to. Could be dictated to on revoked does it the Samsung messages ability to access your storage. Yeah means it won't be able to go into your stored photos and they know what is to use it can totally different texting app like the enjoyed message or Textron. Which so far has not been affected by this particular bug. And in the busiest days for our singles. Get ready for it. It is the Sunday after fourth of July this year ranking. July 8 that's crazy according to match dot com they say they BC 20% increase in activity including silence in Munich communication. Beating them beating out Valentine's Day and that's using twenty plus years of historical data but the. Not sure why I I still. I had a little theory earlier and I think checks Al people they trying to establish you know those summertime relationships now so when they go home for the holidays. They've got someone you know that's there that's been their for a little while and mom can stop saying when having someone home. Esther and you're kind of not your past those first dating things like Valentine's Day that there there's really no big holiday coming up that requires a gift. So it's a little guy I would I would buy that one as well. Yet when I was single they used to joke you Wear. You couldn't start dating someone after Halloween it. Because then you're locked in for all of that awful holiday yeah he had to spend money on gas and starting to someone earlier in the year to make sure it works and like I think. You know perhaps that's surely has some to do it but with any luck if you live in Florida people get married and pretty tired and yet June Angela you have well I got married July. Outside. Outside. Yep. Oh my god but it was it was near it was near lake it was cool and how that's different yes it was it was don't it was good and ungodly hot but I'm sure Todd yeah we had friends that got married in July in a garden. Outside. You know big you know the thing is is that anywhere indoors we are looking at which is kind of plain Jane this was kind of the nature of the lake have like a little beat John and kind of some folks in and stuff and yet it just it was so bad from my relatives out in California and Texas is not used to this and I'm like little house back there a lot of area who in their relaxing time at all. Signing up there are our show for today Tuesday July 3 of course were on the air live Monday through Friday except on July 4. Here on ninety point five KTJ have a great when I say.