7.31.18-KTK MORNING SHOW-This Is Why We Have Trouble Saving Money-Freezer Burn Facts

Tuesday, July 31st

Mobile devices may be causing bad grades in school, the reason we have trouble saving money and freezer burn facts! It’s the 98.5 KTK Morning Show recap for Tuesday, July 31, 2018.

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Hi there it's the 98 point 5 KTU morning to recap for the last day of July July 31 Tuesday 2018 overall siren like you are also there are caught it everywhere in robes are much had to know that Canada has picture and yeah. Act there's storm could you I drove in the radical I'm crusher likely must clients ask please say it but I also training diet because either leading us vitamin deficient this is actually a study of over 3000 adults on the average man's phone short on five and eight key minerals. Where are shoring off falling short and all eight of them because of these can be diets. We're talking everything from. Potassium. Cern alum magnesium copper zinc I dining calcium. They say it's because these fed guys are not a balanced diet and therefore not getting the proper minerals that we need. And that could lead to all sorts of things fatigue weakened immune system's broken bones muscle problems and infidels and insert its ability. And things like that yeah there's there's a samples there's a simple cure yeah I'm Peter variety of foods. Yes don't just like got some you learn to keep token for losing weights and people I don't know no carb and stuff like that if you eight. A good variety of foods and didn't need too much and counting your calories yes he's fine because that the vitamin supplements. Just don't really do it. You know they they do work that we've had so many reports of you know brain neighbors of brandy has completely different mixtures of the vitamin are not regulated and done some people absorbent differently than others and Microsemi point on the show is that if knowing a thousand milligrams a sudden yeah taken what was it 30. The old a lot of times our body can absorb like a thousand milligrams of something but everything is made in like 10101000. You know all the stuff. Your bot you're literally makes arms take your peeing it out Leon and I make sure when like I have a B twelve deficiency so I asked my doctor. How many. Micrograms or grams Ken my body absorb and he told me and so I bought a supplement that is. Comparable heart failure but the absorption rate is very important otherwise you have vitamin rich Europe and rest. So August 13 is the first Disco for many here in the heart of Florida you made some kids twist right now yeah because that would be surprising if more classrooms implement a ban on mobile device is even though parents. Advise school district to try to put no electronics policies on the books are totally backfired parents are saying no we wanna talk Turkey is that we need to here I come and in light of all the school shootings I wouldn't blame Obama all but this study found that kids actually do better. When there's no mobile devices around they took it's a distraction it's exactly what it is a look at the performance of test scores before and after cellphone bans on certain classes and I found that the team scored. About 6% better after its own ban was implemented if they were struggling student nurse and scores improved by 14% it is amazing and a and this and also carries overs into college you do you scenarios as well they said that out. Us students that you cellphones laptops or tablets retain less information during the lecture. Therefore doing worse on tests and the best way to remember something has to listen to it and then write it down and am literally hand write it down then that's the best way to memorize something or some about typing. The doesn't do it. Well I think it's a Connecticut partly that's how I learn I have to hear and then I have to almost like speak the words and then I write it down I need all those little components to learn. And I I think now going back to school as an adult I was way more conscious of that ride but I mean when Jimmy Texas during the day Mitch I have the same reaction like what are you doing yeah you're at school. No more I don't need no don't expect a noted I don't alert out death McKnight one time I was grateful for that tax was one that you know emergency was happening at the school down there. But like that's an exception that's the exception that's when he should be tack nine. Now well according to the Federal Reserve the average working couple. Always seemed about 5000 dollars in higher retirement. And it's our brain faults are brace fall like mine I can't speak. I'm. Cool it is interesting is that talks about how well we are what our mind perceives this fact. And it doesn't really necessarily come into reality our mind thinks say hey we can go ahead and do the self indulgence instant gratification with our money now because. Retirement if that's here's a way that's all well. Laser like when in reality it's not have far off and therefore that's why we feel that saving 5000 dollars for retirement a year. Yeah well leak put your money by the time I retire and that it can be dwarfs our view of time yeah. FYI five grand a year for two people is not going to work when you retire it's just as plain not. 55% of those surveyed had 88 present bias preference when they chose an immediate gratification of spending. Rather than thinking ahead and saving it hits him in any gratification it's really retraining your brain this is what the you savings rates are still around 3% for individuals. That's really really low and that they say Brian is just ticket dollar Euro this change your your habits is re train your brain with the dollar. But your dollar on your brighter on your desk and then not spend it just we can see it sitting there and put another dollar just to be aware of the active saving and you know. You look at it the stock market who's doing so well for one case. And only the less than half the people in the US even have a 40 yeah case so it's not affecting everybody that's for you. So we were talking about product reviews because Christen deny you very much differ on a new. Well I'm Justin has art while I learned a lot to me a great hack. If you are reading the product reviews because our research shows that 87%. But consumers say deposit review and some help them buy the product but only three to 10% of those product reviews or actual product reviews the run homer came up one Jim Tracy isn't it. But yeah person you're Haq was you look for pictures. I look for photos you can sort BI reviews by eight reviews with photos of the product so. At the very least I can see it on someone I can see it in person I can see if it broke if it acts wire C. I need review I look at unbiased. Fact finding magazine places that review products that by yet. Antlers that consumers are important somehow yes that's it's I don't listen to name but yeah I use satellite is on their retirement and it's a great source is because it is based on on and reviews as well August more old school right but what they say is that if you are reviewing. The online reviews. Ought to stay away from the five stars in the west starts because there are people that are kind of purposely writing barrel in Asia on other products as well this is stick to the two threes in the force but it Kristol writing good review. That hot I'll only write a review for its bad and I. We're viewed now 100%. Of the products that I and I and that's whether it's from Amazon or whether it's from a Rio local retailer right in a matter where it that's why we recommend always sort for Christa Miller. As a manager in their radio station I can attest no I never let you know he's on Saturday night yes there will be the first genuine it is something that yeah. I must have some fun with freezer burn off massive that it's there now when we talk what freeze where it's just dehydration and happens. When you were frozen foods are exposed to air so what are you gonna do as a sport things that you do that brass call rapid up yes indeed. Is actually fourth storm that we find out today that it works on 32 burner when it comes down to boost the fluctuation of temperature yes when the temperature it's a little too warm and that's Winfrey's favorite happens because that would be the oysters leading Kaya condenses yeah right so that's what it is a one of them and yes is make sure you wrap your food very well he does much air out as possible. We both have the foods ever yeah I love it Dana Booth ever it's a splicing that sucks the air out and seal that forced to seal a meal Lisa gal I've had in that you could you can keep iPad she's like for two years in my refrigerator. Taste delicious while it's delicious I like your refrigerator half year old season here now let's see sometimes you put too much thought food in our freezer like you coming back from a trip at Sam's or right. And Yang who are proud of that drop that raises the temperature in your freezer writes that can be freezer burn throw stuff in there. They say Patel no more than three pounds per Kirk cubic foot of food that is warmer room temperature. If it's frozen that is a really count. They also say when it comes to less hope left overs and not to immediately put him in the freezer because that Iran a message that the temperature put him in the fridge for a little while I kind of stage in like about Al cocoa big pot of soup Paula put it and put awake Arabic dishes and let it Saddam account or to a gets kind of lukewarm that I put in the refrigerator to cool down then I put it in the freezer and then finally on this when they say it is the correct temperature yes. We know 32 was freezing fairness but is there and they say really go for zero which is if you don't have to date digital thermometer just put it down too cold or low. Anke to refrigerator freezer filled at least 75% full and alternates and outlook for Christen zero degrees Fahrenheit is minus eighteen so I know how I'm Canadian friend who yes and F five sexy sensible law thank you creole is not one of a surprise like oh wow you know because your relationship especially your enough for longtime hard keeping spicy and I gather routine an hour to break the routine a little bit so why don't use your sense of smell it's 101000 times more sensitive in sight sound or touch but I didn't realize is I learn from this is like chocolates and roses. Do the same things too yeah yeah it's the same pheromones united the actually triggers the sensation of unhappiness and uplift your mood. Which can be found with like you know warm chocolate when it it melts and it's a little aeration we're. Except for Kristen how you got. You're gonna talk about my wrote you that rose on my chocolate. The roses actually release Europe don't mean insert tone of what they're smelt so like who were warmer rose essential oil should do the trick there. Citrus fruits lemons lines and oranges amid energy boosting since that automatically makes humans more alert and police detain attention. Admits this is interest in triggers feelings of excitement and pleasure Yemen and then and now op out to prepare apparel now it is. I disagree. I. You disagree I I agree my mom burned Vanilla candles exclusively growing up and I am sorry Manila makes you think of my mother makes me think of cookies and grandma cooked. Now I see your appointment accustomed. Turtle on a stop at the maintenance. Jobs that you need more talk about a roads always keep the roses and the fruits about some tequila you know some say love is a river that flows to the secret Amanda's beautiful home. Now I quotes you can. That's our show for today Tuesday July 31 of course a lot of money to fighting not ID ten a ninety point five KG ABC yeah.