7.19.18-KTK MORNING SHOW-Hangry-Zoom Challenge

Thursday, July 19th

The TSA is scrutinizing your snacks, 401k advice and the zoom challenge. It’s the 98.5 KTK Morning Show recap for Thursday, July 19, 2018.

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I there's not eight point five JT you hurt John recap for Thursday July 19 I said worms or July time around just how good July. It was amazing kids in US starts in less than a month while the kids only back in school in less than a month okay. A man and it will still be ha ha ha at least ought to over really hot pastors so let's talk about the kids real quick that's what we talked about this morning on the show. And in particular us or me beating your own kids as well as new research out this is first borns are more likely to earn more money. Then each sibling board after them and I guess that's because the parents spend more time of the First Amendment when the Republicans arrive. Things get Massey they really do say that tell your first born do better on education in an earnings. Then the second person does a little bit worst in the first and in the third as a little bit worse than the second and then the fourth. And in any other up that's kind of the lowest on what's kind of strange is that they say this is a more they've effect for women and they are Mitt. This area women who are born later than than their siblings. Earn less money less likely to work full time in more likely to be have their first child in their teens. Later born men have lower full time earnings but they are not less likely to work full time so just in making less money as opposed to yeah guys are both first first Lawrence you're just rolling them. Yeah that's if that's the the highlight. I really pity my sister and I thought. Our guy and I'm second board and my brother does make a little bit more money that I do but. He's bald he has to live in Chicago and I have a lot more fun and he'd say yeah I really do. I'm the first of four and one's unemployed is one owns his own business and the other one works as a janitor at a school so NORAD north that I mean it's well. Yeah I the beholden they're all happy self yet and this is just really mean this is generalization yeah. I tell you about a lot of times I can tell when I grew up empire I felt like my parents are rougher on me. But I mean I really do think they work. Obviously there's a first bore you with a test pancake yet we're taught her how to do this thing so let's see let's talk about juggling act on vacation because who doesn't love showing it to the airport hours before your flight takes off Somalia how about the being at the airport longer than the actual flight itself. Would art do we have to get there earlier than usual and I'm not malware and now let's see SA router you know are you were or kicking off her shoes were placing everything in plastic bags take out your belts. So now airports are many of requiring you to take your snack foods and place them and it's ever been for extra security plans they say. It's not mandatory that it's increasingly common airports. Some airports across that you remove food from your packed bags now there's don't care some of them want them scared separately Allen so yet and there's really no rhyme or reason other than they think that sometimes an apple may look like. Obama knows you could hide something in that twinkie yup I'm a lot of greens are so many out who now. Now so they got more out more frustration for nearly airport and signs that you're hitting great they just took joy in my snacks at the airport now that's the that role as the number one socket and yap a short. It's actually are worried it would it is courses the merits of hungry and angry and this is an Oxford the dictionary yet so we'll find out if reward come to find out glucose is your bodies up prime source of energy when it runs low you become bad to murder your terrible. I start showing signs like you are tired you don't want you went back debating though he woke up. Lack of concentration confusion and difficulty speaking slurred speech tremors dizziness even. Feeling of trembling hands and feeling that you got to faint. He's are all signs that your body desperately needs food and then we get into the angry side. You more irritable more likely to lash out at people. That's because the adrenaline and quarters laws having that fight or flight response and you gotta get some food hungrier quickly so. Which need to do is that keeps imprudent any like Christian does she. He's in her purse ID IQ tests with me at all times that my mother and she's just a Smart mom is that's why we sit next to a meetings yeah. Complex carbohydrate lean protein healthy fats that's you know recipes at heat. Let's talk about your retirement 401K plan B I'd rather not well at. Some time. But and in its aid because easing did you know you don't have enough money but in real honesty you could find that you could make work. But also it is very confusing when you're talking about putting money away for my retirement. And our plan that we just wish to still has like eight or nine or ten different plans. In a feud about half of the employees are in the 41 K and all those who get majority of them. Really don't know what the money's going so what happens is they go to the default plan. Which generally is called the target date retirement yelling at me up pick the date your him turn 65 let's say and they'll be up plan that will have that day in and their that the a year and it's now keep in mind that's not a bad plan to be had because what they found this is from consumer reports over the last five years. They found that the east target rate retirement plans had to return of about 11% I Terry I've been him in won the last seven months we have to change things around and our company in January and I'm very pleased because it. What they did this change things around there they're doing things I don't know how to do and I appreciate them among the experts do with their job there but see here's where you need to be kind of careful there assuming you're gonna retire 65 you they were run retired fifty you're able to retire at seventy you can always changes though can you can't change it but you know it's a Euro was not a money right now because if you if basic and I are gonna retire idea you know in twenty years significant thirty. NC -- off from the stock do you have more bonds so what's more -- I'll talk about volatility shower -- -- I think there's a soldier's -- that. Yeah there's a seven out of adults that they asked the question really. Where is it OK to show those habits that are less desirable it's Harding in front your spouse. Picking your nose or not closing the bathroom door to pass he would like what is the honeymoon over yeah so what they did they both sexes agreed. At least according news survey. They issuing nine months before starting it fresh you sweetie that's insane. I wanna get that out of the way the first couple dates that they that your yet we all disagreed on this one here winning eight most of disclosure full financial situation. I mean I'd kill someone yes that's that's really because you get into buying properties in in cars and if you find that's ridiculous horrible with money yes and it really is that's the number one reason people get divorced exactly. Eight months is not unreasonable to be moved in together during another good point now man and I'm the demo someone and found out they were like hey by the way I have you know 100000 dollars in school that night and it's it's old yeah whoever your credit card you know minor taxman I cosigned. I additionally women said they went over year to tell a partner about their flaws may end apparently weighed only eight months. In mid say that they wait ten missile at their. Min weights at least thirteen months before they go to the bathroom with the door open and I thought in this survey there was one other thing to talk about how long before you stop dieting. That would that was one of the things like women it's like a good a year into a base out and Allen did a little bit earlier not women by the way to go to the bathroom the door open. They wait a little bit longer fourteen months just I'm I'm ten years and then I got to know clothes closet argued in the privacy that. By the it's really hard to go to the bathroom by yourself with cats. Four dogs. We are good about them with a dog on the first date are like yes. Our castle discuss it out there meow like when you do and they don't judge you weeping I'm doing here little pause under the door Abbott based its kids' eyes looking at me as of trying to concentrate thanks. But what I wanted to do close the dark let's talk about the zoom challenged this is so bad it's. The latest trend that's online. It's silly it's a little funny it's potentially dangerous now involves the particular song from little jockey putts told Mikey. And which you do is easy you have the ears you're looking at a and at the video frame parent you're sick you're sitting down some of sitting down looks like they're adding another car yeah all right. So the sun comes on and about us three or four seconds into it. Or there's a lyric this is zoom ZOO am. So when that happens another person that's at the picture yanks the laser to challenge taker causing the person dislike quickly out of the video frame. And of course not their head on the floor yet and new example we have up there you see this kid get Susie and you'll coconut when his head knocks down so what they're saying is that how good this is the cute and fun and whatever but. Medical experts are saying wait a minute held up a lot of kids are doing small kids they're still developing their bones and this actually causes can cause neck injuries whiplash in even a concussion do we have to be able to tell people not to hit their heads yeah definitely have to do right we have to tell people do not take a toaster of and into the bathtub when the one also EI Ed doesn't surprise me rip to tell people this. So there's our show for today please don't take your two. Don't do this challenge. And that's additional Thursday July 19 course on the airline Monday through Friday between five intent. A ninety point five QTKABC. Yeah. But I ain't.