7.18.18-KTK MORNING SHOW-Teach Yourself How To Breathe Properly-Items You Can Clean In Your Dishwasher That Are Not Dishes

Wednesday, July 18th

Even just smelling coffee has mood-elevating benefits, items you can clean in your dishwasher that aren’t dishes and why you should lock your pet inside your car even with the air conditioning blowing! It’s the 98.5 KTK Morning Show recap for Wednesday, July 18, 2018.

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I there's an ID eight point five KG game boarding sure recap for Wednesday July 18 and we had fun we did have fun now we really want us one area where our great parties in now birthdays is snappy patter and a also homilies always we do we get more we get more homilies before 8 AM at the most people do all day long thing here how does throw I think Garrett you know it was Milton that's little cal was there that he had homily was Harry so let's dried greens we yeah we're breeding ground. So we learn that's really this today apparently we take sixteen abreast ins and outs sixteen times a minute. He was so low and yet does but for the most part we're doing incorrectly generally we take shallow and incomplete breaths. And although gets the job done it's got this through here so far. And actually be a sign of a lot of tension and stress the muscles of your face chest and Sousa usually tents. When you're under pressure all the areas that should be moving when your breathing properly yes see what I did make those deep breaths and a joke he actually said then sell them. You need to debrief from your diaphragm rather than Chela Brad said it will give your body of relaxation response who hope to get in yeah. And it says that's the most single most important thing you can do to release stress every day now. Of course you readings involuntary but you don't send reminders every once in while we do is breathing exercises briefing me diaphragm and yes. I cannot about it only on the air till I get a reminder ten minutes before the hour. Do we get my steps in for the hour. But don't be a perfect time to kind of like take those two seconds to again a reminder are ready in my life to write me just breathed once an Alley from. You're watching your watch remind you debris. At that and it's so you know sixteen times a minute does this every. The three and three quarters seconds so right that's about right for an inhale and exhale I think people like their. Might there that you elector breathe through their dire terms gonna stick to belly up to do it true bill was in my belly as us Heisman happ went out to be sucking them. Well but we're not the be so don't worry about good you know breathing in and reading and spilling coffee actually has some benefits and I. My coffee cap barely just the thought of the scent of coffee. Can make you feel more alert and energetic this is according to a couple studies they took some under grads are getting ready to test for the emperor grad school. So they had the GMAC algebra tested ten questions from that with regard to a sending out provide sells pretty difficult and rifle had not used it since high school think you've got south of summit teacher obviously they didn't have the room they actually had coffee they could smell. And the other half didn't and actually found out the lies ahead smelled coffee score significantly higher on the test one you know I think you have used tells recruits was that how many exes yeah. Have. And I'm if you thought that. Saturday I said yeah they also said that even the thought of smelling coffee according to via second half of the study made people more alert and energetic just thinking about smelling coffee for. All smelling like a floral scent or nothing at all of wake up and smell the coffee and I do everyday and your slacker dishwasher we're gonna put it to work because of its only clean your dishes believes he should be doing a lot more in a fairly Jeremy was Smart than all of us out Sanjay we can citizens were on the podcast and you know it is we. It is PG thirteen. Your thirteen Tammy putt his cup. And many cups and jock straps. And baseball caps in the dish not aware that ditches. No no separate moves so what was his logic and knew that. He thought that it got really hot and he didn't because we told them to wash them you know an and I don't know why you didn't think wash them in the dish washed or why he thought wash in the dishwasher incidental washing machine where he puts them. Name again. I think you saw it somewhere. I'm sorry it may need an answer who what what could you do sneakers. Well that's just my mind there's too many classic heart disease I mean I wash my karma issues in the in the washing machine yes. What's the difference. I you know I don't. I think maybe yes maybe he's a little bit morneau washing machine or dishwasher had a bunker I mean you would assume I'm not sure you know hot you maybe you can give it a try to just make sure you do all the stuff on the upper top cracked Todd all right all right bottom line but. They say like there's parts of your vacuum like the hoses in the attachments is really when's the last that he did reclaim them at all or never ever in your indoor about the war going through the hose and steam will probably clean. Kill her resume and that's because those that died dumps are your vacuum cleaner hose. It is a has a faux bank GAAP you sort of loaded more indeed tell me you know instead of struggling to get the the dust and stuff out of the air vents in your house. And screw the mystic in the washing machine perfectly you can do that as a honey do list ma'am just put that down in the jar Memphis a sponges silicone oven Mitt even those did you baseball caps along with the cops apparently. Flip flops and I recommended Crocs and then Christensen. Wouldn't do the Crocs but I trash there. Did you see like you said keep him on the upper rack and enjoy via the extra time. That's the rule in my house that only I. There has the upper class because in the upper right gap. So we have talked a while ago about keeping kids in the or you know parents for getting their kids are in cars on the forgotten child syndrome yacht and a lot of times people think that dogs and cats are a little bit more durable Lincoln Lieberman the Corey Miller running for five minutes in the be right back and I know yeah I'm leaving the AC on let's you know and that's what they've it's all black is is to leave the air conditioning on but it's just just dangerous to do that vs not having air conditioning on at all. Yeah my dogs are so nosy I've come back to the windows down I have come back to the child locks on and come back to the radio on a different station yes so keep in mind that your dogs can probably fanatical weighed by accident to turn the air conditioning off yes another cooped up inside of a car wouldn't know you would not know at all so that's what in the in this is actually they're they're documented cases of many of canine patrol cars. Even have backed up alarm systems. That in fail safe mechanisms that that had failed and dogs died from getting inside now you're still here it's happened locally yes you know. So I asked what's it could have been any harder on the canine officer to let me hold Russia that would have been helpful so you know that the rule of thumb here is that you got some errands to run and it's -- best -- -- at the united -- Andy Aronson you know but when you come all the -- mobile will be so happy to see. I'm happy to see Italy Italy where absence makes America fund. There earlier this week we talked about an app that compare or wine with any food and it's an Alexa in I try to yesterday and an almost perfect day I certainly Alexa what to wind was scallops and she went through really great. So are a lot of stuff like that but one that didn't realize is you can get wind from Wisconsin. It is no longer exist cheese or has its young girls burned to the cheese wine but. Sir compare that there's wine and in Wisconsin yes much like Christmas how -- earlier and earlier I think the pumpkin spice of the season is getting earlier and earlier so I brought are on the lookout Chris Malone loves a certain the pumpkin spice beer yes father comes out and I'm always on the look out when I shop awards like to try to find it Korea and but now it's gonna be pretty much point 47 I guess it is there bush comes in this to this pumpkin wine it's not flavored it's actually Meade from pumpkin. That's the best kind to well I mean I hate it that's the fifth I thought I'm not just said that things it or not. Does visitor flavored like palm dinner actually likes women and lake spice that they're using they're not then fall and. Out guest services actually made from pumpkins and we're talking B pumpkins that. Like Charlie Brown pumpkins are compiled a gore yeah yeah and they say it has played like anybody yet sweet and smooth burst through him Herman and twelve a five dollar bottle you can only buy on this having your website. And they say that. It was a seasonal thing another making it year round but it's not the best selling wind cranberry wine and get and it is apparently the best one that's for UT guys Seth. And I think your son I. I have my eye. Oh absolutely are and finally apparently were ugly is we can all be devious then men were on the radio your line they're we're not getting enough sleep and a grand this comes from me mattress manufacturers are results survey gaffes big matches on am Ugly Betty and shove it so big matches trying to move product I'm I'd like to point out that I don't agree with conservative regard the united says singing nine to ten hours of sleep to look beautiful ballet is your slip in your life away they say he needed the best time to hit the hay is at 9:55 PM. And the rest and wake up as at 655 via our so if you get up with let's say a 355. Go to bed at 655. Gonna say I go to bed at 955. And I get up at 350 I. Are gorgeous. So this is this a flawed study relied it's actually a bit of the best talk about and this kind of true all the money we spend on a beauty products and yeah. To make us look younger and maybe it's just adding an extra hour to mislead. That might do the trick for. Some dark out curtains and making your bedroom little cooler writes I focus a lot and making my bedroom somewhere I want to beat go to but if you sleep too long goatee to look like bogey so yes I mean you can't sleep too much and add echo of the the Benadryl hangover yeah. Yeah right right now Hayes so as our show for today Wednesday July 18 of course we're on the airline Monday through Friday between now five intent OpenId point five Katie ABC here. Yeah yeah.