7.17.18-KTK MORNING SHOW-Alexa Goes Wine Shopping-Beware Of Lime Disease

Tuesday, July 17th

Ways you can slow down your male pattern baldness, Alexa skill to help you choose a nice wine & this lime disease can affect you next time you are outside! It’s the 98.5 KTK Morning Show recap for Tuesday, July 17, 2018.

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I dare say 98 point five GT game one show recap for Tuesday July 17 I got there and duke time like I was than the headline today was there's an accident on I 75. The north archer road all the arts route traffic whose. Diverted somewhere else as well those traffickers who just lets. You know Andy's obviously they happen on Friday it's like yeah I never take him sit on Friday I got to go to Ocala lower or anywhere like that brilliant I think it's 44 to one run lead in week. When I take I 75 it's like. 4 AM right so there's not usually any it issues. But this seemed to starters super early yeah I think the accident was like at quarter to 6 this morning Al Goodman so it was yeah it was it was so they did a pretty good job of yet clean up quickly. So as wanted to show besides the accident we talk about bad marriage equals bad health. Now researchers looked at 373. Married couples for the first sixteen years of their marriage while doctors are crowd. I thought. Whether they are disagreeing on multiple topics at negative health and put it implications and lo and behold they did find negativity affected Helga both men and women. Husbands and wives but there was a greater impact on the husband strike you see here that come up. Oh wow we do stupid things jittery are things. You're one. And up and I'll cut it comes under stress which is that releases cortisol which yeah add to your health but. It's also bad for hair loss it is very true and just real quick on this here what would keep distressed loan and a look and a marriage should. Never ask how you look and address. Possible question to answer to this genes make my butt look now forget that but yeah we are talking about here lost two thirds of men say they really begin to lose their hair by the mid thirties and early. Six min simply choose to go ahead in shape and all often look pull off that looks Symbian trying fight mother nature as much as possible. These men and myself included. Let's go to the Cleveland clinic a big hair loss experts that there are five things you cannot do to potentially slow. The hair loss they say treatments like Rogaine and Propecia consult hair loss but it really varies from person to person in the the Harry grows back. Isn't that thick lush here that you once had it's kind of a thin means stuff and and Propecia has side effects in the bedroom so it's and it's just kind of slows down the hairless and doesn't stop it no I'm not at all. Another FDA approved Freeman is involves. Low levels of les your lights treatments and yards with laser Sheen was charged that Lazard that'd be fantastic GAAP. But it's not proven to work yet a lot of it's still considered experimental laser device can cost anywhere from 200 to 900 dollars. Bit pricey. They say that low some hair loss has been a true links with low levels of vitamin. With three times likely be being deficient in vitamin. Tito comes O'Connell soul something like yeah funeral probable. It actually says that an action the blocks the conversion of testosterone to die hydra testosterone mr. hormone that shrinks the football schools. But those kind of cool and they just reduce stress in life apparently cortisol that stressed that causes problems in marriage causes your hair fall out. Which relate. Literally when my sister went to that she went backpacking across Asia them and stressed that she had that she was alone. Combined with all the new elements like the fog in the smug and that everything she actually came back with lake half of her hair gone really yeah I was insane and they're like it's. Changing climate change in atmosphere the stress that you went and hope there's a doesn't only happen to men. I've been her hair grew back it. In and yeah. I answer your idea anger out let's see if talk about a spam called I don't I am on the do not call list that apparently it is a matter peoples to bug me trying to vice time. And in the course of this gamers that are on there as well and you can body they like certain phone carriers offer apps that'll block. Yeah but if you're not on one of those carriers and you have an android phone Google has your back they just released last week. A and you update that will send suspected spam calls or write to your voicemail that even notifying you or your phone where we bring in out. So download the latest version of of the Google application for injury. And which had done that you wanna hit til hamburger and turn on the the filters suspected spam call setting. And Nelson ranked abortion sonogram and don't stop the mall but you know least cut out some of the annoying yells that's all I know I know nothing about remembered from your tummy go to the hamburger. How we live hamburger tip well the president knew her upper left him quarter the most steps its three little lines like little hamburger the caller amber yeah. There's abundant meat and on the run line had no idea. Are outlines of blt as they're going to be an error here here. You'd say arson. Lime disease not the Lyme Disease caused by a Texas is all night and he ended today is more tongue in cheaper than actually talking about these. Citric acid that is in and the citrus fruits apparently magnify understand the magnified with UV rays taking calls a reaction. Called final final followed dermatology assists. Fido photos because sermon ties since the you know causes the thing that's a thing that it's been a bit blisters and everything at it it's if you have lime juice. On your hands and you expose it to the sun yup they say that today it's a similar to reaction to poison ivy or sun poisoning. So they say that you really should be washing your hands if you're handling that fruit in your drinks when you're outside maybe he'd do that insight. And then washing hands with us open water after handle it always make your margaritas and side yes I'm next to that's with a blunders and stroke Mary good does that do you really need to keep a bottle of mouthwash as you guessed to guard ill after eating the garlic and onion salad politeness says yes yet science probably says. Yep I think you're gonna it kind of depends up politely as you have course but there's also kind of a way to get around that and that side. If you keep it to a toothpaste rush in between after you had your meals it's actually that's better retailer or just put that dollop of toothpaste. On your mouth and switch it around yeah that's very that I know out his house post eaten eggs which justice push against misty unit yes. What is your engineer deathly like they'll swallow yes well that's figuratively would go to the it to the to thereafter me out now. And I keep those little tiny thing is their Colgate like picks and it's got a little mini toothbrush with a little lake hard. Bolt. With like half a fluid and and you pop the little ball and then you brush your teeth with it and it's like a mouth. Wash concentrated mouthwash I love the fact every time I go to my debt argument teeth clean I get a new toothbrush into little sample bottle and based on a pledge purse full of them right now so it's. I never have to I've got and the guest band meg it's is part of miners you know there's even issue buffer now have a death but the and then Alexa is helping us at the wind story can now download the wine finder scale all right and she will it well actually it's an apple would with 500 different types of foods and the right wind to go with them. So let's say you wanted wind with your hot dogs are you just say Alexa ask fine wine finder. What goes well hot dogs and he'd won the goes what was scrambled eggs at the front lines but. Best of all the skill doesn't that you don't have these are only at home apparently if you had the elect's app installed on your mobile device he take it to distort she can be there. Yes I was looking for the skill set figured out go ahead and put it on now come right on use and of course and I agree I need to definitely go through lake her. New skills like things to try sections of my ultimate. Actually the one called Alexa remember this. And you basically say elects her remember her my raise cell phone is on the coffee table and when you leave you can say Alexa where's the cell phone no more and elects our remember my card keys are on the kitchen counter hello. I'm and that's gonna save me at least three hours a day. While though also help after many times of having on the months maybe a one too many glasses of wine mall. You forget things yes there may be Alex who will remind us of what happened the night before she does so under utilized in our house now I can't wait to ease or more I moved Alexa where it really here is as much as anything the power yeah. So I think eight got upset because it when I had to go in there and reactivate skills to securities and after awhile they'll work on there. And so it's special for today Tuesday July 17 2018 of course are on the airline Monday through Friday between five and ten and ninety point five Katie can't ABC yeah Mac and.