7.16.18-KTK MORNING SHOW-Road Trip Pet Peeves-Forgotten Baby Syndrome

Monday, July 16th

Leaving a child locked in a hot car is a very common memory failure that can happen to anyone, ways to save on homeowners insurance and singles unveil their biggest pet peeves on a road trip! It’s the 98.5 KTK Morning Show recap for Monday, July 16, 2018.

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Though is the 90 point 5 KG morning Gerri depth and there over Monday July 16 let's jump right into it because of the vetting when you listen to this you could have either missed Amazon prime day or you could be marinated in it right now and a little does was it for the next three days and having deals. The I six hour sinker and it is they're actually extended this time for the fourth. Annual Amazon prime date please buy our product I get handed to me just make a Holiday Inn and while on I mean I I am all the time anyways so this is bonus and it's very true well it's not just Amazon prime day there's a lot about their competition or. Having big parties as well tar Jay Macy's and as shop NA. Are all have contempt for Israel target having their love me subjecting eighties there have been there are 30% target exclusive home brands they're speaking French in honor of the French World Cup victory have knowingly eat them all I'll act all that's here we have about the mini IDC pays there in the middle of their cyber in July sale. It is cyber Qaeda are going against Amazon prime you know the C stands for deceiving his milling was cash. Really pretty good odds on cash spending about that. Black Friday July happening in Macy's as well as many stores are doing the price matching her Home Depot staples best buy aimed at bath beyond. I just now says do you pray that you press management Amazon any probably duel with any story Crowley mentioned now this steep. All say that because. Amazon deals are dead at Amazon in general other than the convenience factor yeah is not always cheaper exactly that you know that is very true I have a button on the above our dog food maggot that I can push and it sends me dog food rollout ever doing anything else. It cost like seven dollars more an Amazon. But I just push a button gets convenience it's convenient stance would cost you seven dollars of course that bug it does I guess it does yes that's been playing fine well. I had. You spend money so we're talking about Doug dog food there is actually an FDA warning coming out same unit but Toledo based foods may be causing heart disease in dogs they say. Off dog foods that contain that peas lentils are potatoes and -- you seeds. Actually can cause a heart disease and especially in dogs that normally don't have this in their their DNA. Like labs should Susan bull bucks and so what they're saying is you know might wanna check who talked hero vet because the FDA's talking with the vets and with the dog food manufacturing companies. Two to talk about this potential link between heart disease in the ingredients a lot of people are but I among friends are trying to feral what do we need to feed my dogs a lot of people I've I noticed are going to. Like a natural chicken well it was funny because Crist I think Chris and I have to say I'd it's called nature's. Oh and I believe that it's not the same brand but yet we have the same. Tennessee different rate facility. It's the same it's it's Sammy and maintenance and mix up yet have you and and induct him in. I I I thought it was ours is great for you know south of the cat's gonna get allergies if I was the grain B singer actually in the show that it's may be chicken. This is the gentleman that I recently switched to he illnesses on dog food store and like a pet boutique any does in dense dense research into dog foods. And he was explaining a lot of times that the chicken that they're allergic to I mean in combination with everything else he's sees he's seen so many trends are people are like on buying the most expensive dog food ever and it's all grain free and other than his first question as well flavor as an early chicken. Though I have read Ali yeah we switched to duck. Which has been Omega threes salmon has been coming in trees and I didn't it is on the air because I mean it's not controversial that people hate hearing it but they have kangaroo also Welker. These counters I controversial just when he's finger and meet people Ehrlich. Of course me you know hasn't exactly what he explains it's not true thing you know cuddly and cute they're actually quite vicious and means I mean watching pictures on the Internet of the males. That's fine if you ask him so we do know the media cycle and some hangar I just don't I don't really tell people. That a lot of us were ice down. Ever bought I don't know where we were traveling we bought a can of real low end ultra and realized that on time. When you open up you good like identify a body parts in oh yeah exactly then I can't stuff the yeah yucky and just get back on the road shallow it out again anyways maxed out conversely polls singles instead what they'd like you didn't like about taking a road trip with beer. Person that they are dating now like to recommend to a guy's effort you're starting to date somebody learn how to change attire. Or she won't think much Sylvia yeah this is according to this website 45% of women say they will be turned off a department could not change a flat tire I'm honestly surprised is not higher to 51% of women said they can do the job themselves have seen it. We do keep in mind a lot of the new cars until coma this yeah tiger handler and the of the that the tire changing kit that comes with the car. Is not really very good for changing the time that's why I have AAA. That's I bought a new one and it just a new car flat tire credit union of partisan attack. At. 7% of our respondents said road rage which have been major turn off more women than men 81% of women said it was an attractive. Compared to 62 of them percent of men who said it was an attractive is a good way to kind of knows somebody see how they handle stress on on a road trip was yet you know what you're going to be stressed in a married Aaliyah leading up to the marriages is stressful things so. I know that's her grunt I never realized how important are trips where until I realized how opposite mention IR. And that travels into the car. Because his idea or a trip is music and dead silence a hunt you look at you literally does not wanna speak the entire time and no bathroom stops no bathroom stops I mean this release stops is is this better and my idea of a road trip is basically as seen on every song constant chatter athletically the alphabet game up. We're restaurant again I made yeah with the 52 questions. Well maybe you can you can bring it back home with us savings of many on homeowners insurance I texted him this article and he was like I love the old pal nice. So installing a few New York is not the time of the year were a lot of home improvements happen anyways so if you gonna make album permit want to check with your insurance company C hey. He gonna throw some back my way you know hustling SL installing a home security system they say can reduce your monthly prayer Europe and Europe premium by two to 5%. This if you upgrade electoral heating and plumbing systems in your home you can be upwards of a 33% reduction in your premiums. They say also are with your roof that's probably the biggest way to save some money. Check with your talk home insurance company because a lot of time to give you discounts if you do something besides the asphalt a composite shingles that normally are on there. They and also say if you you install other other things do a monitor instead of like home smoke detectors we all have them. But if you put in there like water detection systems. Gas leak detection systems. Or if they notify you remotely if your home is on fire your being robbed. That can actually save you some money as well and they say if you miss Dolly home generator you can be reducing your your answer your premiums by anywhere from 42%. Yeah we and we just got the generator. And we bought our house they kept telling us what an amazing thing the roof was there a third through finally found it's 'cause it's a lifetime Griffith medal right and I had never heard that before about all these little things go into like when we were trying to get insurance for the house of his amazing how many. Of those who tiny things helped. Yeah yeah you know in your but if I'm doing the numbers on this and offered generators are pretty expensive it's easy to spend a thousand dollar on a generator right if you need it even more tough to 101000 dollars. But if you pair him a thousand dollars on your insurance is only forty to honor our savings of the nets. You're spent a lot of money McDonald are gonna say a whole lot and I wouldn't I want to save on my insurance and just great that when we got one for ourselves you can not dialed it in India a city in LA and thing is that you may have never even told your home insurance agency the body -- yes the whole thing is well yeah Intel woman now we can at least get you know who perished in the advises always every couple years shop your insurance or on your auto in your home insurance raucous things change every year that's that is very true we Ahmanson purport to end. Up so this is kind of scary the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimates one child dies. From vehicular heat stroke every ten days you know it's so bad that seemed got a name it's called forgotten baby syndrome yes and according to an expert cut congress commentator of neuroscientist they say it's more common and you think. And mainly it's because you give to an auto pilot mode with regular task you know. Everything's the same ET the same route to work you do things at the same time somebody goes on the auto pilot in what will happen is. Something changed that routine like summer break or you get a new car or something like that. Where your mind is it really EL you're doing things and automatic pilot and it really can happen on tire higher times of stress sickness or lack of sleep. And basically for venture memories. If you just that's how you forget that's how you we you know he would be forget your child's in the car and you know as we wouldn't think that you know that's really just kind of bad parenting you're saying that's not really necessarily the case. No we talked about a couple weeks ago Howell bears such. Absolutely awful affects the getting four hours of sleep and I don't even know any new parents who are getting four hours of daily good point absolutely. But there are some safety measures you can use to trying and I make sure that you don't fall into this trap of forgotten baby syndrome. And and what they say is that even you and I that would normally not think this would happen there could be a time that would happen so have these plea did things in and checked. They say a lot of times is to our place a child's diaper bag or jacket had in the front seat soon get your car you see it. Vice for conversely put like your briefcase or your personal thing in the backseat with a child so you have to get ignored to gather Clark a shield she works I'd like that like all. My friends that have kids they put that one issue that there Terry you try not just are no issue. But once you that there wearing a backseat with the kid and my other one there where while there's there's a car seat called the Evan ebb and flow even flow sensor statement he's brilliant thing he's since searches on the chest clip that will alert you when the car turns off or they on buckle itself I simple Bluetooth thing to the amazing. The amount of things that we have that are Bluetooth now he needed I would of come along a long time. Oh absolutely and then also received concerned parents can really contact your lawmakers because right now there is the a bill known as the hot cars act that will require car manufacturers. To equipped vehicle through technology to alert if your child is left in the backseat which we've Clark I think they could use fakes who face recognition in the rear view mirror a little camera right there who know and also just glance in your rear view mirror out of habit before you know the car. Yeah and these days so that's I didn't even know they're actually putting an act together but yeah we have links of a what's at UN take part of that. And finally I have been don't she got on the TV. OK go and by the name big name brand Samsung LG and Sony this is from consumer reports it was. Compiled data from the last three years of TV sales and Sony is spelled SO and lined up SO MY. I made yes I'd who knew that there Croatia made a TV that you didn't know that you know it's a according to have tires and digital and Croats there for a Ortiz repairs are generally better on the name brand ones as well because they have a larger network of parts of the repair. And also do your homework at a time because. We found a lot of familiar brands like Phillip sharp into Sheba. Maybe we bought your TV ten years ago when actually made by these companies but now they're out of business and the TV business and they've come sub let their names to other companies. So the Phillips in charge and does she was not what they once were the could be better or worse because they did say. Hi since NT CL which of the two new were one of the Chinese you have really cheap by the way right so far have some pretty good reliability. Readings on I notice that in appliances. When some of the big appliance manufacturers that are all started play made in one place and I'm a people and all appliances will be telling you so. Washers and dryers and yes like that it's that has really changed the idea is I remember working at Sears like Kim or some of the Timor's remain a Maytag some of them may not helpful right. And she just never knew what is your your right is like five manufacturers to make everything in the world I I know a couple of guys that used to work for the big companies and now there off of their own repaired appliances and I've I called one up in a bomber drivers Comesa which one is what's the model or just. Others not you can do. Growing nicely as a great big deal to be your that is those army to be repair. Now leveling. Serious I don't have a nice idea until I got a lot of money or not let the two grand tees now so there's a show for today Monday July 16 of course you listen to a slide Monday through Friday between five and it works an idea point five GT ABC that many.