7.13.18-KTK MORNING SHOW-A Lot Of People Prefer To Watch TV Alone-Packing Mistakes To Avoid

Friday, July 13th

Spending more time outdoors is good for your health, packing mistakes to avoid when moving and a lot of people prefer to watch TV alone. It’s the 98.5 KTK Morning Show recap for Friday, July 13, 2018.

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I got a 98 point 5 digit game morning show recap for Friday. Friday July 13 and they get a Friday the thirteenth. That is beyond deftly yeah anytime there is a month starts on the Sunday yet Friday the thirteenth out well yup yup. Good to know about this spitting times I've Dora did for your health. Some are. The no job he had via nano is. Magazines in Kenya is a fairly scientists used data from about a 140 studies. They found that populations at higher levels of green space exposure are more likely to report good overall health. We're talking about lower risk for type two diabetes cardiovascular disease premature death premature birth. And increases in sleep duration and I believe it you know forcing ideas there was between like a mouse in a maze. Or free range mouse right. Radar in a pretty good to go into to drive in the country I think I think highly 27 to Marion County going through those hours of my guys were in Portland arms. Yeah I'm not like bragging but they area that I live in in Ocala is a nice. The houses are just on like a bigger pieces of property owners a lot of horse farms and there's a lot of forest. And I do I I really just love I love driving home. It's nice idea to Abdullah hopper wrote for me in Gainesville as one of the pretty Schulters it's a live to the state parks that are on mill hopper rode. With the wind the end of the trees we are all over the road is just gorgeous absolutely. So this way and now we're a little from Nat into I dipping into the frying pan of this when nearly as good idea mommy you're the headline on this would be this fast and be women expect a pricey engagement ring if their partner is ugly. That's not sugarcoat it also lets somebody get in Oregon what is her gun by someone's super salty out. That's at the western art university actually spent time studying at this particular. Yasser what is it that 590 people. And name just a room and what they did was they had them look at pictures of people on the opposite sex have been pretty rated as either attractive for unattractive yeah. Bidding Joseph good to be participants demented person as your partner definitely women they said it for you to pick the smallest engagement ring that drew me and be willing to settle on. If offered by men and it for the guys they are just asked to not pick a ring for an imaginary girlfriend if they found him a tractor they didn't find out attractive. The results show that men were more willing to buy a large expensive. Engagement ring when they imagine themselves. Are proposing to beautiful women and women expected more expensive brains if they envision themselves within an attractive partner who says you can't buy love the grass yeah. So the researchers and I think in this one here is that men typically these symbols of success to entice more desirable partners. And women are more happy to sell for an ugly partner if it brings them something else to the table. Such as cash money just we thank president. I think this is so flawed fighter too yeah I mean I I'm not saying that. Anyone of us are ugly but someone out there think some ugly someone thinks everybody's ugly you know like I am not a vicious it's Sosa and check in with the mom always tell you there's always someone for everybody exactly exactly let me I would love to hear the other side of the do a study. Obese people. How many end up in divorce yeah. When an ugly guy gets a giant render ago look for a while and how long does that last wedding ring covers your divorce bill and yes I'll just shows you how shallow and a lot of and then that really boils down a gold diggers like elephant in the marriage it's elegant happier stuff one has nailed it the Gallo which by the way in California you can be married for thirty seconds and you can lose half your stuff. Right yeah it's community property states that are. Alone careful for the. This morning and this is pretty serious even nut and are hearing this on a podcast or check your pantry do you have any boxes of honey smacks cereals Kellogg's honey smacks them if you do. Throw them out because of Salmonella this is from the Center for Disease Control yeah I'd pay an urgent warning coming up toward the kind of validate gave about a month ago. But if you have any honey smacks. With at all yeah. Size boxing you need to get rid of it they originally said if it was a had a best by date through June 14 of next year. But what they have found this since they made this a recall back in June Detroit seven more people have been sickened by some and Ella. Our bringing the total hundred people regular John Bates is joblessness is a year so there's there's stuff sitting on people's Panthers right now. If you finally returned to the store. For a refund or just throw it out. Camera they do say here is if you do eat anything and and find yourself with fever diarrhea or abdominal pain within twelve it was Sydney two hours maybe some and Ella. He should reported to Europe health providers so they can let the CDC know about as people with immune problems too this is this is very serious damage so now. We had. Birthday cake for my sister one time it was a cheesecake. And I did not eat any this is before and you're lactose. And everybody else ate some and everyone was violently ill. There's nothing worse and there's nothing worse so we also you know throw it away and the next day I catch my sister in law downstairs eating another piece of the cake comes. I know like what do you saw like winner worse thick she's got a corner. She's where she Murphy used to throw it away even though she got sick every single day from the cake look over a doubling time we do letters. But our broad rule of thumb if if what you just DeDe comes on both ends yeah I don't again stop eating the same mr. ayalon a hot tempers that's kind of my same analogy yeah. Let's go have a hot peppers that I like telling heroes like Mickey I will buy you another cheesecake that I'm leave out one hour now seem to be an effort to retreated is that. Chris let me ask your question in your lifetime how many times have you moved yeah. Oh got lifetime packed up everything in boxes and had to move if I had to let them make a genuine got exactly earning 22 times. That's pretty impressive yeah my stepfather is in the air force so we moved all the time did you react no fool oh yeah I did every year thing for about ten years. Maybe fifteen Iowa. We got some advice where if you're moving sometime this summer there are three mistakes that people make. But we're gonna paso country gathered frissora is packing boxes of books in one large box aria yeah if you can't lifted in the box isn't designed to carry a thousand pounds of books rights and a lot of times you're not tear output like when strip of tape so they're saying that you know sometimes you get away with that benefit are heavier objects she's more multiple lines of tape. And a break up the books in the smaller boxes as my back hurt just thinking about it no doubt. For sure number two is not labeling your boxes correctly or clearly this is where Chris and his queen of labeling she's doing a production department we actually find things not only in the production van but in the production department whose emotional label promotions is he sees a promotions expert and label expert I I move the exact same way Rubbermaid coats with all the labels of exactly what's in the box a beautiful thing. Yeah and that's what they say especially using old boxes from previous moves you may have kitchen and Internet. Putting kitchen I'd have no idea what a mark up the old stuff and it finally met in making sure that you pack your fragile items properly Crist has got a great hack for your wine glasses what is. You pick up boxes from ABC year liquors store and they cut like the line boxes RD of cardboard between the slots and the wine glasses will feel right at home inside don't want bonds and Barry Gallup so ordered onto Netflix or just talk about the Emmy nominations for the first time since 2001 HBO does not have the most nominations. Netflix does a 10222. Emmy nominations. I gotta admit they have a thousand different programs but yeah a lot of agreed to on bono's question about it that's the nice thing it's unfortunate he can be in to watch and freezing your you like. Well it's over that was funny let's just who courts are great. I'm watching more streaming then network television how what you guys are absolutely and as the network television all a lot of so what network television. So when it comes down to watching our TV Bob programs have 48% of those in a recent survey found they prefer to watch TV programs alone to avoid having the experience ruined in the elite that is bill attribute your recent wouldn't admit they would write out what exactly what color your card that's going on but you dealing with the guy and it did number one thing 40% said that their partners talking is the main course of annoyance. When they come in to watch the genes like. What's going on what happened why are they doing this again I can't believe god I mean I feel I'm guilty or have I guess I think we all are against him yes. Honestly don't you don't that I never I sing the words every song here am I never know the name of the song or who's things that same you know that were premise now applies to TV shows so when Mitch comes in where you watching I don't know penalty on TV I really don't know yet. Modern technology also making tough spots on the annoyance listen people pausing to do other things being an annoying thing. And in the offering that can also be a problem classic annoyances like volume level spoilers is losing the remotes as well as nuisance is including eating crunchy foods. Digging up for a toilet break or using noisy appliances like the vacuuming washing machine during viewing. Can make four a party won the preferable we're watching TV that his garage I'm guilty that sums are now. I'm not guilty when I sit down invest in a movie or TV show and a watch from start to finish getting up. Now does not do the same which again reinforces why don't watch the eyebrow evolve this. I gotta put on pause or I. No life. So I'm just one final thing we talked about today was your phone in summer heat are going to be mid ninety's today though and if you take your phone or your phone can actually be permanently damaged by too much needed you know yeah and also you can lose a lot of those pictures that you never download the and while on your phone yes stuff here so what they like at the beach you believe it out in the sudden you could be this. Brian thing right so here's how some status of taps and in and keep in mind that a lot of manufacturers have different thresholds but I don't apple iphones themselves. After 95 degrees that's the maximum temperatures there. Certified operated internal your body temperatures 98 degrees so that bitterly recommend carried in your pocket yes that's exactly right because you're actually in you kidding me and I'll -- raised above the -- so I don't know how I'm going to live in life because it's always in my back pocket I guess after a series of houses I've donate plus it only fits in my back by now I'm sorry guys governor roll the dice with they also say I mean you want to make sure your charging away from insulated materials. Because during the process of by the phone charging it actually creates he's who's. Not so you know you'll like him a star phone later something like that. And then I thought this is good here if you're playing games are making a lot of phone calls when your outside in the heat right it's actually a your phone's working harder in generating more heat all therefore. It could he be prone to overheating. And then nine the number one thing is to make sure that your not leaving your phone inside the car when you're when you leave. Because he reaches a 113 degrees or more in minutes and in a hot car. And as Smart as it may sound to place your car or a phone in the freezer to cool it down. It's actually very bad idea make it causes it to cool down too quickly in the condensation the western side of it actually content states and causes your shorts are probably usually you'll probably killed her phone doing that. And that with these things copper at costs costing about a thousand dollars now I don't wanna mess it up at all. Don't mess that up and don't use your phone if it's charging because holy hot yet you can he put the jiffy pop on top of me afterward. Yes I've often had to plug it in because it was dying and I was doing something and just had their idol anecdote to how it is so hot. I'm I'm at the point or my phone is like and I can't get through half today without charging PLO. I gave I'm a refused minus phone quite yet this or not it's not worth a thousand dollars to me up around. So I'm like now have chargers ever royal command and also asthmatics are at inhalers everywhere. So now I have just as many I have cords to the power supplies sort of put my phone anyway yet much I like the rescue of the boys in that Thailand cave where that have happened bottleneck on the way to keep the briefing absolutely you can't so they got as our show today Friday July 13 of course run the airline Monday through Friday between five intent on ninety point five GT JBC. Back.