7.12.17 Panama City Beach People Chain, Oreo Grilled Cheese, Kitchen Odors, Coffee is Good For You, Overqualified Workers.

Wednesday, July 12th

Today's show was a mix of a little bit of everything! We covered the Panama City Beach incident where over 80 people formed a chain to save over 15 people who'd been taken in by a rip tide, the Oreo Grilled Cheese, Kitchen Odors, Coffee is Good For You, and Overqualified Workers!! Check it out.


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That's the famous 98 point 5 Kati K a morning show podcast here two Kristen Miller and I error. My and the four Chris Malone is off on vacation Gallup vending in Philadelphia yes so he's probably eating cheesecake underneath. The liberty bell right now one can help incredible show today it was a wet nose Wednesday you can still see are a female bulldogs knew the outcome the Bulldog mix. Her name is Georgia from out just vocal voices of change animal league in Marion County it's great working with these people and of course wet nose Wednesday. Always presented by town and country veterinarians and pet resort. In Gainesville we started out to a news story about an incredible rescue in Panama City is crazy over over the weekend. Had there was these two employees from a family that was at the beach in Panama City. They had gotten swept out into a rip tide eight years old and eleven years old and basically what ensued was a but reports are saying between seventy and eighty people making eight chain from the shore Morris to a this. These too boy is that we're over in ninety metres out. That is raising ninety meters and that's actually what three. Almost almost 300 normally are hundred feet yes but here's the deal. The boys from their mom heard the screams so that the then they go out there and grandma goes up there for the failure treasure rescue they get in trouble right outside like they can't you know people. Out there yes so a couple of other people who were better swimmers and had boogie boards and surfboards were out there and literally there's some great video we've got up there. Of eighty people linked arm in arm. To bring these people and a safety and nobody died no reader I'd it was incredible this is a very very it was the yellow flag warning may call which means. I'll watch out for rip ties into who's kind of underneath the surface she couldn't see it on the on the surface of the water yeah I can't see those breaks in the calf aliens eye to what to break it up though we talked about a brand new grilled cheese sandwich which again. Kind of a dessert item it's the Oriole grilled cheese sandwich or what's in the sandwich. It's marshmallow fluff okay that's kind of Gloria does. Would she make what they called cookie butter I don't know. And you basically make it with Mars the bond cheese. So that's kinda losing cheese that you're saying enough inside Kennelly is yes and you make it just like a grilled cheese say you you buy your bread and you put this cookie batter on it and then you marshmallow fluff and in some Mario's and Mars Capone cheese and you make it like scenario I mean elegant grilled cheese as. Just orient and get on the scale. Yeah without a doubt we put up we put the video up on our website and Mitch went in and watched it and I just got a text message so again I'll always. Really your husband's guardian recipe and I thought let's say you do burn your Oreo grilled cheese sandwich we got so much kitchen odor. Remedies that that don't use chemicals in outing might favor one. Was the grandmother thing we take some Vanilla extract him but I cotton balls and what is around your kitchen yeah my favorite is coffee mostly because there's almost always copy bring in our kitchen yet Justin Bieber just brew a pot of coffee a nice fresh smell of coffee another one's a real estate to a trick where you bake cookies have some is coming Lucy your house to buy it. All you have to do is put the preheat the oven to 200 and then turn it off and get a piece of tin foil yet and on that you can put a little bit of butter in cinnamon. Stuff like that and it'll smell like your picking the authorities that's pretty I like that Akron yes. I'm not a huge fan of clothes and in us says to boils and I'm not either media but I have boiled the orange peels and lemon peels and cinnamon six knocked us helped him. It's it's kind of a wonder wash sale bowl. That's kind of deal right there. Also and we found out a study that says coffee's good for an Alley good story if it up you'll live longer I am a huge proponent of the yeah it goes research across ten European countries. And that's if on the higher consumption of coffee. Was assertion with a lower risk of death from any cause but specifically circulatory diseases and digested diseases and they were literally saying. Make further research may be needed but there are confident right now that the results. From that European study confirm the findings that you could live longer by drinking coffee which is great news for you. That is I do question via the Europeans drink coffee different than American and I'm Alan I'm thinking more cappuccinos and espresso and yeah I'm to sink in Italy and France that's rough had most of those yet until I just not had a lot of coffee that has so much sugar and cream minute offering if there is something to do with maybe in my natural coughing maybe just DL was a beer spread so. The very most of the Cuban coffee that has a ton of turned so bad error pretty good though. And I thought there was there receive chimed in report that we had that over qualified employees suffered higher stress levels. Yeah while ago I got the cancer in a paper ballots being over qualified and being out in the job market and the findings that I found where basically. Echoed the Florida Atlantic University researchers analyzed 25 years worth of people. Saying there overqualified people get angry and frustrated in their jobs off. Which is it's it's true you get a job when you think that you're going to be able to use all these skills that you acquired and then year kind of left wondering will went in my going to be challenged. Where went in my gonna do anything. So it it does it's important to get a job that you love and I understand. Sometimes that's not the case the that's true that sometimes you just needed job but you know I was keeping your eye on the prize. And how we ended up with Japanese report that is a cup we're the plays a certain theme song. Yes while people are working in a boost their productivity. And am I I think you're gonna find a rather familiar so we're gonna do we can right now. You wanna know what I found the most entertaining about this article it says employees showed an increased ability to eat lightning crap thunder and actually go home on time. This is that right here to theme from rocky and they play at all throughout the day out today. That might be a little excessive does what I am thinking and they say that cost. Overtime cost of dropped 20% since they started playing this yeah song. And employee morale is improved. Over distill all we can here to improve employee morale and the little smile on your trees each and every morning I'm feeling very motivated makes it to an end up between five and ten. Monday through Friday weekday morning for the ninety point 5 Kati K a morning show or he always catch us on the podcast. Well I have a great day.