7.11.18-KTK MORNING SHOW-Summer Babies Tend To Be Thinner Than Winter ones-Wrap Key Fob In Foil

Wednesday, July 11th

Only a Florida driver would think you can avoid a DUI if you only consume alcohol at stop signs and traffic lights, college health insurance plans offer an option for your student and why wrapping your car’s key fob in aluminum foil can prevent your car from being stolen. It’s the 98.5 KTK Morning Show recap for Wednesday, July 11, 2018.

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I there it's an idea point five JD game more ensure our recap for Wednesday July 11 let's jump in light we're giving it a pool or else. Let's talk about open plan offices there's been kind of a push you to the for the old cubicles. Gosh I miss those days I'm. What you would sit on the cubicle has been a big push recently to getting rid of images having desks in a big open at open rooms I. It was an idea to boost collaboration an in depth conversation between carcass. This flash didn't work out that way and now they did the opposite here according to edit the Harvard Business School our research they elected to. Large fortune 500 companies and has done this and they found that actually. Interaction and physical interaction with people drop 70%. That's amazing if you did just when you can see the person you don't talk to now. They said the face to face interaction per day went from five point eight hours to one point seven hours a moral. And out on the flip side people or texting in messaging much more aid based on increased and electronic. Communication conversations about 75% you know since you were your thinking that man we just know we talked on the walls and everything already concede or other and talk back and forth Brunette. You can get confusing you can gossip about some of behind their back in Syria which. That's a that's not possible sing anything in those environment now about someone just sit there the other typing away in your talking to somebody and then all of a sudden you meet guys nearly clipped the yeah yeah we go way. There's nobody got no personal privacy now you know and if you that makes you feel exposed and vulnerable yeah and plus we have Christen had bread riot the smells like and it's also great way to pass a cold around. Every idea that I swear you we I I had the sort environment for a little while and everybody would kind of like weight on edge for. Somebody would come in and really calm not feeling very good and you would see everybody just like. Why guys staring like waiting you to cough yeah I think I. Penalize dialect I heard in Africa cumulative you know I didn't but heard about the scattered as the linesman after a stat Aaron. So we have got an early in Florida story in a while I think this one is great news is this is a doozy just you can't believe how stupid some presidency well if fewer this drunk this actually sounds like a plant like this make sense if your drug but the but the point is is that. When you're in a vehicle. Regardless of the vehicles in motion or not if you have if you're drinking and driving and EU are kinda weigh all animal control over that they can write you up for drinking and driving so. Here is that we go down to Vero Beach she got a their latest waiting like McDonald's drive through yeah. In your high return viewed the person up front it's the order of the line moves up a little bit. Senate did she move up she get hit back by this car. Imagine lake it happening what a variety having once a nearly goodness the person right if it happened again. It was my. Happened more than once and trivia lady that called the Indian river county sheriff's department or office and Jason out a couple of deputies and a final 69 year old girl Stephen and her hair or all around the port saint Lucy's behind that we else smell a bit of alcohol really well and reasoning smelled like alcohol because there was a brown paper bag with the Jim beam Bobble Jim beam bottle open next to impress. Opened up the U seven a good timing of course the other deputies asked the protocol you know I don't today certainly is not actually done pretty. At two million intercourse and ask for a driver's license and he says lying out the last number obtained driver's license he of course they asked him if he had been drinking I been drinking but he hears her speak out. He thought it was a good logic. He was under the impression that he's told deputies he was not drinking and driving because he'd only drink when the car was at a stop sign or red traffic lights are driving between my general beach and where was it to Atlanta and port saint Lucie. There's a lot of stuff design us a line men so every time he would stop Heath he thinks a shot drinking and driving means is larger driving. You can't drink put a stop go ahead and have a couple pop now granted I may be speaking for alarm a law enforcement friends out of turn here but I tend to believe that it doesn't really matter if you're moving or not if you haven't done dictator in a car that's pretty across the board here out by the way he was arrested for her. Not only not suffered do you live but also for not having a license our air holes in his first run in with the whys yet a couple of Missouri too so he knows that are being an instrument if he would have sober up you realize that idea doesn't really worry that this thing I. This was fascinating to me could you know there are trying to find ways to do to battle you know obesity in and out childhood obesity and an obesity in adults are going upn upn upn. A lot of it has to do with your lifestyle choices but there are things you can't control like you genetics in getting your just your genes. But this study actually adds a little bit more salt to that gene now argument here that wound. They say that people who are Byrd are people who were born ever conceived and colder months meaning you were conceived in January through June. You were born in July and December you carry more substance called brown fat. That actually make you thinner. Makes sense I mean. I was born in January all right so you were conceived in a cold mud yeah so you actually. Women have this backwards. And XL RK wherever it. New study says the evidence that people conceived in colder months are better burning fat in those and it's even warmer months. The research centers and research suggests that people born Angela in July and December carry more of the substance. Called drought that's a yes OK we're actually I conceived in the cold months the born in the war months have more of this proud that's basically people give liberty like this month yes he generally should be a thinner person overall. The finding out about this particular job blacks that is actually Rob Brown fat grams are now brown fat that actually. Is what generates the heat to keep you kind of war. So that's but there're kind of reviewing in seeing is more research under that detected a plane to genetics. Later on down the road it is interesting the brown fat is on your spine and acts of him a fat head. Vs the white fat is around your belly to him yeah in August which is enormous warmth that yes that's. I know if you have a keyless car keyless entry car with a fob on and yes sir you probably wanna stored in a coffee can or wrapped tin foil around. I'm not crazy yeah. I've bush about last July cops but at this is actually coming from us security experts they say that that easily of the world is flat no I don't I think these people definitely don't believe we're not he realizes that little key fob that automatically over Jakarta or a new opportunity Kia. It transmits a coded radio signal all the time they can be picked up in your car is looking for that coded radio all of a sudden even though it's sitting their off. It's actually part of a view on this go to the battery and is looking for yet that coded signal if somebody were to steal that which is not too hard to do there you take your car excellent they have actually amplified equipment that goes around and seeks out these codes in the in the airport gate transferred onto their fob. In an Alley can steal your car they can actually started targeted cool with just I don't. And hale are ready to go off so. And the sad part about this guys is at the car industry has known about this. For quite a long time and I don't know that I really do anything about it so they say Intel security experts get a handle on this you should really. Story in the it was a far de Ferran it's a parish deal the and it's just. It's merely their rooms and computer operations where they're just a whole bunch of mesh wire around that that's a parity she'll worst radio signals cannot interfere in fear into that right so I looked up online name was on the range anywhere from fought 45 dollars to five dollars yes. Or even go the cheaper route is actually wrapped in foil around that should to block the run away and I got an idea because you have to take it out of the tin foil. For you use it and put it back in it and hopefully camp after through Bates said in the story that the elsewhere can is not fit enough close. Is this that yeah that's why they say a couple layers of aluminum yes all of me because we go again and I'll trade. Can inside of a coffee can we go with a pick that up. Yeah so you don't make a super easy to get your card up right now talking about the same level of gun can. Now Ria for sure I think that thousands and even talked about this in the story that you know using did the can that babies come in and I'm like. What's the last time he seen it mandated McCain has always in a cardboard box now pushed bonds. Hi if you by anyone like I via the I have like the characters on them those common in like. Steal little over a little yeah so wouldn't get a scooby do you get the likes to do or girl hello kitty or whatever a lot of times a common those cute little click the gas cans and up and. And if finally if you're looking to our action a couple of things college health insurance plans up this was trying to get this comes from consumer reports. And they you may say about 10% of students each year get health insurance through the school that they Goetschl. And you may think that made us out of good or bad idea but you know you really have to look at this as an option. Just because it may be cheaper to keep your kid on your insurance but let's take for instance they're going to a school out in California or Hawaii and I never thought about way across country to your doctors may be out of network you're out and so that it'll limit the insurance can be super expensive for you so. It is worth investigating with the university to see if it's cheaper to go on their policy get their own policy through the school or stay and yours. One possible drawback they say though is that the need to make sure that the college health plan covers beyond the academic year. Goes to a calendar year and sometimes to me to speak to the academic year at that point. You need to get a separate a separate policy. And if finally if you wanted to learn something new great fantastic but then go do some exercising for fifteen minute SP forget full life. We're talking about there's off fairly powerless would be if you're at a dinner party trying to exploit came out right because it says that if you roller retain knowledge go out and do some exercise fifteen minutes that gives your brain just enough time to relax. And soak up that new not used him what it does is takes your mind off everything else there's I think about jog any thing about Limas are tired when and how much longer I have to jog. But they say that that kind of stream lines the information is going through your brains so you can custard which you just learn. We think about it he then someone's name at a party and it's you name's Kristen Mario all of my name's Jack immediately you start talking about something else right. Yeah does that I jokingly said I start out every scene with you with a joke of Blake. Do you wonder who's gonna forget our names first so I went I adventure. That it's not so according. Out there you know it's even worse is the ones that I introduced myself again and I'm already introduced a high. Carol I come there I try to be real clever so pleasantly stimulus plan SM I TH. I'm I'm well I didn't know if it was CA church I yeah. My EUN. A process. I wasn't that that part never had a great. And I'm going to I just excellent I'll tell people is I'm blocking on your name which kind of puts it on me and not you would yeah later you're not embarrassed that likes it when you you don't remember their names. I totally locking on your name I never remember someone's name until the third or fourth time probably so I just take it in stride and someone forgets mine or calls me Christine or something yacht and for those that do remember my name is almost a moment of pause like. Well you remember right I'm totally creeped out you must be in sales. Well dries out and I immediately and Mike are you following me you know early in many. So there's our show for today. Winced AD July 11 2008 senior our lord. Thank you so much less in our podcast of course on the airline but through Friday but you're invited to at a ninety point five GT ABC. Back.