7.10.18-KTK MORNING SHOW-Frozen Veggie Prep Tips-Air To Chip Ratio On Popular Brands

Tuesday, July 10th

Cooking with frozen vegetable, even in summer, is a good idea.  Plus proof that neck ties slows blood flow to the head and which chip bags contain the least amount of air?  It’s the 98.5 KTK Morning Show recap for Tuesday, July 10, 2018.

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Hi is an idea of funds Casey gave Tony salary cap or Tuesday. June that team imagine we act cumbersome week helped at least that house we have got to frozen veggie tips we loosen your tie for we've got to figure wall yeah and we took the air and put them in your chips. Yeah I can't wait to that point is that one is how much errors in a bag of chips at them. We will let you know now op press office an office of in the Christmas happy about because she informed us and international delight has no. Lactose no worries all and then their latest flavor right here Oreo coffee Kremer Oreo cookie flavor Kramer made by the same company that makes Oreo she you know she takes pretty good yeah. It's not even a limited addition they said in a starting and July 18 a week of July 18 she's TVs. It stores. 329 to have a bottle for about 63 servings per bottle five census or write English grain into work you might get Warner to that is threatening to snitch you know some of those uses it. All right so you are releasing game house or an apartment. For the most part yet is what it is kind of that this is the terms of the least figure if you sign a lease and in nothing it's like borrow or play you can't change anything but. I just go ahead and ask according to experts in the residential property management companies as well as property lawyers there are some reasonable things to ask for in a least. One of them is to make sure that the locks been changed you know how many police are out there aren't yet you really don't and etc. I don't know if it's required or not maybe in Florida it is required just kind of is a really specific Florida but. Just as a reminder double double checked out you also might want to ask them there have any wiggle room Estes things outside of the house of the apartment like a satellite dish work. Barbecued head or something along those lines. Is on you ask vs just assume you might be in good position there. Wounds that were in the asking mow what that may not you know a lot of times. Apartments are repaint when you move in most of the time they do repayment so you can maybe talk to them to ask him instead of you know the eggshell white teacher whatever may be new and different color yeah odd name. I say so many searchers were up it'd have a pet you already have a pet deposit in my when asked for some other movie in things let me go to doggy door. Maybe ask for a sensor on the backyard things that will kind of make their house a little bit to more attractive for future residents are like this next would hear the early exit Claus yeah. How many times have you Luke in the midst of where. Yes super quiet for about a week and they come marching band live and above you head out you don't get along with that neighbors. And my sister and I convinced ourselves that we are living below murder Ers. Because about once every couple days there bathtub an overflow mere convinced they were like murdering people and then I'm like yeah come down into our bathroom wow Alia there was some shooting stuff going on. Victor's true. The how it must of happened for two or three months and when the landlord finally finally finally went up there they have like literally left everything all that was left was like trash in the apartment and left really fast while I still maintain it was. Our Aries you're right yeah so we'll never know well it yet. So there are some things for you to ask so let's talk about a frozen veggies or where this is of course the summer it's the season of twenty. And that means plenty of extra work you if you're doing your culinary arts as you do. A lot of shifts actually skipped a fresh and go right for the frozen because it's a little easier to prepare quicker. And died since the frozen vegetables or flash for bush and there's just as delicious full of nutrients. As the fresh stuff you see the cook them a little differently out this is who they say here's don't assume all fridge veggies need to be cooked for instance like. Some off frozen corn thrown into little salad let it it's runs on natural lake. Can actually help you out there plus if you make an up pasta salad. Good way to cool down that policies with frozen vegetables that are there almost and then I didn't know this that frozen vegetables next to cook faster than him the fresh writing them. If you make consumers so my knowledge to get the bag of a soup vegetables and it right at the end. That where the market mushy yes so you wanted to cure but you're cooking time in half if you're roasting or stir frying from a frozen bag so they're pretty they're pretty handy to have it's a good fall by having your Yasser you know. Eight net idea yeah I added to my ground meats. McCain made taco meat yesterday I. And I had about two pounds of meat but I have got three boys now living with us so I added a bag of like rice cauliflower am and I mix at all inning Clinton altogether and not a single boy in my home knew that there was calling color in their tacos sands land stretch mom and I am worries that are they were twirling your imaginary mustache when I got totally nice nothing to lose he and I. I'm not telling anyone that's why it's on the pod. But I didn't think I mean they're. So let's talk about. Our bags of chips apparently the times are slow in a cabinet making business online I guess Leo was thing with a company cabinet makers kitchen cabinets on line decide to test for. Fourteen national chip brands yeah how much errors in the back at what they found is on coverage 43% of that bag is nothing but air or nitrogen. And they said that she goes had a most of the sealed air 50% of the bag is nothing that error was the titles that you know that that they seem to be the last. Break here step upbeat and yet the Americans think of as maybe they settled more but still he would have not as a puffy it was a as a bag and our mind. Ruffles was up there as well Stacy is pita chips injury is ranked high. As for your most chip per bag and load it that would go to free toasts. 19% of the bag is air following my group Pringles at 20% until Steve is a 34% to run. Let's talk about the meaning your wall shall we this is from a painting cleaning professional besides or Kristin Miller. They say that the majority of your painting project is that Kraft. That's putting down the drop clause taping off the counters in their lines with the worst part he had a cunning is just. Off yet and I've off. I have admittedly painted over or socket once changed and I got a shock to his decision let's play it's all did you all app lets see wet paint electricity yeah I can see that you know I was feigning my mom's room for her in I was laying on the ground and I just yeah. I thought you know I'm just too tired for this and eighteen at right O'Brien and next thing you know. That. Well you're targeting him or worry I would not yet you're Russia's with. I think you're laying on the ground on a certain basic David Schuster your paint as well as an even is as little as an hour after it's been mixed at the at our stores separates art separating so go ahead and not Jonas mix that up. They say you're gonna wanna do that cut and and then roll song cut and isn't you paint the corners in the the baseboard and stuff like that. And you found with the role but don't work six to eight feet section at a time. To make sure that the pain is evenly on their knee and then don't cheap out on the brushes in the rollers a good roll across four to six bucks. Quality vs fifteen to twenty by zionism over yeah yes you can't be tomorrow. Yeah I I'm from president yes he so we've found figured out that we know what's wrong with politicians in most of business of America. It's men wearing ties. Apparently the blood is not leaving their head and is a kind of staying there making them angry this according to some studies that ties restricting the flow of the bulb on the floor blood your brain and out the the study actually Kennedy's brain scans of some men that were wearing ties in the and that whom were not wearing ties and in the one's aware advertise it to them off and skin and again. And they found is that really are wearing a tie reduces blood flow to go through the jugular vein of your head by seven and a half percent. So that explains why they make a very bad decision that time. It ties to tight. Although to some and not related to the survey says it is 77 and a half percent drop in blood flow to your brain really is not gonna be noticeable I beg to differ or I yeah I beg to differ as well right. That crazy people who theft. Chauffeur today today July tiff of course are on the airlines Monday through Friday between five to ten and ninety point five GT giddy BC and that.