6.7.18-KTK MORNING SHOW-Curb Summertime Sadness-Positives Of Using Foul Language

Thursday, June 7th

Tackle boredom eating by taking the broccoli test, the positives of profanity and don’t let summertime sadness sideline your fun! It’s the 98.5 KTK Morning Show recap for Thursday, June 7, 2018.

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I it's an idea point five GT game what did you recap for Thursday June. The seventh. And teams one entire week of June is RD gone and a crazy that's insane right now it's date live in infamy as far as I know. It. Was December 7 what we did have. That was we know we invaded Normandy during the world war two and sure those Germans a thing to that was a bomb Pearl Harbor this year were then. Some of this you're a school in America. Again there's a great example of a schooling systems yet trump thought Canadians blew up the White House but. And that's right yeah we have set fire to the lighthouse that was before candidate was even Clint oh yes oh yes. Yes you you you'd like Canadian. We are caught in these DLD Taylor okay maple syrup and he. They yelled we agreeing catchup here in the united. You can keep your maple syrup we have Nickelodeon's. Sliding sliding catch up minutes drive maybe add from the finish shows about double there and you can do that on television you know I'm always dream about getting slime bottom line first disgusting but who tonight and slime in hamburger and hot dog this summer. The bottles of Nickelodeon slime sauce have been a spot at a Wal-Mart and then there to 28. For green ketchup dream catch up like kids ever had a problem eating ketchup yeah I didn't need to make it into like a more attract. If I was a kid trusted and give little green army men in OT because of into search slime. How a caller. Ketchup Baird a united charge five dollars for five dollars and are removed fancy word. You know you have to sell a lot of catch up at two under birthday party out of private jets start saving your money kids as we're gonna go on a jet adventure gas so on his company that actually will host the a vote set up a themed party aboard a private air Jen has cost about 3000 dollars. Which believe it or not. Is the cheap part of this story yeah yeah. Yeah I don't know or you wanna go on the jet you have to look at the birthday party for 3000 and if you wanna go opening error on a while when he'd like 121000 and our the other is a company called Vista jet. And I guess they have this thing is called a subscription private plane circles it's like at times sheer yeah jet and the SP about AD one hour one hour flight time is 121000 Al yeah and then there's not a whole lot of places you go one hour so yeah and weeks you know my sole pleasure look at a minimum three hours so. 36 grand four birthday party oh but it stained unit Alice in Wonderland or murder mystery or you can make music video OK and you don't you know. I have 36000 dollars laying around I don't know about you own path and I'll be in the air making my music video Ohio I'll have the right he would check comes gonna have to. Have you ruled that if a couple days you'll take a check I thought you got an answer our right to. So as it is is nice it is that summer and being happy and everything is actually east and seasonal affective disorder which is you normally think more like in winter and couldn't time when it's right darker but you know there's much sunshine yeah. When I moved to Montreal I had sat in my locked into the doctors is like all your saddles like yes I am very because they moved in winter and I started getting light killing nine or 10 AM and it was dark by 4 PM right it's all yours I never saw the sunshine. Your circadian rhythms and it's when your body when what things it's daylight when it's night time and believe it or not it can happen in summertime especially if you're third shift worker or I believe it yeah where your your rhythm is kicked out of out of whack so what they suggest you do if you notice. Yourself you know that lethargic. He's not able to sleep your feeling kind of sad hopeless and stuff like that. You might just wanna stay inside during the middle of the day keep cool with what showers and keep an air condition because. On you know try to get back and it's that rhythm is key. And that we do we learned yesterday that the optimum temperature for sleeping a 65 which one with very expensive and very expensive up. Up to volunteer to paint I'm sorry my bills that. And it's it's cheaper -- tea that you know and that if I stay inside chorus and now avoid the sun and take showers all men do was eat as onboard blunt that's all gonna do this is sad I had no idea that only about two to 5% of the fighters actually are able to keep their weight off once or office denies he man and it's really because you it's the expectations of going into the dye used sometimes go into you know that we would want to see on TV work at a wedding to go to audiences does bathing suit whenever wedding dress yeah right so -- the events or you go back to your old eating habits and that's not really talking about the underlying issues which is years psychological and have habitual triggers cell. We introduced the broccoli math all right what do we do so here is basically what it is. If you in which you gonna do is you'd do the Brock rematch or whatever you're eating is about to be broccoli potato chip is now they stalk of Brock right if you feel the urge to eat it you might be cycle logically hungry but not physically hungry. Because if you're physically Hungary it doesn't matter what it is your Guinea needed or like. Man. Reality is you're eating just to eat and that's where you get the weight back up OK so they also say on average judge to keep it up it takes about 66 days. For a new habit to take and so it's two months be doing something so desperate smoking exercise is I was I was like the first of the year. All the people make the New Year's resolutions for their parking lot of a health club insists stacked you know. It's by February it's back to normal again with people remaining people argument themselves. That two months to change how an old habit you know and it really is changing have a and then you'll be in a really good habit yeah right keep the weight off here. Well let's talk about the other pitchers Abbas of the called unlimited vacation time now you might be looking at a new job. The money may not be there but they're gonna while you and say hey you know like instead of having two weeks' vacation. He could take as much vacation as you want boy that sure sounds good doesn't it until you get down and actually look at a young Allen you kind of look at had this been offered as a kind of a perk since the mid nineties mainly in a text field. And what they found was just like of people that have two weeks of vacation which last time it's Easter vacation. You don't you stay at work because. They feel guilty taking time off and they believe other colleagues who have will view them as not fully committed. To the job at hand to pitcher taking too much time I'll have something blah so I messenger taking less time off and the kid is that for instance if you're. The blade off you get a severance package usually you get your unused vacation as part of his cash ya right we don't have any vacation bake so you'll lose out on balance though brushing your views of philosophy that I views my entire career Chris and it's how can you miss me. If I don't cool way ethnic. There's zero a a the positives of using foul language gosh darn it yes indeed it did researchers said dude that and it should the a lot of researchers have gone and the people the stupid use occurs frequently actually it means that you're pretty Smart yet but very strong vocabulary is very Smart not so much yacht apparently I should be endowments. I'm not as fast I had an effort ingenious I'm African genius and he here. Actually if they say there's a lot of positive benefits to swearing it's cathartic meaning that in essence you're able to -- so you stub your toe release and some kind of pressures right right when he used those nasty words perhaps even crackers that's right see if this you know instead of physically killing your boss you're just talking about it and you know their fourth last jailed on let me give you phrase you can use you can use run anybody including your grandmother. It sounds bad but it's not. Mara got dandruff and some of the bitches who think that we did that on the air I had I'll address almost the past the style I've I think make it here than I thought I. I was. Racing for the little button that to allow her to come. Yeah I bet man button. They also said that and ask you probably knew that I used profanity actually increasing your tolerance for pain which comic says is that something and so when you. New authors are really painful yeah like that last rap yes lottery bail out that's it man and then finally gossip Arafat's Fatah. I tell you what if the game's all members are there is a tapestry of invective this hanging over to this day yet for me getting to the final. I've the way that I've finally got it up and also say swearing in she was to see more honest which would agree with the I. Totally agree with that here any person that you feel is an authority collisions where yet and all of a sudden I'm like you're honest person I trust my and the a blanket of swearing that's. So there aren't usually are soaring you know sparingly as well you know although it's still I don't know Jake you miss a time and place nearly thirty years old but he's Wear for your mother she's gonna take proper shoes and I have no idea were a little Timmy learned that language. After my mom's still smacked me in the mouth if I swear around here. Wow now. There's two years to her little girl come respect. Russian sports today that's Thursday June 7 the courts are on the airline Monday through Friday between five and ten and ninety point five GT KABC. He back. Or it.