6.6.18-KTK MORNING SHOW-Uses For Mismatched Socks-Secret Page To Request Movies On Netflix

Wednesday, June 6th

The secret way you can request TV shows and movies on Netflix, avocado toast chocolate bars and uses for mismatched socks! It’s the 98.5 KTK Morning Show recap for Wednesday, June 6, 2018.

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I have aired tonight eight point 5 KG he morning show recap for Wednesday June 6 all and what a day it was Chris Malone dog was indeed and I pay that led that amphetamine that's right is actually I. Years and years and years ago this was though we win we invaded. Normandy in World War II. About that while Acura is fun fact hears us and what we had discussed this morning on the show one of them is that you really should talk to your dog and a baby voice. Really does work wonders are designed to that we prevented the humans actually understand better. Language cues from a higher register of your voice in how this kind of that works into dogs as. Well but I do it you know look at them and say do you wanna tree San Diego and that little pick up finally now I thought I guess they would they want to. These initials stand there the door and stared them go out. I go out and I'm like do I go out and they run right because it's exciting I got their attention. Maybe that's what it is that's so we'll try that with the match. All the time they're at a so traveling is also good for your mental health you know it's kind of interesting most people live and die within fifty miles of where they were born oh that's sad and so this whole big country a whole big world he'd go on and actually more proof saying that. It actually is good for your mental health to get out and experience other cultures other people. Other ways of doing things just so that it's a little break from your reality yes that's. By the Evans does travel ban us from the website at mobile move on though it's a website that helps you out find out hotels and airfare. Who information. So there you go out. We have found the secret to requesting. Movies and TV shows are Netflix now you -- you can do on your mobile device to Arafat this morning are you doing your mobile device I'm not sure viewed on the actual TV if you have like you're Apple's ads are run through through that but if you do is in the mobile app or go online yours itself and go to the help section there's actually a little window window says request TV shows or at least I just go to a couple of movies and that I don't just trying to whatever I've seen in the long time there you go and they'll get back into our two they have -- they can fight and then there's no guarantee that your licenses to show me that's very choose it and there's no guarantee but hey you at least Aston you know yeah where's the -- now yeah I. Always think of movies I want and then as soon as we did this on the air I was like owners is setting an island I can't think of no I'm not I can't think of a single one that I've wanted to watch that's like I do grocery shopping on him this this this this cinema. All right I'm sensory overload but I fluent in what's going on here. All right so we all probably have a little area and and our next or laundry basket or our Dresser where you had the single ones he sucks. When it lost their mates yeah and also if you know astronomy in all there's the ozone layer and then there's the dead soccer players we're all star governors also for a player that whole extra that is your. I so these are some pretty good death tax to use those a single one he Sox you can use a man to just your house. Still get over your hand and as you move and actually the flip the cotton fibers are actually I didn't static Ian start attracting the dusty I thought -- into the -- into on the year is if you have a appear shooter wore in a while we have some dust on a death this dust them off that'll -- man and yet Altidore. Mary Ann if you get bored earlier dusting you make a sock puppet and throw I thought I felt a thoroughly good you can hide behind Roy does. That's. She's finally go on around them. There's another one this is actually pretty can hack if your I've been doing like to carry on bags you guess who she used you know what you nasty she's XT. And stick tiger's shoes inside one of those socks off so kind and no worry about that you can actually use them on your square fur. Have since if you don't have any more of those a little patten's. You can make out homemade heating pad film with saw a rough rice toss in some lavender tie knot in it. And they need to get a micro Evan actually below heating no warming on he had four in perfect and then now finally you can use it as a dealer riser for your stinky gym shoes still with us and baking soda nice tie knots stick it inside issue. I'm a comatose flavored chocolate bars for us last I'm not so sure now early counter illness on an hour or two ago I'm not ready to -- paid ten dollars for two to try it yeah it is interesting and it's for a limited time in his I think it's more us to promote California avocados verses on a cause from other places. So what it is is it's white chocolate filled with fresh California avocados. And at karma nice to host bits harmonized who just sleaze crunchy and unique. Very unique. You know us like guessing rustic in for. A Democrat. Reflected as a fixer upper it's probably is some Nazis to be designed and finally my life rough on the perfect beverage for this ESPN's sonic now has pickles snow cones like she's. Yes to go along with your objects at a I'm Tony some water. And finally we were only in Florida story ever going up to the redneck Riviera as it county Florida got to see the video that we have on our web sites not seriously got to see the video it's very interesting is that a convenient store. There is some guy there with a gun he was threatening to kill people this is like at high noon GAAP OK and he's doesn't have a masquerading aces bonkers trees while so the other employees run outside and it's on the sheriff's office and and three deputies arrived one of them happened to be. Major Jim Stafford who's actually in a lunch break but. He didn't have a uniform when he didn't carry a firearm because he's got I just I don't this guy use in the mideast elegant tie and white shirt on right so he kind of goes and trying to figure out how to get this guy so the guy with the gun starts approaching. And does a league based watch him inside the the the store. And the the major actually picks up a couple hints of Bush's extra brown sugar being beamed. Being mean nails against it the guy throws late and they're good to see you can see the major and then the guy turns his back on the major the major. Who just takes one step back grabs I can off the shelf who happens to be Busch's baked beans about it nails the guy grabs another one and finishes them off when I was a beautiful. So we commend the custody whether our confidence yeah also there was another nonviolent way to end a hostile so to. I says our show for today June 6 of course were on the airline Monday through Friday from 95 to ten and ninety point five heat gain a beast. Yeah I.