6.5.18-KTK MORNING SHOW-Tips For Working in The Same Office With Your BFF-How To Sleep Comfortably In Summer

Tuesday, June 5th

We’re not washing our towels often enough, tips for working in the same office as your bestie and how to get a good night’s sleep in this summer heat! It’s the 98.5 KTK Morning Show recap for Tuesday, June 5, 2018.

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It's an idea point 5 GT he morning show recap for Tuesday June fast. We're not washing our towel go along so well enough and your kids are displaying risky behavior and if you work when your best friend what's wrong with you Dominic keeps you cool for summer a yet she into the best resorts for absolutely almost nothing and I got out boatload of mode he's headed to your phone yes. That's that's the census shows so I joined note I got everybody here are some what happened here in metallurgy. Yet general electorate make a lot of stuff including washers and dryers they did a recent survey and found. Over half the respondents. Said that they have world and they'll use their bats had at least five times before tossing it into the laundry here Beth now ordered the 14% saying they go as long as eight days I think those are the bachelors in the in the group yeah yeah I can find out you really. You wanna watch him sooner than that accuse here's where I'm really gonna eat you out this is according to us and scientists who say after two days just two days abusing your towel. Most will test positives from microbes such as mold used in E. Coli. And if you dry your face on your towel after two days are probably getting more E. Coli and your face from that towel that if you were to stick your head into the toilet. And flush it. If you ready give yourself a surly guy and I don't water. Crap on your fate and with your hand towel and and it's almost like the hand towel too not just the bathroom in his hand tell Libby hang and are probably right next to the toilet really I I honestly I mean my hand towel gets changed but it definitely doesn't get changed as much as my bath towels. And I use my hand towel more than my bath towels so where am I doing wrong well actually doing well because I didn't waste must close the lid obviously if I ever got an idea that and that now in his don't keep your tooth brush near the open league you don't keep your toothbrush on the toilet bowl side of the outing. You go our way as possible according to a big cleaner that's American Maclean institute. Erica I mean you wash your tap bath house at least three or four times or sooner if the tells not allowed to fully dry in between musings yeah exactly. So when we're talking about kids being out most likely to display risky behavior I would argue that a two year old. And displays a lot of risky behavior heavily F fourteen and now you know everything well I guess that is true and that's what they say they're according to this new scientist. Adolescence and the big time a change. And at around fourteen is when you're going to peak with you're risky behavior. They say they scanned brains of the teens and found not only that. Are they prone to embarrassment to the more light or less likely to respond to punishment and or more visually creator of than adults. So they what they're saying is that you have mom and dad. We embarrass some all the time. They say a lot of when it comes down to you know doing risky things are mainly gonna do with the round Franz verses being by themselves. And also that if you're going to Mitt punish him for doing something bad that's really going in one ear and out the other you really should reward them. Four they're good at that they have done that they actually benefit. From reward vs punishment here so there's that information for you and I hate free and how you doing for me and tips we're working with Europe Fran do your best. You wanna protesting ground rules are make a list of things you will not talk about at work whether it's not a particular person. Or if it's particular item or even positive things like you know if you're both big guy game thrown saying yeah right you're not gonna talk about it work mainly because it's a time when Easter. And you've got things to do or the other person I mean I have things to do and I'm gonna attempt kind of wish your time. They say. Five backup buddies when you have your lunch break in during other breaks. Pick an effort to meet other people that takes the pressure off your best friend being their only friend in that office. In a kind of widen your pool a little bit don't hang out too much outside of war try to diversify you socialize because look you spend all day with them you really wanna spend on out there as well and and then as wonderful is it is it is go ahead and when your off trying to make plans with other friends. And finally have patience with each other because it's gonna take some time you get used to that. So I see sleeping in cool climates for summer this is. By far the or an interesting story we did today because. Out when you keep your your thermostat that Christen. At night it goes down the seven issue 72 cross storms. My. It's it's it's a 78 with him in France okay I'm also where it's seventy to become a find out according to the National Sleep Foundation. The best temperature for us to sleep then 65 degrees Fahrenheit. So who's gonna pay my electric bills like you knew that he hit a relic I don't know how that will work if you really are desperate for. They actually say the best thing you can do is you short sleep mode setting on your digital thermometer in this is how it works. The C go to bed at eleven okay. So at 1030 you have a go started maybe not 65 maybe sixty all right just for the sake of aren't. Cooling it down for like an hour or two and then it slowly brings up the temperature to whatever you wanted to back the city tour 78. That's brilliance and everything kind of falsely put his cool and stay asleep hopefully. You can stay asleep by mixture having cotton sheets he wearing cotton PGA's or go own match rheal on the my Treo. Not to Ralph. Also they say make sure you ceiling fans in the summer mode with some assuming yours is stolen counterclockwise and then try sleeping in the starfish position. But good luck doing that with us in dogs and cats and kids and remember if you turn your what your thermostat from 72 to 65 for every degree. That's 4% increase in your electric bill will be about 20% increase earth yanks yeah so my cost a little money to do this that's good yeah obviously. I expand our fan. Our house is one of those split planned houses so our master bedroom is be room that's the farthest away from the unit. Our bedroom is always hot so we'll drag down at night and Jeremy newsroom is next door to the unit and he sleeps at about four blankets in a lady. Socks the whole night yeah. To suggest some advice for you and Mitch if you ever decide to sell your house yeah I would not include that information in the oh no no no. How is odds and there is it's beautiful that air conditioner works. And they hazing you're gonna look at it. There's been a lot of time with the air conditioner. Hot let's see let's talk about this really cool app that's called date pass and that's exactly what it is you know some of these luxury hotels. They said that the pressures of the beautiful pools and they're in the air Posner the spas hot stone massages and all that stuff we want to enjoy all that but in order to get and you gotta get a room. Sometimes serve 67800 dollars stayed there are so you this this company that you can download the app and it will allow you to buy a date passed. So that you can enjoy all the amenities announcing at a hotel for instance. And in Miami this a five star Saint Regis while that cost upwards around 700 dollars a night just to stay there. They say that you can get a pull pass for ninety dollars or even a cabana for four people for 390 dollars which is half the cost via CNET needs you can stay over at the you know on the O'Connell lodge across the street and just enjoyed that way. So the thing it works also for gyms and health clubs as well it's for apple in for android. Unfortunately there's not a lot of places that are on it right now but you can't sign up for alerts to win. Things in our area go into this program that. You united did that today passed so. Just when you thought it was safe to turn your phone back on now there is more remote jeez Don. Done. More remote user headed you're in today's the day they're releasing them they are going and it's going to be kind of trickled out that yes the unit could consortium has made their release today. The eleven point oh met measure includes a new hair styles including red hair for faces. Curly hair white haired involve. Others include hot and cold face. Male and female superheroes and villains as well as a lab coat. Kangaroo and a mango. Tango mango reading this thank you Rudy wearing a lab coat that system remote Afghanistan is roughly 66 new -- she's being released but because of the skin tone differences and a color differences who's actually working out to be a 157. So I guess that Unicode people who want to send up the code so if it takes the programmers for. Microsoft apple and Google all these people time to put it up on their systems of what they're saying is that Twitter and FaceBook Microsoft should have these new mode he's. By the summer. Google and apple by the fall through and Sampson by early next year's actually be some household items here Christen is obvious by injures India broom. And the toilet roll I'm interested to see does that come off the top or off the bottom. At the top is that the only right way I'm wondering what will see with the emotion people I am that's actually a really cool that this agreement as a member of the Google go to people may be cheeseburger with the cheese in the bottom yet. Now who you people are so while we're gonna find out to how these people things just to be the next big controversy right here could be the next Laura. Aren't any he had a to show for today Tuesday June 8 of course relied Monday through Friday five to ten in ninety point five GT KAB Annie not change.