6.21.18-KTK MORNING SHOW-Tips For The Best Backyard Burgers-Beware of Tech Neck

Thursday, June 21st

A company buys a TV ad to apologize for a worker taking an extra three minutes at lunch, backyard BBQ burger tips and beware of tech neck.  It’s the 98.5 KTK Morning Show recap for Thursday, June 21, 2018.

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And so it's the 98 point 5 KTK morning show recap for Thursday June 21 store on vacation Christen is here this week recap today's stories. Me remember when you were drug beat I think you're a little bit differently ads Mahler twelve years on I think you. Liked vegetables I was raised by a vegetarian a luggage had a choice I had noticed that that's so. But for real like you know when I was younger ice and still kind of have find hard to enjoyed vegetables some -- palace changed a little bit is I've gotten older but. Imagine a twelve year old kid sitting there at the dinner table and he's being asked to eat a salad yeah he doesn't want to. Yeah how unfair well I'm gonna call the police on imam in that event and in Kenya he calls 911 report is there they were forcing him to eat vegetables. So you know and it's a 911 call they have to dispense dispatch somebody so they did in the law enforcement officer. But I guess he was not really going fast enough because the cut the kid called back a second time asking where the top this you are not here fast enough to stop this salad and the salads right here it's my lips spaghetti and it. So the officer arrived in of course educated the the son the boy about. You know it may be best tools on such a bad thing to eat and by the way calling news at 911 because you know like mr. balls. It's not when it's designed for. So don't don't don't do it. Thought this was an interesting story I was theirs out stuff I see what's on FaceBook but they're like talk about Micah. Japanese culture how things are different there yeah like people love. I mean they just work in like businessmen will fall asleep and those on the streets yeah business suits and sleep yeah nobody bothers them or anything but that's just you know people are so tied to file sleep on the way home so. They've got a little ache Ive seen pictures of people that public little hood things that they can pull over at their desk to just like take an app that night and then they just get up and go. While it's Tracy well it's magic 64 year old man who am I just was having a little too much of of a good thing at lunch. It actually works for a the waterworks company at Kobe Japan. And he was recently out cots and they accuse hook caught using an extra three minutes. Four lunch thirty minutes three Holdman and it's a shame so I guess what happened is he would two it'll undoubtedly would like to a food truck across the street and he was caught when one of the executives. Looked out the window and saw him and like what are you doing man so they did an investigation that found over the past seven months he had wasted or used an extra 78 minutes. To go to lunch. So the company actually issued a public apology about a TV commercials and sincerely apologize for wasting the taxpayers' money and the guy music explanation lousy just wanted to little change in pace. Course this he got a lot of people coming to his defense a Sony Dell and I mean psyches like he's running fifteen minutes late I can maybe see you docking you pay for that. But now for three I mean 78 minutes over seven months. Is like. I mean you run naturally Winnie yeah 78 hours over seven months would be punishable acidity yes ammonia. Let's seat tips for the best backyard barbecue. Best thing you ever took on a grill has got to be a burger. Abbott a lot of times you're gonna up your game here in making the best backyard burgers on the early rank up. I admit there's that make sure that the beef is not to lean there is a timed to and a place for lean meat and cooking burgers is not that part of it opens and well and make your into your. Very little flavor in the textures bad and actually been crumbling and drive make sure you have a about an 8020 ratio 80% lean 20%. I always avoid those no go for the snow that's flavor country maybe. This hot when it comes to making your patties less interference with your hands is more because of them or you maps with the meats that it messes with the texture. I also trying to be handling to a minimum. And then you campers Vick shrinkage. On the grill yeah by McNeal dimple in the middle really use your finger suppressed and the sinner at the nanny for about a quarter of an inch standard in the rest of the meat. This apparently it will prevent us from shrinking endemic in the Ozal domed burgers yes those little round hockey puck paddies with a yeah. Let's see here make sure you're seasoning before you place it on the grill give out little time to work there and then finally. Resist the urge to slap in the cooking the patty with a spatula okay don't do that you squeeze don't do that all the goodness OK got it are ranked. I'm sure image knows all these things but I don't really. One I don't cook beef. I don't really eat it but it's too I also don't use a group. You don't this is all kind of news to me so I'm I'm very sad that I don't actually know how to use the growth it's it's a lot you know maybe this kind of a guy thing yes and some now about being outside with a with a beer and cooking in the guerrillas that he loves it so much that I just never asked to do it because it's his domain unite goes outside he is at the umbrella then I think that's you know I just leave them out there. Is let him have his Miller letter have a moment. That's it here where and that's at third parties are tracking your web browsing history or yeah you know like FaceBook in everything else. I thought that was a thing yeah and the everywhere you go everyone knows where you're doing yes. So there's this critical app and it only works on portable devices but we'll keep safe at crank and it prevents third party trackers from snooping in your mobile webbing sites. Which actually get you know there's a lot of two of the apps that'll do that four of this goes a step further and actually lock out. So no one can access it so let's say get to your phone yes and they try to get two year to the web that they will be able to open up the web browser. Without a separate four digit code. This might be good also fur like parents have to give their phone to their kids very Chara so they're not up on Amazon shopping or doing something bad yes up like that so. I'm also thinking of all those things I have say you've keep an iPhone. Half the time when you start typing something and it says you wanna use a password for this and you just hit the button and it says like if filled in all my information for rights so doesn't own god this is cool little app you might want to take a look at it it's free for android and for apple yes. So after nine years of studying alcohol can help you live longer. I'm living our amber for however some restrictions and do apply here they say too much alcohol can actually shorten it monolith in an instant hit hit a thought. So I could just look at the drinking habits of about a 100000 adults. 55 or older they found that those who had never drank alcohol how December's at a higher chance of earlier death. Or being diagnosed with cancer than those who consumed alcohol crazy but on the other side of the I was a pendulum swings and yet they had more than three drinks a day had a 20% higher chance of earlier death. Where are being diagnosed with cancer I'm spending a lot of boom of the day I am absolutely and when we're talking about having had just a little bits that are into the sweet spot it's actually smaller than a twelve ounce. Beer. Your actually what they only need about eight to ten ounces of alcohol oh in the NB your form yet is not good for your health so maybe just put the Beers and and named split appears it is actually well they candidate this study suggests does say did did this should not encourage you just to Drake. But they're giving you information so the you can make informed healthy decisions about your alcohol intake yet like SN on the air you can't take all seven days compiled into one that. It's not college you know there anymore now up. And then tech neck I'm sure we all suffer from a you know when you've been looking at your device she got the low paying union neck and that it stand your back in your legs. Out and actually they thought for the longest time them more often used your technology the more that this would be a factor in in making tech net the best they found out. It's not that women are twice as likely to suffer it for a minute. They don't know why they tend to think maybe it's because of your women generally smaller statue yeah men. They think that might be at the that I really sure why this affects women more than an affects men all they say that bit you specifically sitting without back support is worst. Or sitting in a device with figure device in your lap sitting in the chair with the tablet or phone placed on your a flat surface so. Maybe you SCSI multitask so much like I know so many times I am reading a recipe in my phone's on account there and I'm doing a million other things maybe maybe maybe is that relevant united gives you emperor the information he takes a regular breaks yet be hold your device op instead of down and and Ingle. That's what I do our head I have no idea that are heads whaling between 1011 pounds yeah trees yeah. Bowling ball do you think allowing you don't have at their rate angle all the pressure in your neck yet. You are seen older people with the hunt with a yeah laughs yeah idea for the Dow injures so yeah it's from two minutes from the abdominal I don't wanna hump don't wanna know a a so and Dylan takes him breaks and other reported courses that are website so that is our show for today Thursday June 21 court you can listen to a live Monday through Friday. Between right here in ninety point five GT.