6.20.18-KTK MORNING SHOW-Can You Fly With Medical Marijuana-Dark Secrets of House Flipping

Wednesday, June 20th

The secret to a longer life may very well be your feet, can you fly with your prescribed medical marijuana and the dark secrets of house flipping.  It’s the 98.5 KTK Morning Show recap for Wednesday, June 20, 2018.

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I creates the 98 point five KTK. Morning show recap for Wednesday. June 20. 2018 is the last day of spring yeah spring despite the fact it's felt like summer yeah port and for everybody the heat index in over in the hundreds for last week yes it's I I've got a decent chores in the garage in the slightest. There's no timer with the press now I have to empty the man out this morning for remote tomorrow and I'm just like. They're getting hotter nor do all these things at 3 in the morning until yeah whenever I not because realism armadillo I hear listed as. They might help me carry you guys informing me and moved to me and they it's well on the air and they're scary because as it as as as. I was out there and thinking. Did he bite people and yeah. As in the company and acting like like a slasher film like yeah I'm gonna fall in an accident armadillos can actually carry. Leprosy. Yeah well Austin and something new front runners on and there's another thing or. Yeah we got bigger fares to prior Michelle let me ask a question can you fly. From illegal marijuana state to another legal marijuana state carrying marijuana when you talk about being high ankle no I'm just talking about fly and what the stuff line hi I am I guess I recall that the mile high club well I was right I I thought. So yes Christian was right no you cannot although 29 US states and Washington DC have. Legal marijuana laws either the medical or recreational or both. It's still -- it's a legal federally. And you get in line with TSA now you're under the the ages of the federal government yet who and the federal government still has marijuana since class one car so even if you have in Florida prescription for medical marijuana probably not a good idea to got to play them here's what it lawyers have said this of the TSA generally you know they're looking for people carrying bombs and I'll be told us our right so you know if you lay loan act a quiet you know you put you might be find it for instance that they do catchy what to do at the junior over to local law enforcement. And that's a Pope to local law enforcement as to what they would do some of them. Or write you to get some of them we'll take you to jail but in any case of they did say in typical lawyer fashion don't say anything and call along quite territories. They did say about it is this kind of I paid for some reason I thought on the the ballot coming up in November we are gonna have the recreational marijuana in Florida yes initiative in Florida. But apparently it's not never me dead in every I don't know signature so 2020s the next round finale surprise is over 70% of the people last time voter do have from medical along yet. Absolutely so I I'd I don't know what happened that maybe they had distracted and didn't. We got the munchies or something and who would win an election. Me and then dude I'm hundred. So the secret to a longer life here are your feet. That's what more researchers are increasingly suggesting that we came a lot of attention RC in the house with the besides clipping your toenails or maybe it is scrubbing it every now and then have you paid much attention to your seat I mean I'm a girl also I do write my feeder kind of like. They have to look at least present or not talk about looks to me and actually talk about the functional of the fund what this would this Alley kind of talked about his is that we really don't do anything. Because that we have ill fitting shoes Kristen yeah we have lack of arch support a lot of times and all of that stuff can lead to problems I can hit back neck pain and even cause headaches. And what they found is that a one and three adults over the age 65 will fall due to weak feet now. So all this comes down to arch support and a fitting shoes and stuff so. Basically this one is now recommending that to Yossi podiatrist that they can offer some help and correcting any problems you have with your feet. The strengthening exercises in general wellbeing keep your feet healthy. For a lifetime you know most common cause of injury related death in people over 75. Its foot related is falling it's it's an amazing now ask are you ready to happen and it's downhill from there Alia and it's it's it's really scary stress that we get that far in life that you know you've you missed. Lightning strikes in I think of all the players excellence you've dodged and you have this is the way I'm going to LA and come. Hot air conditioned controlled Jamie ships and mental mercy there's nothing worse then you're acie go out and so these are preventative things you can do I'm glad I'm not superstitious as we shouldn't be talking about stuff like that yes there's every 103 degrees and I agree that's true but what we should be doing first off a lot of people surprised when you don't do this is check your air filter. There's a filter shocking that you should change at least every thirty days. And some people just don't that causes if it clogs up the air conditioning in that course has been overworked. In efforts going to break an honest it's the simplest things. It is yet one of the first things we do we get to a hotel which might be a little crazy I have really bad asthma is checked the filters in the hotel room. I never knew that I absolutely do good I mean I hadn't. I do suffer from such as mine right now it's on peak alert again and when we got to the hotel last weekend from which is trapped on the first thing he did was open up agree in the event was disgusting signaled downed and they brought up a new and cool wow yes. I you know that's nothing better than big Yelp review you know I would never even think about telling me about it now. Something that is when you suffer from those asthma and allergies you always think about allergens right out. And public and that preventive maintenance would get that done that way you won't lose it when you wanna when you view the most yeah absolutely. Let's see eighty suffer from post CD. I don't eat and particular here we joke about it it's a buzz word you know blow your mind your church your checking to make up again you've got your OCD. That's not really what it is about 2% of the population have and most of us just have quirky behaviors and our at our website there's a whole bunch of scenarios that you can do. They have and one of them being like you know the scenario is. Do you year driving to work did you lock the front door now if you don't have OCD the behavior when you go back in just double check the lock in the you know we today. OCD would be like I'm not checking it correctly and checking it several times I'm right you're stuck in this repetitive loop and you're you're worrying yourself like there's people have to turn light the lights on and off 22 times right when they leave yeah every time and it's it's a living hell to spread they have to it's as they can't help it bring in you know and I think that's off all the time because you know I as we're talking about you count things when you cook whatever I feel what I wonder how weird that is what I'm chopping some I'm sitting their counting in my brain everywhere like doing Pena for me it's it's it's constantly checking the the the front door locked mature clock in his article by an animal that's a CD or that's just there and I yeah. Yeah paranoia I thought I mean that's what are you doing over this. Let's see here when I found this thing about flipping houses just. I've noticed a lot of via TV channels and I Jim have gone away from CNN and Fox News and there on the eve Vanilla channels at home and garden TV that everywhere in Europe than in any doctor's office Risley as HDTV of the with the TV's on I all of a sudden Philly and ancient flap on every dollar yeah I know what's your black business here. Op and a lot of these shows they have are you on the foot house flipper flop tied things up. You may think about will only be Michigan into this business must be a lot of money in this Chris yeah well -- let's put it this way they do a lot of creative editing and TV here are easy so here's the AD any that you're doing them and major remodeling the kitchen although in the show and it's like twenty minutes do you take anywhere from six months to a year and into it the skilled labor shortage we currently -- you're going to be doubling the times about all this time as you've bought a house now you have a second mortgage nightcap property insurance. Now you've got utilities those are all at a cost and they don't talk about in the show that you have and let's talk about you eventually do sell the house. Well you owe no taxes on profit of your home that you live in for more than a couple years up to 250000 dollars. This is not your primary home this is there a capital gains of peace Ella for dollar. You're gonna be taxed on it so that's something to think about adding into your taxes as much as 37% increase. And finally consider the real jerk commission. Five to 6% it's going to realtor commission even if you have a friend that's gonna do for free yes but the other. Persons 3% on New Orleans and that is negotiable yes negotiable but you know it's kind of think she never really think about so. Do your homework don't go on you know easy going around on a limb and and barring money. My house that's probably not going to be a good sound advice for. And then beat boredom how about this when your medical experts as you beat boredom it's two things needed in spontaneous experiences and switching. Up your regular schedule of intervals let's face it we're in a right to do the same thing all the times have you changed things up big this is a great experiment. And they say try different things eating food differently in a different way. They had a group of 68 participants half. Ate popcorn with their hands and then the other have even with chopsticks. To pick up every kernel there's also the those who use chopsticks now only enjoy the experience toward the exits at the popcorn tasted better that's amazing that's amazing eight. So that was interesting and and they say also to look if you're out doing the same commute to work everyday. Take a different route every now and then that's important to me like it's easy to fall asleep at 4 am I'm. I thought I thought four and one that's very true. They say if you're always were in the same clothes and seem to outfits and certain dates which things up with a little help from interest and mr. Graham what I feel like they left handed if you're right him. You can try out and left that's called mess seem Ollie answer ESCO wasn't what you have to Wear white a for Coles in my forehead. So I also like back in now get the board amount of light snow. This our show for today Wednesday odd June 20 of course two on your left Monday through grad if you team by the intent an idea for a package to get an ABC yeah.