6.19.18-KTK MORNING SHOW-Food That Causes Stress-Americans Are Skipping Summer Vacation This Year

Tuesday, June 19th

Longtime homeowners spill the beans about improvement projects they wish were done earlier, how to protect your pooch from pets this summer and nearly half of Americans are skipping the summer vacation.  It’s the 98.5 KTK Morning Show recap for Tuesday, June 19, 2018.

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I.s in 98 point 5 KTK morning show reach. Throw. Whose day we call a recap you'll call a podcast on a June 19 an idea of I laud. 2000 announcer quiet and don't let your dog had better than your downward dog isn't this interesting you would think that meditation and yoga after you complete him you would feel relaxed and at one with the world unlike does better than everybody not like you're gonna high five and people in and I do of response but. A late two studies confirm that they looked at some students that were doing yoga. Or fifteen we period in the that would get asked them questions at the into the yoga session rammed down. And they found overwhelmingly. That the students I had elevated levels of self. Enhancement compared to those who hadn't Daniel grew in the previous 24 are so you get a big head. Unity ego yes and they were people who were meditating too yeah. But how they measure a big head yes I guess as to how you view and asking questions you know that maybe boxing I funeral king of the world whatever. But it may be seemed orphans getting off to those gonna say endorphins though they make you happy and could maybe be misconstrued as a yeah that's true self inflation is a tequila Kunduz in yet a cut but you know muscles make interest and when you you know you you come out of meditation and your you know going. Yeah I see in my he's doing it wrong maybe that's what you here's Jim now okay if I successfully meditated for like five minutes I would be like. Heck yes. That's true I guess I guess you're right that is just kind of funny it's a counter activists Anatolia and meditation supposed to make you hubble's most of eagle quieting you know often in your mind body practice sets yes I followed by the way yes hi saturated fat is still. Access is still listed as grass it is absolutely Hillis but apparently leads to pour stress coping skills IQ and a loss and I can't sleep that food was delicious they have researchers found that the area of the brain HR is in charge of responding to fear and spread. Stress. Were significantly altered by high wire high fat diet. And it actually is over the long period the more you have it. The more this kind of affects the part of the brain lived there for you become much more. It's stressful pins fearful PT SD from eating high fat food and crazy pizza gave me PT culprit if I can use my area. But I flex bank card on and pizza now I guess. They say they the recent source they research supports the L lifestyle decisions made early in your life liking adolescent would you pay off. Later on in life. As for us adults and very passed that you can always slowdown that high fat saturated fat food Syria and because by the way not all saturated fat foods are bad. These are more of the process. One of the ways you until you're stressful as your pants don't feel. Just. Very chirp very true. Let's talk about this up very if funny article I found it was talking about people that are like you know few months away from paying up to thirty year mortgage. Finally freed in the house payment what is it if you could do it all over again what improvements would you do. Early in the end in the in the house like you would think stuff that would like save electricity used to say power usage over the thirty years would be would be you know me well ward yeah -- like that but they said in that one analyst was upgrading the windows now. If your house that's kind of older or you've been through a few hurricanes and replace your windows they do war and they do leak. Here innate that he. Heat and air out your house and they say an average of your energy bill spikes ten to 25% because of bad windows answer a lot of you wasted energy. Focus on flooring which it can actually be a weekend projects. And it sounds kind of crazy but if you were to replace. Like let's save the the new year. Department in the dining room and release of hardwood floor you can do that in this pretty much in a weekend and then it's good you're good for the next twenty or thirty years. Yeah this is one those nights when they're updating lighting fixtures on built my house. I put to a compact fluorescent bulbs everywhere and it was about nine or ten years ago now they're just now starting to burnout and I'm replacing with LEDs. Which are so much cheaper now if you if you price it lately yeah who has probably 56 years ago they knew they were ridiculously expensive I thought you you're out there acts about the same as balls right I don't. I lucked out two years ago believe it or not Lowe's had done on Black Friday they had like these light bulbs that LEDs that are liked dollar something. That was the deal and I got the last four so I'm slowly putting up I'm still interiors Leon Rubin of the bidding to these things last forever and they should updating the lightning fixed lighting features as well can really kind of make that a good because you know you're dealing with electricity and some people really do wanna deal that. Let's see changing the locks now I know you're thinking well yeah yeah how you gonna change a lot when you buy your house but. A lot of people apparently don't change the locks when they get a new house. And you don't know how many keys are out there you're yeah. Kristin does. I do I it's an obsession. I'm literally sitting at closing I'm already texting Mitch pictures of the locks that I wanna put on the doors open. Today and they also say you know it's probably not a bad idea to even look it's even if you change the locks keepers moved in go look at it and it didn't lock technology a lot of it Smart long. So he can lesser people win at times YouTube and have the doorbell feature all hooked up and it's a good thing to do yet even looking at those kibo lacks the winds that you acts as a Bluetooth. And they're little terrifying to think what if your phone isn't working or dies or whenever but there are fail safes for it. But it's so neat I have friends that have been like if I need to go to their house they send me like a ten minute when no. And it unlocks the door when I'm there and that ten minute window and then it's just gone I can't unlock it again that's at this accident has stressed the bureau way you don't have some of the house and exactly that's how that's analyst for. End the invested landscaping believe it or not so you bet is your house that's the first impression you have so go ahead in depth. Put it take care of that early especially when you're putting bush is in rodeo stuff like that you like to grow ensor looks nice right at a you don't have don't. And they'll get big you know big plans to do the smaller one's the 12 gallons of growing in May well Annika and actually talk to professional because you know a lot of times how your house faces the sun and which. We turned it is important and it finally I love this good ol' fashioned pain in the ass who doesn't love doing that. Let's see I kid did the dogs a better hope that the dogs. Johnson her out to of course they're just like a mosquito menace like us humans unfortunately. The but sprays we used on humans are not good for dogs in fact it's kind of toxic. For dogs so yeah don't spray them with with anything with Dietz they're actually make a Lotta topical. Flea medications that dammit repeat repel mosquitoes that you can just you know drop into their behind their net there. And then I thought this is good because we'd like living all match Ralph so are actually some essential oils that are are missed your friends don't like. Including apple cider vinegar. To radium and soybean oils and down limiting eucalyptus oils economics that with bar given Lohse efforts to fight Iran keep the mosquitoes off. Who are right it's summertime were all we decided you're taking vacation storm yes our Christine you take indication old he would. Counting indications of course we're not you know when that not really go whoever taking vacation. But apparently Bankrate dot com did a survey found 49% of people said Americans are they're not going in the summer vacation this year. Simply because they can't afford it to go anywhere now now vacationing engines are great too you know but it's important to do that to do the stake Haitian one. Tell people you're at a town what you want them to know enough yet and in most importantly really turn your phone off or leave it severe not distracted by yen normal day to day stuff here. They found that older Americans most likely to say that they're not going indication because of Stanley obligations rather than work related. But what ails do the exact opposite saying they're spending too many plates to take some time off. They're course all say the financial situation is a keep them from taking some time off. For those that are taking vacation 36% today we'll use all of their vacation time 13%. Saying. I'm not even touching it I have a suggestion yeah. Donated to us chanting I would take anyone's unused or unwanted vacation time nor powerful so unselfish and I love that ended up Michael Jackson's off former elephants was on the loose in Jacksonville this Jacksonville Florida lived Michael Jackson's opens Al Lee. Just kind of walked some left the door open at the taxables we got to walked around and now hard data Martinis and Hackett and on nobody was he was found the Jacksonville Landing having a Bruins do and shops sources where girl Preston Dolly. Okay and he lost weight down here. And and he spoke. Felt they said that that is none of the zoo guests were in danger from the from the from the loose at palisades. They coaxed back in new it's not panic there with us some food they thought he was going on vacation because he brought his strong. And I. And that dead joke I am a result column that I hadn't worked in a Malcolm Malcolm's torn through your mom called and he's going into the US army in the fall are all alright Malcolm I say birthday and thanks to a cigar our recap podcast. When he alive Monday through Friday between five and ten and ninety put on KG ABC yeah.