6.18.18-KTK MORNING SHOW-Technoference Hurting The Kids-Many Uses of Tea Bags

Monday, June 18th

The many uses of used tea bags, how technology is hurting parenting and are you allergic to red meat?  It’s the 98.5 KTK Morning Show recap for Monday, June 18, 2018.

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I it's that ID eight point 5 KG gave morning show recap for Monday June 18 place what a day it was too folks just so let's jump right in the Firestone can do okay it was a great tea bags because you know I T. And so we don't need you mystique it's evening through the tea bag lawyer writes yes it's wrong what actually has a lot things bikinis using the a team X fours that are great uses for instance. You can protect house plans from fungus. By re brewing used tea bags and in now when the water cools going use that water to water your Clinton's Bermuda is pretty cool. You can also naturally do you have to rise ST key areas of your house like you Kessler box at the bottom of the garbage can by letting the tea bag dry out right there. You can also open up the tea bag and rubbing your hands if you're cutting as smelly object like garlic or onions her. Something along those lines to take those that the Santa yeah I'll take low base here. You can degree degrees your pots and pans by soaking the hard to clean dishes in the water with use tea bags in there and kind of has a little bit of almost to number. And essence. He can clean out your hair. With all connects you get like and shampoo and conditioner build up for our oil all have good stuff yeah so if you I had taken three or four used tea bags and warm water pour over your head after shampoo and conditioning. Don't rinsed it. But Russia and a little bit of Schumer to your hair and let us hear you love it is there tees mostly your hair smells like Cameron mills as lately. Let's say the difference which in a hotel motel hall paying in. Really system it's a word a motel is. Is in essence a word that Americans may have back in the 1920s. For hotel which is the actual proper word meaning that is appreciative of the provides lodging meals. And other services to travelers. But we had the new Ottawa we all we needed to get back on the road today Nasser I ask all my motor courts a broad houses things like densely went. Motor hotel wait a minute Mo well. Hold my coffee now it's yeah but he's got to think about this issue only national chain that still uses an LaSalle has Mattel's exiled selection on a camping to a government assume everything else has resort attached to rescue the clock adjustment to a coffee pot in the room yeah I mean they charge extra for for the for the breakfast I guess. So techno Ference ever heard that the terminology. And out of it's a brand new coined a term that leaders of parents aren't spending enough time they're scared yes technology with interfering with your edge up a ring in your kids apparently it's it's a big deal with the other thing to really shocked me was. The average adult spends nine hours this is average yet. On some kind of device video games a device television. Every day nine hours and what happens is that when you're spending on the talent a lot of times you don't even realize you doing. You're not spending time with your child and therefore your title starved for attention and that's how I can have. Problems like whining sold keying. Maybe even throwing temper tantrum drug use your attention right so it this report really talks about the importance of having a digital detox and a lot of people. You know do that he talks during dinner timer for Valentine's but the problem is the second the foods over you were back on the devices. So they're actually talking about having hours or even dare goal whole weekend. Without touching your device had become a tough. Though because it's half. I mean I have a child but our dogs even tell us we're not spending time with them because will be sitting on the couch on our phones and next thing you know I've got a pond my hand the right that my phone is Annan and I'm like gosh am I not paying attention you and they're way more overt in being like how well. If she were in the middle of it intervention I believe that was underdogs yes our red meat are you allergic to it it's don't think. One point six million Americans are cannot rage that cannot digest red meat properly. That is a fascinating number which ranger actually allergic to there's a complex sugar inside of a long story short some people have antibodies to fight it and rip it down some people's armed. And it was a don't other ones that would be technically allergic to beef now it's not like high this year like from peanuts or milk or anything. This is more or less internal if you are having it in jet indigestion problems you having gastrointestinal problems vomiting diarrhea. Maybe the occasional itching and swelling he actually may be allergic to red meat you know might make you think that you get food poisoning to lose some of those descriptions right there. But the odd part of the story there's a tick bite from a Texas Tech that can actually. Make you. Sensitive to meet and they say there's no assists in his zombies Al weird though yeah. And being from Texas and stake on this thing and that's just ironic since this kind of net. The lone star tick apparently. It's found here and in and Florida as well but I guess it sound. Eight if you bite that you actually the do antibodies no longer make unity yeah yanking your blood it's won the side effects are good things that make you allergic to Redmond campus and just avoid it is what it basically if you feel that you might have a because there's no cure for but they're working at that and if you if you get a steak served two and does them enough salt. This puts themselves on the out apparently IE your salary that you get it they're sick you know the pre made ones at chess or shop our restaurants. They have more salt in them. Then ordering just a cheeseburger until I forgot how they get this almost as anchovies and pickles and on in. All of probably we had talked about this you know that a lot times may be the protein the chicken or debate here I'll Wear the hand via or even just the sub a salad dressing itself. Has a lot of children and here's the thing edit in the recommended dose of of salt per day for an adult is basically teaspoon of of a sub salt yeah. And that's about 2.3 cramps. Some of these things just the salad has like one point 86 grand some of them have. Over over two grams of salt that's your entire cell into a little per day in a salad that's not supposed to happen guys now so really take a look at the menus all menus now have to have nutritional information next to them so for sodium I guess it's potassium and sodium protesting the particular make your own soil out that's crazy but he's got contact. Ain't no bad time for that's Don. And it finally talked about the swarm of moon jelly should fish that have stung more than 12100 people off the coast of us and for Florida normally or runoff pollution county a whole bunch of people news over the weekend has to do with. The prevailing winds blowing among sure yes there really are the he essence of freeloading. Animals on depths of his kind of go wherever it happens believe according to you laugh he should really seek out medical attention if you're ever stung by jelly fish basic a lot of times is not life threatening specially the moon jellyfish but it is very painful. What they wanna say is go we your rents the staying so early with vinegar or ocean water for thirty seconds. You're protecting infected area avoid rotting in her praying pressure on exacts that makes it worse. And then soaking in hot tap water and we're talking and 107215. Degrees. For twenty to forty minutes and then apply an antihistamine and when you put a tea bag and a you could. You've been out actually say that it has anti inflammatory properties seriously now unfair. So there you go who are full circle are signs all the moment I've cut back to the beginning. So that's our show for today Monday June 18 of course you can listen to a slide ready to Friday or somebody point five KG day ABC yeah.