6.15.18-KTK MORNING SHOW-Bob Ross helps You Sleep-Dad Bods Rock

Friday, June 15th

You aren’t cleaning your cell phone often enough, the dad bod rules and Bob “happy little bush”Ross can help you sleep.  It’s the 98.5 KTK Morning Show recap for Friday, June 15, 2018.

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I know it's me Nadia point 5 Katie he morning to recap for Friday junior fifteen again to me like I had IG and earned these Friday's keep coming around that's until folks have you listen this I mean you can listen the show and I got to know who you are homeless and you know who. They turn his last the only Celeste jump in two may well what's going on here with Bob Ross shall we did join us. In him from the joint pain oh yes happy lately louis' CBS show you hit it's still on yes are you still see him from time to time the big Afro yeah and actually he's kind of had a resurgence he died in 94 and recently he's been kind of the hot thing because he has his own YouTube channel. All those PBS specials he did for free young I realize that you found out he did them for free. And the only way he made his money was selling his book out how to how to pertaining books and ultimately so you know he's got kind of this resurgence and so. Come to find out there's an epic echo company called called and DAL it was only yeah it was the did you word when he for a app from apple and when he seventeen it was a number one that asked seriously and it's it's a pretty big deal and what they do is they actually find people that have soft instituting what you know how to speak the idea and they will make him make a loop of their of forties and in essence Youkilis to relax and meditate or what have you under a really so the guy. Who serve this company you've lived in London. Had no idea who Bob Ross was he was in San Francisco at a thrift bookstore and actually found the joy of painting brought that out Ross had written. And it's like well these quotes are great they're all like victory inspirational quotes is that this stuff that he would say on yeah that's right. So many would the YouTube channel has like blown away by his voice called up and say how can I licensed this the first time ever Bob Ross is voice has been licensed for something. So now may have just released. His first ever licensing and now it's it's a podcast that you can be given this company. They'll help you sleep because of the soothing voice. And the best part about this is back in the nineties when at the peak of his his popularity people actually went up from PBS about Russell like. Listen you're kind of make you people sleep because you jazz it up. A lot rose -- rosters like no way that's this is just despite it being a parent makes people tired that's accurate so now it you know have you can get a 499 a month now links are better website. Lot of us talk about the iPod is a luxurious package for Father's Day it might be a little pricey twice. I am it. Part in Heidi monopoly money but Aaron Kanye I hope your dad's listening right all right so if the Australia hotel. At the postal codes Ellen and Houston and that this is a swanky brand new hotel opposed to focus was one of the best properties in Houston's for the strain that the penthouse is 5000 square feet presidential suite you need to riding vacuum cleaner cleans get a house so for 25 grain you get that for one night. You get a private cabana by the pool and a one hour massage for you and guest. Seats to the Houston Astro game. A 500 dollar Barton out. And you can either have a personal chef coming into year 5000 square for a presidential suite I could you have the meal. Or you go have dinner for six at maestro steak house a really GC three in Houston and so all the properties room by the same guy this and other owns the Golden Nugget casino this billionaire guy yeah and pop. I just you know you missed loved and a lot to him to of that let's do you know I even on the show I said my dad would rip me apart for spending play 5000 on that yeah much interest you could accrue over your lifetime sun I would have been told about all the loans and money he had given me why did not pay and that that's what I do you mean you're not saying we -- college education stuff by the way this package includes a helicopter ride from the airport to the hotel of death from out of town and it is a lot of -- and -- toward 5000 dollars with wings flying out the window but I miss clean now Kristin Miller. Alison how often do you -- your. I clean my phone every time I clean my hands kinda good. That's pretty good yes that was there was one person who called our phones a not there not mobile phones or mobile Petri dishes yet it's disgusting they're you think about it each that you found everywhere you ticket including the bathroom. Munis Sumner regret absolutely you know you can just read the nine you can you can read a magazine or someone I've already read the shampoo bottle and your daughter's ball here ever read a doctor broader Bobble by Bob nope no problem and a doctor brought its assistance liquid soap and he's got all these quotes on it and some people don't. Laura well and apparently you know we have all this these are bacteria and we have I'll examine LEE coli all around this all the time it. As long as it is in our body were fine but the problem is that our hands or it's on our phone and there's food is always he's with our hands and I can give you a chance to Egypt as the Germans brought into your bodies what how likely and it. They'll what they say is before you could just put together a case first all right take out the case or because your case is probably feel fear that your song imagine in your case is like robbery could almost like parents with soap and water put the dishwasher yet and germs kind of hang on to where it's these surfaces better runner won last ultimately got reviewed by anti microbial rubber cases aria. Oh yeah I'm one of those like eighty dollars vs the forty dollars a page for this piece of glass and yet I -- and long. I think my phone currently has a two dollar case they thought I had a thorough. They say by the way if you really depends on how often you clean it and they say at least once today but if you're keeping your phone in keeping your phone away from where you eat. You can get away with once a day off if you're rowdy you're bring bring you found the dinner table. Probably once she should clean it once in the morning and once in the evening. That's house when she germs are on there are hot let's talk about the single all the single ladies. The biggest things in muscat serving about 3000 single women. And analyze over 300000 messages together reading those private messages yeah quotes. They say that singled ads are so hot right now and that's a quote as say 90% of single women are open to dating single that's 55% of them opened very much so to the idea. The reasons for that is they feel like to that guys that have a son or daughter. Militaristic themselves as the center of the universe and also believe that there are more carrying a more patient and more responsible and more thoughtful person. Then a man who has no kids. I mean I married a pretty hot dad now I did you you know you as a kid and then as a kid who'd turned out to be. Spectacular and I treat you like a queen he is viewed as an Al Wesley seeing him interact with Jeremy when we first started dating I think Jeremy was like six or seven it was saying it was a huge turn on just he was. Yeah so bad with them. They actually say also to that the dead bod. Is more her people elected dead bodies actually gaining up on this six pack add this believe it or not the 86 women 26 of women said that. They're completely fine with a dad bought nearly a quarter of home find it attractive yes so don't hit the Jim's off memorize so. I have friends text me where right after we did this segment on the air camp and she said. Basically. That her husband have a dad died and the he it takes the pressure off of her. And I shop the show that you oh god he's a little more casual with his you know us with his workouts and stuff like that so honestly first and it does it takes think the pressure off of constantly being right. I got to work out again because he's working out again which I'd I'd get that. You know it makes total sense maybe that's why it's it's you know a subconsciously attractive a nice anytime if you vs your himself yeah. Are they also found a dead and corny old dad jokes rank very high with women 55% of them think it's a great way to break the ice. Stay ago. And and since we're talking about two women now wouldn't have a need ape a particular palette with the line that is far superior than men rarely women are better and a blind taste test for what wine. Now it. May they said the according to this particular test they said women. We're better at telling the differences between the winds they tasted in all suited to report happier feelings. When they're drinking white wines compared to read wants to women like white ones better than road about that that. The rent I usually find that there are easily win an order like Chardonnay is rights NASA found that older drinkers drink to remember while younger drew our people drink to forget. I think that's an interesting what they're saying. Is that the the younger drinkers are trying to only be the stress suggestions. The older drinkers that thing and are reminiscing of the all the great times and makers. You'll remember the good stuff you know that's true. Severe gum made about a way also to know that they found it to adults thirty driving younger. Feel less guilty than middle aged adults when consuming any other lines you know I think got tonight Christa nominal with a ball one. Yeah even when he's apple. Finish my bottle line what do you suggest follow mark I've Aman a stroll from Spain and organic when I just on this fantastic it's a red I was asking Kristen can Oz has a better idea Jack you know I is that right person is or should do that that's a yes yes I. I approve callers I did get a fantastic. Organic read from Trader Joe's Saturday it was so putted and it was like four dollars about that one now organic no headache. Love all right that's our show for today Friday June mid fifteen I'll try storms out as well I'll see outs on just myself and see Mike it's yeah I'm not awards it's great DRI perfect I love the winds and a ten bucks and then he threw or course were on the air live Monday through Friday between five intent on ninety point five GT can't ABC yeah yeah.