6.14.18-KTK MORNING SHOW-Household Items Were Cleaning Too Often-No Fuss Ways To Steam Corn On The Cob

Thursday, June 14th

Two super easy ways to steam corn on the cob, app that calculates how much time you need to be in the sun for your daily dose of vitamin D and household items we’re cleaning too much.  It’s the 98.5 KTK Morning Show recap for Thursday, June 14, 2018.

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I as an idea point 5 KG morning show for. Thursday June 14 two 18 let's jump into a Shelley all right let's go to Florida that the only in Florida really tell a story right now Hawthorne yes you know I got to hand it to law enforcement as busy as they are is upholding the law and everything they will drop everything. If they need the public to test there illegal drugs and that's how we are now beyond just one of the servers as you might not realize your local councils are willing to offer I don't mind paying taxes on nine service like that oh yeah. Yes are raised so etc. to Hawthorne shall we we got 49 year old Douglas Jack Kelly last week he contacted the Putnam county sheriff's office. Because he said the back of methamphetamine he had bots he was the real thing I thought he got burned and he wanted to basically quote press charges against his drug dealer body yeah enough that the a Putnam county would have a field test kit that would tests show that substance he got was methamphetamine and still be Smart January oh yeah so the Putnam county sheriff's office are like look. Hunts were totally swamped but I tell you why you meet is here this time I guarantee we'll check and make sure if this is real and if it's not real. We'll take care of -- math Stewart we'll help you out here so of course he shows up well with his method is baggy and also some aluminum foil Lundy hold a little test proved it was indeed. Methamphetamine you must have felt so good that he didn't turn that roster Douglas like well. I guess that's what's a good thing unfortunately was arrested for possessing methamphetamine which forces are illegal so he had put that part of the equation. Connect the dots there I was gonna make you stupid so the Putnam county sheriff put this up on their FaceBook page they righted everyone in doubt that their detector as would be happy to assist anyone. Who believes that there were misled about their illegal drug purchases sides want a wonderful thank you Putnam county sheriffs are showing us the length of the let's talk about this critical app that is called. The de miner. And like reminder but it would deep because we're talk about vitamin B you know what you need but there though if it's a double that sort. You have to go on the Sunday at the best vitamin DEB Campillo in the sun too long so how long should you be in the sauce right yeah well drew knows that's what this app comes and it takes into account where you live what Tommy here it is a darker skin and his. You're aids in the amount of clothing being worn as well as how much vitamin. And then her altogether with a magic eight ball and figure out any particular time we need to be outside per day. He'll alarm you when you have enough sun exposure for proper vitamin. This is cool I I use this impose streak Evans I am very paranoid about like basically ruining my vacation my innocent burn my pasty friend yes yes I do my friend Blake come I've bought Columbia Lee omni shade some things. Everything long sleeved shirts pants stresses. Because I'm just so scared but this is actually like kind of cool it'll actually maybe help me gets sun will horrific limitless let's talk about that their record has she said you're going to be buying others. We were bundled up in Costa Rica that you are becoming a common Montreal I will be I I am I am not one full hour. I'm one for aging gracefully and I also would like to help the process discussed and what you've been at UB closer to the sun and in wearing this morning close I guess nobody wants and likes apple and other. I believe I don't wanna come back with like I mean yes there's a glorious mess about lake. You know having this wonderful TM coming back from vacation to affect him fades the wrinkles sent in and I'm just you know I am may be going away. Leeson pictures really wanna see in his eye will be the person on the beach with a think light knows the long sleeved shirt pants and I didn't really to get laughs yeah the only one that doesn't come out with a tan. Yeah I was really. Well it's gonna you know meanwhile I'm questioning of the people are going with or even you know where is this. Of let's go to your house. And neither are staying there apparently were cleaning a little bit too off in one of them being wood furniture. Since abusing one of those wax based cleaners like up in dust and in pledge and stuff like that. You should be using those no more than twice a month any more than that you actually are causing it really build up that will attract dust and dirt and dozens of making it more dirty. So in between cooking off you know child's fingerprints in animal here too issues that regular dust rag would nothing on it and keep that clay. Soaking dishes we've gone over this authority I'm guilty there's no sensing a soaking dishes. They say that if you're doing the pre rented the priest so you're in essence wasting so. And you don't really need a lot of soap so if you're paying more so upon more so just kind of wasting money and resources. They say by the way your your dishwasher most of them that they were made the last century. Our did gay pre wash anyway Sonya you know need to do that. Not talk about your denim jeans if you're watching him ev there every time you Wear them you are not only damaging your genes are shortening their lifespan. And then now when you spill something on your carpet it's easy to over saturate the stain was clean solution but. The clean solution can actually bleach out or iPods discoloration I turn my off like carpet and a blue one with white spots on it and how to work of art you forget. I was Jackson Pollock. Yeah I would like to point out too. I hate it when I had a girlfriend text me lead in this segment on the air and she was like you washing your genes when you live in Florida accent Chet. So I did go into the article little deeper it is like 100% Denham yes which I've never warned an arms they're awful. So I will sailing the weighted genes are made it now my genes are made of like 92%. Spandex and half percent Denham yeah that's how I do think there it can she was like. I know did you imagine. Lee were also wearing like Jennings for genes we're hearing lake. Wranglers like ring gotcha yes good point did you know think about that but mostly I think some guys he's now has some some stretch apart into it on I think is someone stretch 'cause I'm pretty sure the last one I got Mitch were like. I had like a soft mix of stretching and a media missed the front of the forgiving elastic waist then yes it's it's been a minister of the holidays there was little things right I remember picking up my dad's genes from though laundromat and they had been starched and I'm used to the stamina up all around the house like they are people have bodies glossy darts -- oh yeah. Well guys dangers are lust unrelated bureaucratic reports Preston turns out here but journalists really in this muggy kind of cooled it to tune that your dad Stevie said this Sunday for Father's Day early Easter especially if it's a newer TV that you Bob May actually able to not Arab make it brighter and that it needs to be because they want to TV to stand out and and you you know this you know all the displaying it in yeah but when you bring it home it's a little too bright Max would be blistering your stance it was actually setting your they have on their a lot of them are vivid. Dynamic sports on these are brighter settings and you really don't wanna have on those that you what have more natural or movie or. Even and neutral would be the way to go into ended in this is actually in your the on the menu that comes down yes setting your TV set up. You'll have somebody called picture mode right. And we've got more specific. Just remember when your plane around this it's not a big deal to play if he's the people are blue and orange or whatever. You can just hit the reset button and were reset to the factory default settings he'll be OK so. Have a little fun with that. I too easy ways to steam corps my best high if you have the aversion and you only have a couple people only knew when you have a big party but senate eating up the kitchen. You can actually reach for your instant pot now another use for the against upon yeah. He had just Petit met for people train they're so they don't set on the bottom couple cups of water. Put it on the pressure cooking setting and Delhi later three minutes or some you know once the pressure builds up only three minutes and has done a good right there and then I'd love this one for larger. Crews are porn lovers. I cooked according your cooler this is cool all right sounds weird written the has the same thing to keep your beer cold actually retains heat so if you were to put the court in there. Along with two and kettles full bully and our do you believe it in the house to give way when you do this and then close the door for about thirty to 45 minutes Walla you've got perfect court middle school orient people can help themselves and see even better. And then now we ask the question now about how many how home improvement current projects do you currently have. In the limited according to this survey about nine projects are in desperate need of attention in our homes the average or about nine projects at 32% of homeowners have been putting off at least one improvement. For twelve months or more. And the most popular job that needs to be done is painting yep then it's actually the the least expensive way of improving the look at your house and the value of your home. I was amazed that we are selling our house what a fresh coat of paint in every single room I wanna leave. You have no idea that we seriously we updated the house and all of a sudden it was like me and. Can't look at him but yeah what a by the way said the average homeowner reported to have spends over 9000 dollars in home repairs and maintenance a year. 20% Spain thirteen thousand dollars or more almost to do it yourself projects. But a storm says fuel paid now that's right a caution more down the road that you know what is it called a deferred maintenance and manic gets expensive and it does indeed that's our show for today I did Thursday June 14 of course we're live on the air Monday through Friday between five intent. A ninety point five GT KB CF Mack.