6.13.18-KTK MORNING SHOW-Update Your Resume By Removing Outdated Items-How To Mass Juice With Your Stand Mixer

Wednesday, June 13th

Most donated clothes to charity end up in landfills, tips of early morning workouts from people who work out early in the morning and a how to use your stand mixer to juice citrus fruits.  It’s the 98.5 KTK Morning Show recap for Wednesday, June 13, 2018.

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I it's the 98 point five KG came sure recap excuse me for Winston taking June 13 let's jump right into this win here because. I notice this happens more in the holidays. And usually after events that have kids candy involved now when I get bored and make. He had you walk into the kitchen in the office and there's snacks senators cookies there's takes his brownie. Let me give you have on your yeah your job is making you fat view artists that yeah so apparently no one's really been tracking how many calories we've been taking in. Just gonna have really thought about this. But the CDC actually found out Center for Disease Control has been measuring your waist they said nearly a quarter of the people that participated in this study received fruit from working at least once a week. Averaging almost thirteen hundred calories an extra thirteen hundred just from snacking and were 70% of those calories are from food that was sitting there and it's free quality because is there and it's a high in fat and calories and salt and it's so good you know all right I didn't plan on eating it it doesn't count how that's what we keep telling ourselves here so. Researchers are hoping that our employers implement works at wellness programs to promote healthier eating. I don't know how that will be implement it but go down go for it. I feel it but an apples and the vending machine might get him bruised when you have to send him down shoot that is true and they've made don't fully set so that my. He gets stuck or pale. So let's talk about your estimation idea there that there's a lot of things that it's that you need to get rid of that because we're living a 2018. You don't need anymore for instance. Your address all addressed yet I don't which had no stocking necessarily look at we we did we know we can we can find you with Google Earth we're gonna email you were not commit mail you an infinite Facebook's IQ anyway yes so basically that the city and the state it is 211 and also center up there are talking about to contact information. Get rid of Florida dear girl 82. And get something a little bit more. With until rational it's time for an adult email address. I wish I did tell you I should start a blog of just theme Niger says 'cause you know I hire promotions assistants are on your site get. But July 50 and 78 resume as a month and a position. Oh my guide yeah the amount of actually disgusting. Things like why would you put out word. I address. Yeah that's at this is people are thing and I suppose it. And this is something that's come from the old school of the resume that would be the objection sighed and you know little block the objective Jeff guy no doubt the objective like why why you wanna work yet while blessing money I want money and I want to go and occasional one benefits so they say recommend instead of putting that on there why not put two or three lines about your accomplishments in two previous jobs for instance I started to department may twenty million dollars or whatever. Nearly elevator speech exactly elevators which allowed them when he asked. Let's see one of us you're experienced keep it to a maximum of ten years. If your recent college graduate congratulations you've got that diploma. You don't really need to know your GPA anymore yeah it is one or whatever degree are now Wright's image finally ditch the references available upon request line it's gonna save you space and let's be honest if they want references they'll ask. And most places make you fill out an application and an application requires that you give references yes single and also look those references know that you might be getting the calls only have something prepared yes such an immediate money at all yeah not like that's ever happened to me at all. And then let's not talk about are donating our clothes we always think about value cleaning out a closet in giving our close to the needy or helping out does secondhand stores and thrift stores. Gonna find out the majority 84% of all of our clothes that we donates. Actually end up in landfills is decent percentage very disturbing and yeah they just simply say there's way too much clothes for us to process now but the but the benefit of the good news. Is they are working a technologies to do recycling idea. Are using our recycle clothing like is inside cultures and as padding instead like that. We're just not there yet and a lot of countries that we normally would send these secondhand clothes too or no longer accepting them. Because it's kind of like cheap imports power hurting their economy. And out local. Close makers are losing out that way nature so in essence they're going to landfills and they say right now the only way to kind of handle this is just to be really controlling of what kind of closure have. And not be so much as a consumer and buying things that you know if you only Wear once or twice do you really need it yes there and sinister like I donate stuff to small local churches. Knowing that their discriminate due to give it to their parishioners. Yeah his. Mitt chooses as old clothes like his old T shirts and stuff to wash his car instead of buying rags cocktail is a huge stack of old T shirts and uses froehlich household projects now. As a really good ideas as well let's talk about making you work out easier especially doing it 6 in the morning they say the best time or dad is actually in the morning but. Who wants to get up at 6 in the morning to exercise all motivational thing which can motivate yourself. I think he humility yourself and he's actually he's tips are tips from actual people they do get up industries Jesus sounds work at 6 o'clock in the morning. They stadiums are packed at 6 o'clock in the morning yes or they say ask what kind of they say that you gave your a motivations are actually your mood elevates in his little. As six minutes and 26 seconds when you go to the gym so it's actually faster than the runner's high yeah runners that takes over eight minutes to just six minutes for. Is going into the gym and doing whatever routine you do so you don't need a lot of time field that's part of the psychological thing by going to the gym going to you know ambulance opened for myself to death row and that's leading Tyson pay ten minutes of a miserable I'm out rod but I still did something right so and then also I think this is important for any no matter when you're in the gym set to incremental goals it's a realistic about my -- lose fifty pounds well yeah that's the long term dollar a great idea the big picture baby how you gonna do it yeah we're talking about. Maybe hanging out an extra minute on the treadmill or maybe doing a couple extra wraps or paying out two more minutes of the GM yeah those are small little girls and what you do those little endorphins are good high fives in your head and you feel pretty good challengers here and and and do it you know when you can write down. What's your goal like for the next day or if you wanna write down my wanna work out tomorrow morning and if you do that for like two weeks in a row they say they'll develop a habit and you kind of just get in part of your team you're gonna write out you know I wanna work early America's I wanna feel miserable when I come home tonight yes you know and then those are little things that will give you little motivations. I absolutely love that idea I try to put Mitch taxes I get ninety and so when he gets up in the morning aren't you literally does is buys shorts and assure you locks up the dollar are so similar. The same thing yeah I've got I mean I've got giving up down to an efficient art in sodas teas are deceived by asserted leaving every now and then I'll just leave like a post it note on the bag can be linked fence or are you haven't read all race. He's he's like just that little bit of motivation Neiman added to it lake. I was going out the door Leighton and then I saw that and it was like you. So it's not so you just gotta have the encouragement and you and I have the positive and it's. Talk about dashed because there's days coming up and don't you wish you love to see daddy sculpted by in a forty pound ball jeez so I've always wanted to eat my dad's face and now you're telling me I can I wanna know how craft came up with a singers are meeting org or you know what we're gonna do well how much. She sculpting have you ever since all of these other. You nurse but not go on the Liza documentary it's not a documentary it's a whole area this movie really like that super dry sense of humor are okay but people compete. For her butter. Sculpt together it's I mean in Minnesota. It's a hollow Larry stays fair they have giant things carved out of butter yet if you like dry humor area to watch what they've. Her ammonia but inside this particular forty pound block of cheese which I guess that's what they make amend actually did auctioned off for over 242200. Dollars. And the cold part is that all this but it was going to be donated to a match strike craftsmen and given to a feeding America so off the that was kind of neat. And finally this is weren't summertime and a lot of times we think about eliminates and line maids and well let's face it's kind of a slow processor can make in the real stuff you know by squeezing the London's in the oranges in the lines. And doing all that self here's common nifty trick the you can in make mass produced lemon juice. By using your standing mixer your your your kitchen aid kitchen where. Originate gadgets and that's it so. You're effort into quarter. Sizes into quarters shies as governor of the hole with a plastic wrap mention mixer on low you let that paddle attachment. Do the pummeling for an eye Caylee to do this yes so once the juice has been no what's the Ryan's look like they've just given up on life. Bingo and stop pour everything into a colander to straight out all the skins the seeds and everything like that. Give it a couple of pats and voila you got all that she's ready to go blind man try it that's our show for today. June 13 2018 of course were on the air live but yeah Friday and ninety point five KT JBC and I.