6.12.18-KTK MORNING SHOW-Cards Against Humanity For Fathers Day-Broccoli Flavored Coffee

Tuesday, June 12th

Avoid getting sick during your vacation, the Cards Against Humanity expansion pack perfect for Father’s Day and Broccoli-flavored coffee.  It’s the 98.5 KTK Morning Show recap for Tuesday, June 12, 2018.

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Hi there and it's an idea going ride KTU morning show recap for Tuesday. June the twelfth all in one show it was 612 dislike the insect repellent today dead idea paraphrase and thumbnail it's. You. Having my broccoli flavored coffee at the international house of burgers. I avoided the insect by washing my hands and thank goodness I had my flip flops because I almost stepped up and dog flops. At bat bat a bat that was the show yeah that was an. So by now you know that I hops up big. Introducing a new menu expanding that much you know he's more than just breakfast are absolutely now Wendy wants you to know something do Wendy had a great week at this is the best part whoever does the social media war windy so funny props because now. They this episode about. I hop they said. Can't wait tribe burger from a place that does that they decided pancakes for too hard. They also. That day and chick filet had tweed is something else about that their chickens announcing like what's. What's better than a chick played chicken sandwich in two and Wendy's tweeted that site. Having our chicken sandwich and a Sunday. Ha ha ha yeah if they're closed on and brutal test low low low well at southern of the can't be burgers out of the Magna International house of I that was going to be bacon but it is I dollars and they say it's it's a temporary mark vehement about Google it's a marketing ploy ask mr. Callaway red lava Red Robin also tweeted we're serious about paying case is I'll hop is about burgers I certainly didn't pages everyone's kind of ripping him apart which is just positive ruthlessness of desperate. All right so we played for the vacation and you take your time Mathieu saved you've. Plans you've got the tickets he finally get a vacation and you get sick no idea horrible horrible horrible and there's some experts and advice coming your way and in what you need to do is to be Smart especially if you're leaving our country in going to a foreign land. Be careful of drinking local waters and eating local food our efforts and best doubles. Not just talking about Mexico a lot of countries as well because they don't have the same water standards and what you vacations as we do. So you could have Montezuma revenge pretty quickly. So what they say is do drink bottled water and a check for the resort of the hotel you're staying in a lot of these have their own purification systems. Make sure that your body you know brushing your teeth were bottled water and then if you have any sort of fruit or vegetable. Wash it with bottled water just make sure it's I was an idea of Third World country and I was told not to face the shower. Smart because you might get that water in your mouth knew about it and now. There's no hilarious scene in the second Sex and the City movie where they go to Mexico and Charlotte is like obsessive about not drinking the water and nodding in the food. And then she'll lake has a moment of lake this is beautiful and she turns round and faces the shower and opens her mouth hard and it literally within like a couple minutes she has you know the effects and it just it's so old funny and that is funny when it's not happening here yet again all I've got my Cipro packed. Ranariddh and told that you have any kind of link gut issues just travel prepared to throw at you why it's. Our term antibiotic and yet they say Tristan not to overplay and an occasion. Not playing down to you know it's every second in essence you're causing yourself stress in their for the act and we can your immune system and it's 60. Ally yourself to relax now so citizen about 3% to travel to suffer from something called leisure sickness which is likely due to a general stressed that comes from traveling. Both psychological and introduced the Trojan. Transitioning out of your you're norm and which can lead to them making you feel very nervous and you know it's this kind of keeping an Diana knowing if you if you kind of weird to maybe do some mind the you know with therapy and Inky did you mind in the right place. OK about. That a lot of water ice on. As you know when they're playing honestly you are be viewed you do get dehydrated and yeah some you don't really think about do I drink some water. We have to take a little tiny like puddle jumper airplane mommy get to post street and MR ready. Like dreading it because I get sick on major airlines I'm already and I'm figuring I'm gonna be sick for at least thirty minutes these are the plains and they tell you I need you to move to this side of the plane yet. It won't be about real turning your luggage is with you yeah the player that wants to know how much you weigh before you get on. This is where you ever camp. Stricker and we're lies about the way and then finally when traveling across several time zones be mindful of the jetlag all had taken up if you need to and it just as quickly as possible to the area that your vacation again. This is kind of cool because fathers is coming up Sunday what did dear old dad if you love cards of humanity a card against humanity. They've released a Father's Day laden. An Expansion Pack that's thirty new bad dad jokes. Inside which I think is absolutely Hillary's is you can take your regular cards against humanity. Deck and add these two out and given a Father's Day Fuller to absolutely but -- they're not in the torso X now and on the games section and all there actually this is great because of the expansion packs a house inside dvd cases that look like action movies in the ninety's look dislike him now doctor the the I guess they hired movie people who do these they actually just went to a pay a a war generator looked at action words and dismayed title up into they had an artist make these posters which are absolutely beautiful to have them up on the website but you know universal danger. Blood oath remembrance is read here domestically. Sniper dad. So that either six bucks are available at target and online guest artists are certainly gonna figure out which one of the actuary picked up. This is good app for those that don't clean up after their dogs are for those to get upset about people in the cleaning up after their dogs there's an app that will probably shame them now called Cooper snoop Burke. Who personal color it's available for apple and for android and what it does is it when you file I pilot who. Freshly allayed somewhere you can take a picture of it. It last year the size of the group. You can actually had some descriptive words to his wealth and then muddled -- transmit other app users that to tread lightly around this area because of a lot of land mines it's like fairways are way easy for birds and that that I think misused on the interstate ways for turns out. But it's it's actually user generated so other users have to. Put the information and I can I don't public fires around my neighbor Linda I heard people to download this so that we can all be in it against the same dogs Bruno it's the same dogs really and that's what it comes out he can't take a picture of course you know you're not allowed to do an avenue there's a place for you to write you pretty well description of somebody and the app developers hope that you can catch patterns and in essence will guilt people into clean up after their dogs yes. So lots free app take a look at it to its you're sort. Up foot putt buying tips. Yes he probably saying to mrs. Florida are in our initial issue of summertime right yeah weird you know how to buy flip flaws but there are some people that may not be aware of it by the way they're saying any any flip flop over thirty bucks. Pretty not mere you're wasting your money and and this kid has so what they're saying is a pick a pair that has. Some cushioning to a two aboard and how important wearing them for more than three hours at a time. Saying that you did get to foot cramps I know that what firsthand Ike's got blisters to a 21 of the theme parks. Worked flip flops blisters on the balls of my feet and in the and in fact about it I could not. Wow for a while that's our pay just a little more mental Wear plastic flip flops but I pay a little more for the good ones I had a pair that I wore in Philly for five days. And I'm talking we'd like 20000 steps a day in my feet where golden yet if they do say you know the skate get the leather ones if you're outside the yeah war but if you're gonna be around water make sure that the plastic ones. And then that this is instinct about flip flops king on the summer shoe might be slipping a bit according to last year's sales numbers. They declined by 9% from the previous year while slides. Increase 31%. Yeah have you ever warmest. Now. It gives me cramps because there's nothing between your telly there's nothing holding your foot in there and accept free your toes digging down for dear life on the bottom of the issues that they. I'll just fly off the for any issue but don't they have likes adjustable straps in tightness I know old and never had a I like an adjustable strap on don't have like the velcro on the top of the Nike ones do yeah I think that the David I know lake sports slides yeah I wouldn't be seen icing a lot of people in words and fashions. Of the I would never hasn't somehow it just keeps coming back yeah. Yeah not a bad relationships is keeps coming back. And in finally talk about coming back that. Broccoli flavored cat coffee acts to. I thought they came up and that's yeah I'm I want to order it does it say Brock take up a lot today is that what they're calling us. There's not so there's a there's a government agency I guess kind of like the FDA but it's in and Australia and trying to find ways did people to eat more vegetables. And people are just not doing it so what they decided to do is kind of sneak things in. So they taken broccoli. I mean everything to stand the stock everything grounded up into a fine powder and a trying to find something that you can sneak it in were you won't be able to notice if they're getting because you know two tablespoons is a full serving of vegetables and I seem logical because copy is really potent and it's flavors yeah absolutely Australia put it in your beer come and I thought man it's utter there's. You're you're yours Tinny zero camp yeah well they've actually had a coffee shops Elvis the reviews are an end it well it's tastes like coffee and it's ironic enough. Our fans are bats but they did say that they're not stopping there the agency is considering other options such as smooth these brownies. Grievance spinach artichoke dip and artichoke dip pathetic lives and maybe that would be too bad. I had a cookbook and it's called deceptively delicious right. And I'm not kidding you I use that Ford Jeremy is probably from new type from the time he was like seven until about fifteen missed all of us Megan vessels in the all about sneaking vegetables and like the vegetables are sneaky themselves like you put beats in brownies because you can hide the red and I mean it's not your traditional vegetables but it's still a serving of vegetables in every thing you make says he and he and obviously known that knows now that you that his childhood was filled with deception around December channel yes absolutely Sony does -- I mean dizzy to vessels now like beaten. It is a palate has expanded got a he's at least gotten to where we'll say I'll try it. They used to be no I don't eat potatoes it's likely you sat there any French Fries that's not potatoes that's French Fries my and I know quite. Hates us up Muster so much but when nine it would make spaghetti yeah he would if what he was out would take in cut the mushrooms so small blow it likely reason nice yelled yeah raise its answer was to commend the excellent as the bus Oscars she loved him. He never noticed it if there's cookbooks for adults to hide vegetables and kids who I need to write a kids book. How to hide broccoli in a glass of milk yeah. Or Maria are you probably hi broccoli and debts coffee to kids that's a bad idea to write a book for kids about how you can ma yes replied yeah yeah. Greg they're trying to sneak vegetables in your food you know that's as. So there's Hershey of friends and norms in warning Tuesday June 12 of course are on the air live Monday through trial Friday five to ten an idea point five GTK eight media back.