6.11.18-KTK MORNING SHOW-Kitchen Items Stored Incorrectly-Australia Wants To Pay You To Visit

Monday, June 11th

Tips of purchasing furniture, sea salt contaminated with plastic and Australia will pay for you to visit! It’s the 98.5 KTK Morning Show recap for Monday, June 11, 2018.

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I parents and any point morning show. Recap now our right now we don't do a good how are you an anti thumbnail sketch this whole deal I earlier news right here we go. Stale social media has not doing me any good. Do not use sea salt. You're storing all your kitchen items wrong don't. By any furniture too we talked to via your dog might have the flu and Australia once you. Don't I guess also in a nutshell. Other seriously let's talk about dog flu that is act actually out there there's two strains on an even lower in the summertime. They too can get dogs get to the Columbia and they get the same symptoms that we do the runny nose and your loss of appetite the a sore throat even a sore throat for a dog man imagine that so. And we can be guilty of spreading it from dog to dog absolutely the carriers so if you know Chicago little lethargic. If he loves to eat her she that steal they're not doing so. May be worth the trip to Europe doctor he should take the thermometer as well instigator and there are better at their front armed. Or you can used via the other address doormat the via anywhere from a 101202. Point five is normal temperature anything higher than that definitely go see of that. It just as you said we can be a spreader this is how has this particular virus. Can live up to two days on surfaces. And up today on your hands on your closet you pal one dog has the flu you pat another dog and spread it to that dogs so wash your hands yes. And there's actually a dog float a dog flu vaccine available right now there has talked to your vet and see if it works out for them. Let's talk about purchasing some furniture a number one analysts can you afford it. Don't rely on no interest stuff because you have to read the fine print. Mean did you ever charge interest means that it accrues from day one and if you don't pay off in five years. Guess what yep fighters and interest that are thrown into a boy so under the so long the same lines as of you can afford it do you really need it I get it. You wanna change things up this house make it Morse is is it beautiful but do you really needed at all or to wait maybe another year and even have space for that's the big thing you know I always Seko measuring tape with me just to make sure that you know what's your party guy hears you warmer so that it doesn't fit inside your house. Or what if it doesn't fit in the door Chris that's another thing. They're trying to put an upstairs trying to get all the man upstairs yeah I guess that's third floor apartment I am also make sure that a match easier to court no matter what how good the deal was if it doesn't fit in match your record you're going to be miserable with it. And it finally seek out the coupons and promotional offers a lot of times we talked about this before but the website or the extension called honey. That actually will search for you immediately. I found out over the weekend when he wouldn't we were in Orlando Obama we tried to do at a price match in one of the store's drive easing and we did have a signal so we had used to store Wi-Fi. Anytime you try to get off that store's website if teach about the Wi-Fi really so there of wised up off there there this do your homework before you go out and do your beauty shop girls do LTE shopping. Yeah not Wi-Fi Schaub Wi-Fi there are exactly let's see we've been storing things in a kitchen wrong our whole lives. I have to termite knives upside down in my knife block prepare and that's going I didn't know that when you store them first up don't put it in the utility drawer sharp knives yet to reach in there and you can cut yourself. But I've got to would knife button but I should be. Putting them knives and upside down with the blade up yes soul is not hitting the wood and doling it at all Atlanta Argo even a step further those maddening magnetic strip should be put yeah on the wall. The text of the best place for a America when it comes to your cookie sheets don't stick them underneath the oven and all piled up actually store them. Vertically you know not horizontally to prevent scratching and working like books on herself via as for your spice rack Def forget interest look life is not like Pena as you know autumn and alphabetical order what spices. Caster and Steelers aren't stack up that way and he should protect him and watch when you grab that's also this is bad news at the a lot of assault we're getting now deceased salt yeah has micro plastics and in your body. Keeps those micro plastics yeah in this kind of led the study was done to kind of point out how were having kind of an epidemic when it comes to plastics in the end it doesn't it doesn't go away just breaks down into smaller and smaller micro part part of that was they found in this particular study is one kilogram a seesaw contained as many as 600 micro plastics and side of it and that was just an average Yeltsin had Morse and had less. But if he's digging in its consideration appeared using meat and daily recommended amount of salt which is five grams. The major ingesting at least three Michael plastics per day investing on campus is on and manager right there and they will stick with your system in this can cause all kinds of problems in your body yet is because the micro classics actually hang on to toxins like Mercury and other organic clue Libre and friends to the party exactly and all that stuff causes cancer also can cause reproductive problems developmental problems maybe autism isn't. Due to vaccines -- they needed a plastic out exactly you never know so that's why the study was made it's stitched typically we had endured dust nowadays and they say if you wanna get out of this assault thing it's we're coming back to full circle if you go back to the the salt that they mined from ancient sea bed that's very Himalayan sea salt is good they're solid you can get a new saw others by two different guys assault we don't want the kind. That is. Of evaporated sea water rights is the the usual method the stuff in his mind the attacks that salt millions of years old it's still good news. Cave man didn't have blessed expect detonated unfortunately. Let's go to the download it and now and I'm not all right chow way Australia's actually offering a free excursion into the outback. Makes to the center of the island of the echo the comment right there yeah everybody goes. Two the Gold Coast it's called music I know the beautiful beaches are but they what you gonna light airs rock right in the center in. Not just Melbourne Brisbane and Sydney yeah so there is the it's in the northern territory apparently it's the least visited territory in Australia. And if you buy a ticket to Sydney Melbourne adverse event. I Dell actually give you a ticket you can go to Alice Springs. Adorn our I hear I Ayers Rock there the hair product it's a great big Brock is right in the center of the economy and it's amazing the guys fly free to the outback promotion only encourage you to stay for two nights. When you book a trip before July 31 and you have into the into the year two I take it to remember that is their winter what is their way to that is their what are. And finally we talked about the negative experiences as social media this is kind of we won't we're talking about. Depression is back in the news lately celebrities IS. A military vets taking a lives 222 of vets a day. Commit suicide yet it's it's crazy and social media really is not helping according to the series in nearly. They look to talk about 12100 college students and down for every 10% increase of unpleasant social media experiences. The risk of developing symptoms of a depression rose by 20% while conversely if you had 10% a positive interactions online. The odd dropped them depression risk only went down by 4%. So social media is just not good if you are fighting depression should probably just stay out of that limit your overall experience here at social media exposure. To race. That's all they are doing is taking your information and so it's people apparently that pretty much yeah but then they have been for awhile so there's our show for today Monday June 11 Christa was under the weather today hopefully she'll be back with us tomorrow if of course run airline Monday through Friday between five to ten and ninety point five he TK ABC. Yeah.