5.9.18-KTK MORNING SHOW-Ways To Make More Money At A Yard Sale-Hanger Is Real

Wednesday, May 9th

There’s a better time to brush your teeth, beach vacations can be bad for your mental health and strike it rich with these yard sale tips. It’s the 98.5 KTK Morning Show recap for Wednesday, May 9, 2018.


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Hi there is an idea point 5 KG morning show recap for Wednesday may ninth let's jump right in. If you brush your teeth this morning yeah it's the diversity tonight's new our rights do you do you aggression c.'s first thing in the morning and the last thing at night says is very first thing I do and it is a very last thing you know do well according to this particular dental professional there's actually more specific timing should be brushing your teeth yes in the morning in the afternoon but. Thirty minutes before breakfast. Thirty minutes after dinner and a all right so the idea is that tell you do thirty minutes before you do breakfast because you know your your coffee your cereal and aids and stuff. They it has little ass is in it that actually will damage your enamel so you know giving you your teeth are good brush. We'll give them a good protection and then the saliva kind of works throughout the rest of their clean your teeth out as you are and aren't normally talk but at nighttime. After you had your dinner. You'll go to bed he generally the slightest of the productions begins to slow down a minute. So then you need your toothpaste to come in and do the dirty we're giving your Novell's ass is before you know OK let's get right NASA's thirty minutes before a miracle here we have an excellence are also ocean if anything floss loss at ninety they're in at least pressure teeth once today please please your coworkers in Cuba but these will appreciate that. Trying to convince a seventeen year old boy how important it is to brush their teeth missing have a girlfriend and I mentioned girls and I. I don't I can't track trade I don't know it's like they're hard wired to just beat gross for awhile you as a little pills he really eats there like they tasted good but they would show the plaque there are yes yes maybe we should give him that I'm gonna do that amount on a date and see she uses a golf. I I don't know where yes I have shamed him to the point of go literally when his girlfriend was over asking her how she felt about him now emerging is wow almost. Ausprey powerful while others prerogative. This is good news bill and Ted's been having another excellent adventure job remember 1980 nine's bill and Ted's excellent adventure. 1991 to bill and Ted's bogus journey that is then I'll worry 2018 and according to the F franchise creators there's going to be a third one in a star Keanu Reeves and Alex winter so that guy who's not it generates is a lot. I thought OK I guess he didn't age well either I got to be on its cruel as it sounds he did early age very well I have still looks good and Jon Lech yeah yeah. The day go so look forward to the villains had to face the music is in pre production with no release date yet so if that's coming up here's soon. Got to tell you something yeah we replaced a picture in her house was a picture of John link which is carried stress in his suit. And it's literally framed picture on our wall. Of calories. And we had it up for about six months before anybody noticed it was image are really a night saw. I'm nearly eleven might like sixteen. OJ reasons John Rich Hillary is not only get a poster of him and think it's Mitch. I'm not talking outs winter time to do well for him. What I can I carry oh gosh you know at Preston Esquire to your ass so very Charleston and my airline Ted Theodore which is you know tennis has attended our logo at Ted Ted a and up. All right so we have a yard sale here's a good quick good way to make some extra cash when you're doing a mixture your very organized when you get it together. Don't be afraid to use tricks that you know retailers use on us on your customers so for instance to give a by three by at buy three get one free tied signed. He might actually sell some more stuff. As Oz it may sound resist the urge to place price hat I tags on items yes embody what they think it's worth the pro and make more money and then it's best to church can be a gymnast for five dollars and if they're willing to pay fifteen while and you just tell yourself out of that money. And if you would do really wanna find out you don't wanna deal that you do wanna put prices on it is a cool website called. Stat risk dot com. That actually has the aggregate pricing data from like eBay and Craig's list in all these other selling sites the coming at you ballpark with the item is worth you know if it's damaged juror yeah works or whatever else genius he's it'll help there. Make sure you go through your stuff nothing worse than not checking the pockets of us off chance that you're selling or Megan is less maybe a twenty dollar bill and you sell for a quarter that's kind of bad. Let's see take a person that I think this is brilliant but take a personal day off and start your yard sale on Thursday or Friday morning. Here's the idea yet less competition. Yet the real people that are out to dispense real money and you get done much sooner so maybe instead of having years York said on Saturday you have to done by Friday. And a lot of people really are until I mean they're professionally or sailors they don't work. So I've had a ready garage sales are really really you know really really gut and don't take big bills to their counterfeiters are out there to Daniel somebody who actually got to take twenty dollar bill that's and is it is horrible it's just like you can't believe people would do that real yes if you want to avoid at all download PayPal here and you can take credit card that you iron current is due like of the visa master turned it does any card yeah there's only a 2.5 cents a torrential. I sent a transaction which I mean I know any yards -- things are 25 cents but anyone saw some big furniture and get in lake. Khalili are thirty dollars no problem I'll take a tired yeah. I H I tried that Argentina Mexico aren't there. They're trying to buy something in and we had the the pesos four and Mike you know let's try this like yes and let me pace is a guy can and human democratic partisan it appears that no problem like. That work. Beach vacations are bad for your mental health wrong blasphemy. Op but actually a tourism experts says that a beach vacation can do more harm for your mental health and good unless you have some sort of a variety. Something to do and they sense yet so let's think your whole dream is to go to creep in Ireland sit. On the beach and just say on pay is nothing right which sounds good but when you're out there what's gonna happen your mind's going to be. What should I do yes and it starts thinking about working email I think she should imagining like coming back you write your stressing yourself now so the key is to yet maybe have a little maybe half the data do nothing. But to have things plants like maybe go snorkeling dose shot being do bike ride do something different up where you're stimulating your minds and you're not really doing the routines that you really do and and you should have a nice for rest were refreshing never happens to me I just listen to grow Mars lazy song. Is that he just tells me how to spend that. And an anger maybe it's real the army take the word hunger and anger you got to Christen hang grade are there is a sign undercarriage and that says. Forgive me for what I segment I was hanging yeah dear lord please forgive me I was angry with the yeah so amid beyond just being a phony orderly as a sure thing when your blood sugar drops the cortisol in adrenaline rise up those are your fight or flight. Hormones and that does cause a problem so in relation or skating here so makes me think so Irish should my Snickers bar be covered by a match flexible spending it now own little world just in case of emergency have a little glass brick to glass and yeah Virginia and you know. You guys need moms like Ryan because at 37 she still puts snacks and her personally I thought I love ya U never know you never insult doesn't wanna be strapped than angry angry Christen says she does bring snacks everywhere. It's easy to bring if you volley as you discuss this a moment always tell me this does your mom tell you when you're going on vacation or long trip to Wear clean underwear always I'd never understood that. Because if you get into an accident and they have to take your clothes off or something you don't wanna be stuck with thirty and. I can tell you that I have been and that's the minority of them is probably not to yeah. Plug and improvement was telling. They've as they got residential today Wednesday may ninth thanks for listening of course we're on the airline Monday through Friday from five to ten and 98 point five he deacon ABC yeah.