5.25.18-KTK MORNING SHOW-Office Thermostat Wars-Oaky Wines

Friday, May 25th

The office war for the thermostat is real, the best Memorial Day sales and how to avoid wines that are too “oaky.” It’s the 98.5 KTK Morning Show recap for Friday, May 25, 2018.

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There's an idea point 5 Kati K a morning show or recap. For Friday may 25 Memorial Day weekend. Here's all you need to know agenda on your thermostat get on your brand new mattress take your sun screen pill and now pour you a glass of Oki whine all life which you with your fitness tracker ring. And we're gonna get suspended from high school. A hundred no metal on it asked the show that was that. Well first off you know it's it's it's a bad world that we have to live in a sad one that we have to remind people not to take in jest laundry pots sort of a challenge for any at all. A gavel this same lines if you that's about cam up to use it hates well this pal in this were protect your. From the it's getting sunburned from getting skin cancer. And keeping and you bought AGU wanna get on T Jim I take my idea yeah so that's what's happened is this very unregulated a cosmetic market that was the three words and you know ya unregulated cosmetic. Market comes up with a pill. That a slap or sons or nine doll as a the FDA is actually warning people paid don't fall for this there's no scientific proof. There's no way that'll stop you from and possibly getting skin cancer or getting a sunburn or aging with wrinkles wait a minute Chris what about my advanced skin brightening formula. I listen to that this has advanced skin brightening for a number that all scanned writing forma net and on now that was so like I'm more research into it gas so via accompanied the FDA's ordering the company to either stop selling these products or make it clear. Very clear that they do nothing to protect your skin or protect you from cancer. So that means you say how it'll believe the stuff. You know it's at the master of market because people are spare spelling this out but it's yeah put an innocent however something to that is called sun screen cancer advanced moisturizer. But a scam. Scanned the ads that. I sharp. So the obvious and say it is getting warmer we now have the office thermostat battled. Can too gory Royale going on in the office there's the group that wanted a little warmer there's the group that wants a little bit cooler. And -- election did a survey to have 46% of workers complained their offices either 202 called 15% of those admitting that they actually argued with a coworker that because of the temperature. And when it comes down to is that on old data very old data like over fifty years ago. They're saying this is what the temperature should be at an office may based it on a 1960s model and be resting metabolic rate from a man. A forty year old Wang 154 pounds something about that forty years old and a 154 pounds. And there's a lot of forty year old there only a 134 pounds of rice after high fructose corn corn syrup and spent most excited to have the women's metabolism of a minute metabolic rate is about 32% slower than men out. That's why women always say it's call their call Ohio guy called an admitted like what's hot here. And they say in essence there's about a five to hear different between what a man and one woman preferences. For the temperature so. There's some wiggle room yep that's what this article talking about his go ahead and go ahead in that Doby passive aggressive and set the temperature which you want. Make it kind of a group effort to say hey this is in the best that this will work for everyone. And by the way feature too cold out 20% of those cities sip hot drinks 19% say they were jackets old neighborhood east. 13% rent a space heater and six present wrap themselves up in a blanket. For those that are too hot 42% reliant cold beverages 27 to dress in layers 26% use a fan and you find out more in my new book men are from Mars women are from this thing. Have you cop says they just turn it off so I put a little sign that I don't feel as passive aggressive at all that says I like to be turned on facts not on the higher sat out. You picture that yes there there's there's a great web site it's called a passive aggressive dot com NASA always. And an additional things that are passive aggressive use it that note would make the content that's dies and a so a lot of people I love wind you outline all the wind affects people look complete his national wind a buy it is and and there are people who say the biggest odd turn off of wide is that it tastes a little too Oki. There's a reason for that it's a conundrum because you know -- is our opener of pleased to age wine have probably aids is the thing you want it has to spend time in the oak barrel price to get all the great essence from though but if they're trying to hurry it up like to do cheap wines yet that's when you get that oh do you think is they add fake Oki into his slowly fade out key policy. That's okay yeah I got a and that's exactly what it is there's basically you're saying if you're shopping for bottled wine nets in expense of anything under twelve bucks. Don't even go go America's you're gonna get really Oki wanna stay away from winds that are described to have. A Vanilla spiced coffee chocolate host roasted or smoky flavor though that those are all words for we've. We shall we get a shortcut yet so we could make it seem like Oki won so if you wanted to splurge a little bit go a little bit pricey at two like 25 dollars 1225 dollars you can actually look for winds that. Mentioned subtle. In neutral and used oh that are actually east a little bit longer. And therefore it is has had to bite but if you really want the the goodness because apparently a relief rich oak flavor is fantastic is very injuries in and everything. Actually speak to a wine expert called some gays or a one story you know in a bit and get in if you really wanna confuse the wise to ask him. How much toast was in the video girls promised so much to host the call toast the summer so they they put them over fire and some of the mark I'll charred another that's how much toast is that there's different warehouse of toast and oak barrel when I'm talking about cinnamon and sugar and an element not all the oak barrels at the same action. Let's see here gear fitness tracker allies pretty cool here. Because I would like to get fitness tracker. I'd still like wearing a watch you don't wanna have the little white stripe around your arm because you had that one winner in the yeah when I was younger and I am Missouri before skin cancer and ever touched a thought that we are bulletproof bulletproof. I would Wear a watch when it was surfing because we give us a sentiment arm. I'd ever since senator Warren watch but there is now a fit district of its eighty sizable like a winning Marie. And it does everything does everything it's so cool guy gave it to monitor your stature just mr. tiger heart rate. And it downloads via Bluetooth to your slow law because I was morning hi you can read this thing and they sit back like there's this thing is like. Eight TDs. Cluster that's pretty good just good I have to charge might fit in every four days really yet every four days has to go on the charter I mean almost say it's only like an hour are right but still you forget that your wearing a watch you forget you're not wearing a watch your wearing a fitness like an actual computer on your eyes and it has to charges of warn your beeper buzzer ending yeah this shows me because he is sending an email and apps says your batteries low and all that though you're fit it's and he would email yet. I just on daughters lived this long. My favorite thing though about these rings right well at least the ones that I was looking into for Mitch. Is that there water and sweat proof yet because like our fitness trackers most of them are not only can even 'cause. Lake aching get wet as in likes let's get an adult distance hour when they're looking at these are like fully fully fully waterproof from what I understand. Guys a fitness ring is not an engagement ring don't go there no. I don't go there and then finally this is heartbreaking story because this support here now it's it's it's sky high schools getting out your senior in high school there's always the senior pray all that senior prided silly things and its longest known assert the law wasn't called and the property was damaged. It is it acceptable right up on a little bit of humor to be all right soaring up to Independence, Missouri cog Thailand aside ESCO league EE as a graduating senior three point nine GPA. And I guess is that the seniors in there in a class we're gonna do things like. Release mice into the hallway or do donuts out in the parking lot as a prank you like courtrooms panel laid back on the take a picture of our school. And appropriate listed for sale on Craig's let we're pretty surprised to twelve grand app not a bad Andy wrote into the estimates were fantastic as job brand new athletic feels nice plenty of parking and critics all are on how you're talking and but apparently is priced to move at half price to set but apparently where Kylie and come across lining you were serving is that when he wrote how wide the building is for sale he listed. Due to the loss of students coming up. And I guess the school board took a little offense to it I think and I don't know if that's it's kind of cryptic really due to the loss of students coming up I'm not sure what he meant by that yet -- know like at and that an ominous statement but still it seems harmless gas and you know and I get it disposal concerned there's a worry likable school shootings and everything like Japanese like look he really was just a senior prank. You know what's going not a by the way didn't arrest before they just suspended me yes and they won't let me walk my class act and they're not really gonna reconsider this advantage is at the insists it's no I mean come on this is eight he worked really hard to get that GPA in the yeah well you know this is what you're he's gonna remember high school last. I am sure he'll bring this back up in twenty years when he's a Brazilian air right now if you buy these people. Who made gal that advised the school yap graphic properly test for that price super where have you go. Our so that's our show for today Friday may 25 have a great Memorial Day weekend will back relieve back to Tuesday. And of course were on airline from five did yeah. All right maybe Syria and yeah.