5.24.18-KTK MORNING SHOW-Mosquitoes Remember People-Stop Overcooking Pork

Thursday, May 24th

Catching up on missed sleep on the weekend is good for your health, mosquitoes remember who you are and stop overcooking pork chops!  It’s the 98.5 KTK Morning Show recap for Thursday, May 24, 2018.

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I.s in 98 point 5 JT came morning show recap for Thursday may 24 and then let's jump right into red apparently we do catch up on sleep on the weekend and as news ever and yeah it is actually held before you open according to speed issue on this sleep study they kind of you know. The idea is that. You can never catch up on sleep if you missy dismiss it PRI and they kind of looked into that theory and they realize that's not necessarily true what they found was if you sleep five hours or less to me all the time yeah you really are cutting a like short. Now if you do sleep five hours. Or around five hours. During the week day. And they catch up on asleep on the weekend you're actually a little longer kind of mitigate that not getting enough sleep right you have just has managed just as much good health those who have seven days of 82 as it was it an eight hour sleep eight hours of sleep but if you sleep more than eight hours are doing just as much damage is not getting enough sleep yeah. It's crazy isn't it so that sweet spot between six and eight hours worth all of the whole deal and get a whole lot of sleep on our job here this weekend on the weekends or try to catch up a little bit. But the adage was always you can't bank sleepy now and make up for yes you can and make sense of trying to get here someone needs to explain that to my dogs. Without not for sure they've got a routine. That is unbreakable. And no matter what. The FDA put out a warning for parents not to use those those gels that none teeth or gums when accuser right teething. At that contain bins or Cain because it can actually cause a rare but deadly side effects in kids. Especially those two and a younger. In fact via FDA's making out or jealousy the call and this all those type things. Carry a warning level at thirty days or putting it on the product Brian and they say that if you have a kid that is to heeding the best thing you can use him affirm rubber object. Not cold believe it or not. Gorgeous massage or gun zone and when it went all the drool and accused mounted when you put towards jail on its gonna wash out and talk like a couple of seconds yeah so it's not gonna do much good. Do the frozen and go awful my friend uses he says it's great is capital drool cups and a fifth ethnic Islamic yeah as is there any warning for adults. There is no warning for adults but it you know I guess you know it's if it's dangerous for kids is yes dangers for adults to though I've got orange jell and amber sol in my cabinet I use it regularly and I don't think and think you have is that you know gets smaller so you know this sammon bill dose for an adult. Yes too much for kid. So it's nothing I can think I'm announcer ago when differs is gonna help you ethnic. No not at all knob but not an adult maybe soaking whiskey that might help there we others other other preparations call me. So mosquitoes apparently have the memories. And and they actually will remember swat at them aboard this is according to our aid research study that does it and looked into basically missed you recall here's what they found out. People are there are certain people that are our mosquitoes do find more attractive and it's actually your smell yes and so appear attractive to mosquitoes. They will smell you and if you start swabbing at them they'll associate that smell would danger and I'll stay away from them suppressed out to start dancing. Yeah generally you know like I hope that works but I just think they they just love me I mean Victor Crist near the sycamores not yeah of most of the love exactly you know just apparently I'm delicious. Yes we just let our trip because streak and one of the first mornings was. The mosquitoes are plentiful and there's no it's Deng gave fever that they haven't gone streak and a. Obama does looking live at lake street has also an element he says that's also known as bone is as a bone break fever could eat it and if you get a booster shot for a. All but I'm glad I aside because at least I know I am prone to it and I can take precautions got a little while to prepare yes true that's true you must cast. Or you love a clean carpets are sometimes having kids and dogs not corporate has kind of funk to it now. And you know he sometimes you know the story usually go to the storm Ida the carpet fresh stuff. But you know Scott artificial flavor fragrances and it. And that can actually be harmful to pets and animals and people so here's a cool way that you can use baking soda and essential oil. So what you wanna do it Jewish shaker jar if for every cup of baking soda at about ten to fifteen drops of your favorite essential oil makes it. And then when you sprinkle it on your carpet leave it as long as you can hour's news blogger it's there the more order is absorbing. And then the essential Oreo Condoleezza a little bit of smell what you vacuumed owner. Brilliant so civil to agree as to the very inexpensive ingredients yeah then you're in your own that's so cool. My mom didn't correct me is on the air I said that I used baking soda with essential oils on my bed she's a woman taught me how to do that it's actually he put baking soda on the on the bed and then put a little vinegar over it so it soaks up the stain and then essential oils. And then you just vacuumed up. And it looks like about him yeah it is now in the all right and then if you really wanted to pick a fight why don't bring up this subject for us we're heading into nice long weekend. Study claims that men are better travel directions and women but this is according to a researcher at the dead are you ready for us. Two experiments all of are there airman absolutely any stand out of this when basically what he said was men routinely took shortcuts to reach their target faster. On add more than women who tend to. Stay with the learn routes they have. So according to this study they say that. Men are more efficient in getting to places in women because men will find shortcuts say what would you some men are better at hitting the target. Men are better better at. Men are better at news or was it like men are better at lake. They're reaching their target signal that you receive the Taurasi. I would let's see I think men are better at cheating that's no different. Time now in turn are better at lake changing their notes without getting lost and that's been true. And what they say is in you know they want to point out. When some women in the Castro did much better than men and young men do you know it didn't do as well as as women. But they said that men just generally have a different navigation strategy than women by the winning a third study what's that I don't know just we like to start kisses laugh let's just to a third 10 mr. put a married couple in a car. They don't know how to get somewhere yeah Boise feel. Offers divorced or was Dr. Phil on the backseat of short and then finally stop over cooking pork chops if you're cooking on an internal temperature of a 160 degrees the your over cooking on. And you making what is it storm. You really at a turning into account catcher's Mitt catches yeah all right so admit that she was that the rule of Olof for the longest time in the US Department of Agriculture. But into me eleven actually revised their guidelines when research found that pork to be consumed safely. When the internal temperature reaches a 145 degree is perfect for port really is and if you do and like a double cut bone in. Chop on the grill. But when you're taking the internal temperature with a little thermometer take it near the bone and a guy that's the part the cooks the slopes and ousted the exception to the 145 degree port rule is if it's a ground pork pork right in needs to look to 160 by the way if your wondering beef fish and land should be also reaching an internal temperature of 145. As for all poultry including ground it should be a 160 familiar turkeys or chickens yourself like that 1657. Our show for today Thursday may 24 of course you can listen to a slide Monday through Friday between five intent. And ninety point five KT JA BCF.