5.23.18-KTK MORNING SHOW-Shop Smart For Sunscreen-Dryer Sheet In The Bath Tub

Wednesday, May 23rd

Keep food cool outdoors by using a shower cap, the 22lb iPhone case and smart shopping for sunscreen. It’s the 98.5 KTK Morning Show recap for Wednesday, May 23, 2018.

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As an idea point 5 KG he morning show recap for Wednesday may 23 to last Wednesday before the unofficial starting a summer on a national professional yeah yeah summer this is the is at the last Wednesday and the main. I think new you know hours or one more of if there's a next I know because you know we got you got to pay that's I don't know how long I. OK with no money and we got to wait almost next week and get paid so yeah not that we do this for money down no. I don't know he let me give you a synopsis of what we're gonna go over in today's show recap book okay all right. Apparently. Late court zombie is wearing sun screen have been scratching and sniffing postage stamps in the bathtub with dryer sheets. Wearing shower caps all while they're doing curls with a 22 pound iPhone. That. Is beautiful. And yeah. That's job behind. That's a little bit more need to OK we should flush some of these out in new especially those zombie story has good values more flats Kurdistan. Now. Tell you ask. Lake Worth I I guess the and then a power outage so I get to 1:45 Sunday morning and you know that the new phones as they don't tax they do a push notification yes. Which by the way you should make sign up for our radio dot com get our pershing pushed out of the yes we know there's helpful I'm gonna wake up at 145 Italian army power you'll know that when you get out our clocks but news doesn't work and so however -- apparently somehow in the message stating that there was a power outage there also was a zombie alerts that the power outage was due to extreme zombie activity in Lake Worth. An interment has which of course is the town in double bed and I think people the fictional toughness blocking that this was just an experiment they had never used it before and somebody had just stuck this and there is a idol was a prank or just a place holder upon data room right the city was broke quick to point out in a statement that there is no zombie activity currently in the city of Lake Worth and they apologize and and I'm wondering if it's just kind of like they used obvious seller. Yeah easily accessible only send out ours you know you have the delete though it's some learn you have Latin the last and stuff yeah. So right now I'm gonna say allegedly all they know is there's no zombies there was just a drug dance at the senior senator you don't that's. So was well if there are zombies we don't that would have plenty of time even English news broadcast to get out of the way I hope there's never a zombies and scratch and sniff coaches stand because on these probably smell. I think and I think all of us staying economy yeah so the post office is releasing scratch and sniff postage stamps. Featuring illusions of a cheese realizations of frosty color poll PC pops on any new light pop circles and need the only reason and only way you know what flavor there are as if you scratch and sniff the standards that yeah. And I'm just wondering. Then there are they never seven. The delta smelt you're liable Pretoria the see you know we again unknown you have to buy them before and then scratch and sniff them as sort of effort strike gum remember nights that you we both. He chipped it from I don't gross likes his stripes yet an asset it's worth a flavor you have and menace just some to do. Now so unnerved him and my dad but yet Alex like June 20 will be available he combined them pre order into and books are twenty right now at the post office web site. As I went this last week over and judges and shopping and I'm amazed that there's an entire pile at the store dedicated to cents drink a hole like the entire hillsides are nothing but sense treats us a little overwhelming when you trying to figure out what is the best for you well. Cutting down to the federal government. Require sunscreen claims to have not truthful and non misleading information only and three the race you only have to know three things were nearby and so on screen SPF. Broad spectrum. Water resistant any other words in there like reached say four or art or sport or that that's just fly off yeah these are the only three things are really matter in some screens yeah and it's really is kind of confusing Hannah handling up on our website when you're talking about the SPF factor sonet protection factor because Timothy going like from an SPF fifteen to an SPF thirty it's doubling you were able to flee arguable the funds heavily error protection but in LST it's not it's cute. What happened is that the higher the SPF is. The more tub time you can Wear before need to re apply it and instill blocks anywhere from 95 to 90% of the sun's UV be nice but in less it says broad spectrum it's not covering UV a rash does a lot of skin damage you have both of them could cause I cancer beyond VA is one of Asian wrinkles run of the of those sunspots you want you want broad spectrum that takes care of it and you probably want water resistant. Yeah this is really true because the second you start sweating over the second dip into the portal water that sunscreens coming off yes. So you know that's where he comes into the whole thing of a sunscreen or just are destroying the reefs and that's where this word. Reef safe is coming into play in the don't be do not thinking that you're buying something that's gonna be deceiving the reefs because it can still have to contain the a box so benzene is the chemical that bleach is the reef so if you look for that it box so benzene in the in ingredients don't buy it right even though they might say on the front its reach safe it really is and when they say water resistant. This is just a guideline that says it'll last between forty and eighty minutes while you're in the water yet they say the best what protection is tonight using sunscreen and all and just Wear long sleeved shirt exactly yourself rods have brought down rim tackle old school with the old zinc oxide that would cover your entire nose with the Yemeni look like a tourist who were to hack at. Yet one on the black tube socks. I firewire eyewear I Wear jeans at the beach there got a that's just that's PF there that's a stroke. Let's say web but the Memorial Day weekend here summer's here you've probably gonna have the the potato salad chicken salad. All that stuff up for your picnics and of course the BP got to worry about with all that mayonnaise is that it begins to warm half its delegates rainbow the end a nasty kind of ruin juror we and this is where the shower cap comes in which is pretty cool all right to take an old school shower cap. Which are what the elastic around the top right now they give you at the hotel right. Turned upside down. Place the ball put some crushed ice study music and Heisman because I seem to be to work filled kind of halfway fall. And then put the ball inside of an intake the elastic that orders fell a ball right there abject admittedly being the plastic and kind of put up front aside so therefore he keeps it moves the ice up on to the site as well a classical hold it hold it on the boulder and depending on what stylish senators a swim cap or stash our. Gorilla can add some flair to Europe picnic and yeah I won't kill your guests how about that. If you want Joseph here yes that's your own does not thoughts Salmonella free. Yeah it to a stimulus for a case for Christmas. Do you share that especially for the I I didn't cook this piece of chicken just agree that. And then who doesn't auditory to pound iPhone case all right over here and amount of us who I autos which shipping costs and to some guy just from this. Attached a cell phone to a 22 pound de Bono tell ya been like that's some kind of invention like duct tape can't do that well I mean if Shaq if that's true but I have been at the the gym in the most annoying thing is the people that are fiddling with their phone while out on a piece of equipment. Please move along you know its use it's not I saw this woman is is just yesterday. Sitting on this piece of equipment of people waiting to use. On her phone like at some buckets up a bench waiting for a bus don't slam this could go sit over there that's a piece of equipment somebody's trying to shoot right exactly how important is that accurate so the much showcase as is being doubt who works on the the iPhone ten parity last me it's tested its spin they grow this is the model. MySpace. It actually has a a public harbored it case that is picketed at 25 degree angles and you're able to watch the screen while you're. Pumping iron that's the dumbest thing ever and seriously this is a better bet this a bad back well it is if you want a ticket to London at ten times dumber. It's a it's a hundred dollar honor now. Year ago and what would shipping be out of a 22 pounds of anything I just hope you have up crime analysis that's going to be a pricey shipment date. So there is our little show for today Wednesday may 23 of course were on the airline but if you Friday between five and ten an idea what I came to get a BC got.