5.22.18-Sweatworking For Business Leads-Lose Weight By Taking off Your Shoes

Tuesday, May 22nd

You can buy a wedding gift bag from the Royal Wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, swap networking with sweatworking and the right way to use a disposable disinfectant wipe. It’s the 98.5 KTK Morning Show recap for Tuesday, May 22, 2018.

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Hi there it's the ninety point five KG him ensure recap for Tuesday may 22 let's jump right into that puddle of water. And now let's talk about the the big wedding and heaven on last weekend they Prince Harry and Nat may get. You remarried. When I loved it it was a nice ceremony what the called the dude should conduct does duke and duchess of social success rights about thirty million Americans watched it end up with all big weddings of course. There are gifts involved in not just for the happy couple but for those who attended a as a gift bag that was given out. And somebody's put it up for auction on each day. Don't know what's inside it well known yes it's our policy bottled water short Brad Pitt picture of the couple. But this might favor one a 20% off coupon for the Windsor online gift store now we're talking not a freebie but it just degree or percentage off a forever refrigerator magnet and a giant commemorative chocolate coin. You won't be able you wouldn't believe the the interest that is up on non on eBay has so none of this morning the 22 of may at 3 AM. They'd be the high speed was 4177. Dollars that's maybe like twenty bucks worth of stuff maybe maybe absolutely. But you have to may 28 two look over the as Monty and of people looking at it. If you want to do a little bit more modestly priced at twenty dollars for each year an actual program from the ceremony most goodness I pay that let's talk about played no it's I guess other we're worried about future. Endeavors where the smell of Plano may be used. So the owner of Plano which is Hasbro has patented the smell of play don't. And the best part is that you have to describe it in order for you to get through a patent on it so this. And a sweet slightly musty Danilo like fragrance what they. Slight overtone of cherry and the natural smell of salted wheat based duo assaulted in movies do and that's who we learned that played there was not gluten free today it's not gluten free yeah I imagine a good of our logo admit this when it's awful lot of cracker incident at the Meyer the third group experience. I can tell Il a when I walked in to get. A new perfume I definitely tell them I wanna smile like the weak banks down to who we are happy yes you have been my goal in life to smell like Brad though yet babies whose too hasty manner. That's attends ye Steve I know attractive man like that he. Soviet looking to network instead of going to those chamber mixers and perhaps bars when I go to the gym and he professionals are turning to sweat working like networking but you sweat all right have a meeting after shower after rights. They could go either way it could get a marriage or how bad you with a cell there is more it's it's basically it's. It's big actually catching on more than traditional means and this is kind of why it's a step. It takes pressure off of trying to force a connection over an awkward lunch. Which is kind of true pleasure not really. Eating calories you're burning a mosque near the end you're killing two birds with one stone was a year you know one is stations benefit Bryant and you submitted or and how often do you get to shower with a client at a little odd. Let's let's cut to highlight just a all right so let's talk about the Clorox wipes the disposable disinfectant wipes. If you're using him like water to do clean your entire continued doing it wrong. If you're kind of out using it to and then now wiping it clean again like with the paper towel yeah you're doing it wrong if you're not reading the instructions on what you're doing wrong yeah this is all written right on the bottle imagine that now that you instructions on this yeah that is now on the side of the Clorox wipes bottled. They say that you're supposed to what the surface and let it dry naturally for about four minutes that's how long it takes the chemicals to do its thing all right the chemicals have to do their thing in order for them to clean and know exactly. And this is not the kind of wipes for use in the toilet. New just like the point that out and all of these races don't use an excellent on human skin which actually vocalists on when using these and then also witches it interesting to know it's not that he doesn't work well with things that are coated are sealed so it is and it's like you're granite countertop student actually designed to be used that waste and he'd go back something else just lose some weight Shelley made and a diet I think we have all agree announced over the simplest in the world. I just take up issues before you enter your home. That sounds good to have a bigger 1 here very yeah eastern in out according to research our shoes bring in nasty environmental chemicals known as obese so Jens Tom got the word obese right in their four years there I know you're gonna lose weight and medals with your hormones causing fat levels developing your tissues and they actually say household dust is the biggest compiled biggest. Contributor contributed to this one here but they also say you bringing it in on issues from outdoors. Contributes to the dust so the saying is cleaning your house vacuuming your regularly and possibly kicking off your shoes before you come and from a good ways to release of wait and be healthy I'm glad it's not the food I'm meeting. Well that's leading up. Does not store lots and I've got a real pieces in disguise the obesity and not the the saturated fat and die off late in order to make who's not the general of the bottle wine and out. Now the pressure. Well you and your bottle wine because this Memorial Day I am not going anywhere while gas is at a four year high they say the average national Alley he for one gallon of gas is two dollars and 93 cents and said 19% more people are gonna stay home this year because of the price again yeah it's really got morally weekend it's the despite more than 1241 cents over the past three months or twelve cents of the last two weeks. You ready for the real reasons to spin here we go the big oil says well we're switching to summer grade. That's but the problem is plus they should just say because we feel like you're yet because I said I'd say it's a rocket the jobs but don't feel too bad here and I and our area locally the average gallon of gas ranges. Anywhere from 281 to 2875. I've got a quick look at every time I look at jumps 1010 cents Lehigh insists it's painful. And they say appeared in the panhandle and South Florida has eyes get in the country in the estate. As for the countries the San Francisco Bay Area has the highest the cheapest gas is Baton Rouge, Louisiana. So they go big. Could be wears you out I was time in my dad last night because he wants to come down on his motorcycle. Gas is lake about a dollar 75 a liter which works out to be like 660. Gallon. Following in Canada in Canada idea as painless Lebanese that's I'm real I'm. The that's about two dollars for us. The bizarre display of it. I know that's critical is gonna he's gonna come from Canada on a motorcycle yeah I will also part of motorcycle at her house and so he's going to be driving down to who's kind of look and all the gas prices as he comes and he's basically established. Just don't get gas in Canada. Well I think sixty gallon ideas and maybe it is maybe this he can save some money. On food just open your mouth that you treasure ride yes butterflies in their Jamil and the need to use that money for gas you're bound to get some protein. It's love bug season got a La. That's our show for today Tuesday may 22 a course run airline Monday through Friday between five intent on 98 point five GT KBC. I.