5.21.18-KTK MORNING SHOW-Prediction Of Items Available Today That Will Be Extinct In 10 Years-Swimmeralls

Monday, May 21st

It is never too late to start exercising to live longer,  Predictions on what common item today will be extinct in ten years and swimmeralls are the “must have” around the pool this summer. It’s the 98.5 KTK Morning Show recap for Monday, May 21, 2018.

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I it's a 98 point 5 KTU morning show recap for Monday may 21 we roots and we're just here now that's we were whatever it took. OK but the future is here future is gonna change in the future that's we're gonna tell you last rites eight in case you missed the Sony show our report for portions out here. As a guy named Michael McQueen who has a pretty good track record of making its futuristic predictions based on the information we have today. And he's got over a few things that and that's what actually are going to be obsolete. One of them has been ten years from today saying years they say our credit and debit cards. Building on forgot about it you'll need anymore because of new facial recognition systems that are now in place. Well actually figure out what who you are just by looking at you and realizing. Oh you're the guy that didn't tip well. That's a if we get table for a couple of those cameras would have taken all our money by it and it's so we don't need credit card as well maybe that's what he's talking well gonna get hacked by then and then his oldest living in years. It says America they also say part of this sentencing parking lots and garages will be obsolete as well that one to really struck me inside the and I get. You at the next yeah so the think tank rethink acts or reaching ten and I guess predicts by 20/20 seventh. 90% of passenger vehicles in the US will be travel passengers will be traveled in an autonomous vehicle meaning and we a driver less self car. So in essence it'll be kind of like what they have viewing gains on that met driver Lewis bust out. Wages kind of hop on to go we need to go to union hop off autonomous vehicles that use of the word and many out. And then they also say that iTunes will be long gone right un agencies. Here's a streaming people are stream and that it's really interesting how quickly this came at 2001 everyone one divide at the albums and in these songs now underwent. Pays for the subscription to listen to loyalists doing KTK we don't have to pay border download songs or an actor we would go to for years here in half for free so they're eagerly about went they also say customer service centers will be gone by 20/20 85% of customer service interaction will be done. With artificial intelligence we are we talking robots how. How are you are but yeah. Everybody is Narnia. So there's that and then one final prediction is that the we're going to be losing gas stations. Mr. the growth of electric vehicles rising costs of fossil fuels a machines becoming more efficient and fuel. Means that we will have the need to fill up as often bunker so those those predictions will you have instituting an incident. All right in if you're not into exercising do it anyways even if you're 55. Via the without yeah it's never too late let's say you're between. Forty and sixty right now. And you haven't done a thing you've never gotten off the couch well it's not too late you can actually help your health out dramatically them with a little twenty minute walk every day it worked pretty big number this comes from John Hopkins. Hopkins who said of they've looked at more than 111000 adults and they found increasing physical activity for as little six. Years of your life twenty minutes a day from forty to sixty years old. Picture your risk of heart failure down by 31%. It's amazing it wow you've never exercising your life and your forty to fifty to six years old and start exercising twenty minutes today. He cut that wrist MI 24%. By the flip side if you continue to do absolutely nothing to be a couch potato. You are really increasing your risk of coronary problems which by the way two of the leading conditions people are hospitalized 65 and older. And it's because of heart failure and don't so be aware. They're their (%expletive) together as an exercise and make your legs longer Chris and I thought you know other actually in Russia. They have a procedure will will add like you you can add two inches to your height bigger they actually break your lay and and these contraption to make it longer in Russia leg breaks you out. They did and a lot of places I used to be used to watch all those TV shows really weird surgeries and stuff I watch a couple Lauren lake with little people would get Blake calf lengthening surgery and running literally break the bone. And then slowly let the bone rebuild itself and then break it and then bill that. So yeah super terrifying it is super painful but considering he apparently it's the most attractive feature on a man according to win long legs and a lot of people are doing it they have researchers looked at 341 women opt 23 to 41 women in the Sharma guy. And then based con about Photoshop. Chest. Adds tiny lakes arms and they found some costly women overall pick men with longer lay eggs in the tend to think that that's instinctual. I think because there's a link between a short legs and an increased risk of diabetes heart disease heart failure are Hart high blood pressure and dementia. And it's harder dance for shortcuts that. Let's say let's fight allergies were to pay Shelley. Yes this who doesn't love getting an injection twice a week so this is instead of getting the injections to like keep from getting allergies. Some he's an editor toothpaste in a news. Every day I get out there there's an allergist who could not understand why his patients were not coming into those allergy tests mean they are daunting I had him down for a a long time for a damning tale and you know when you have to go yet to start going twice a week and then you kind of tapered down. And what they found was that was the reason is just inconvenient and in also the fact I don't wanna be human pin cushion you lose so with fifty million Americans suffering from now he's got to figure out a better way you see actually did some testing and figured out that the foam inside the two when you brush your teeth the foam that create you you can actually have allergens in there the Libyans were by your gums and therefore were kind of the same white. Ends called all the current over older dents and it's kind of new so your insurance may not pay for but it is definitely worth talk with urologist deceive. It works for you know. Yeah I woke up this morning with. Like the source throat and my eyes itchy and my ears are itchy and I'm just like it's been raining so long you know why is this happening the out for some recent job and it's like crazy to the point worms certainty. You know like have bleed. Yes so I don't know what's Conan I don't know it's just the country has finally gotten to a script of the us girls as writes no more ranking means may god. In the season the cagey canine to five Beckham seriously. And look it would a swimmer all he has to sit and if it what it is it's like short remember back in the nineties should the world but there shorts yeah okay. It's that but for men and there they have like arrow buttons at the waistline so you can not go with the top. To the top off yeah. All right did take a look at the ones we have online it doesn't surprise me the company that makes some cabbies yes it doesn't surprise me in the league what's it like that what's the name of the company Chevy's. -- it is. Find me feature bowl ninety colors in France and they've been sold out for quite some time with. Cost about 8450 on line to a good chevys immediately to the website Elena why that I didn't pursue the -- name any longer anymore that I really could have so I'm I'm showing restraint here this morning but I made an exclusive sperm men of all body types that are very for giving their very alas it's an old strip club name and it's on the bill but the putt and then finally if you've noticed that your electric clock. Is it seemed to be dragging in nine is accurate is it once was is not the clocks fault it's the power companies help. This I did not notice of the old school clocks would actually keep in saint. Buyout measuring the precise pulse was electric current that the parent company would send it you have no idea current coming to your house Alter incurred means a ghost. Between plus and minus sixty times a second. That's how the wave gets actually through the wire to your house and they've been using clocks firm's services they invented electricity at the clocks actually measure those 62. There's low sixty S cycle turns every you know every minute. And that's how the knows how to sync your clock up. But I guess it's very expensive dvd that's for big power has pushed back on the government so they no longer have to have. Exactly sixty sixty Hertz of electricity 24/7. So because of that your clock if it's plugged in can actually be off by as much as seven and a half minutes via our per year. So it's not the clocks fault it's not the clocks all know by sixty Hertz is the sixty hurt anymore they they say as you know assess it to be dealing more because clocks are seeing too by the Internet now which is based on the atomic clock you know she apparently is much more accurate. And you know it's funny you mentioned that storm the the number you can call that gives you though the timing on Fort Collins, Colorado dad my grandfather used to call that all the time and it's like it's one of those things you don't know happened now when you set it goes like. Know that path that was the whole idea use it to your club could all use a college I I mean I wouldn't I wouldn't bet that he didn't call it daily because he was so like a meticulous. Those types I things I wonder if it's still there or if it's like archive we should I didn't know I believe it is you know I believe with our man there weren't gonna wonder. You still don't even know what time is so there is our show for today Monday may 21 of course you can listen to us live Monday through Friday between five and 10998 point five K to hit ABC back.