5.18.18-KTK MORNING SHOW-Hummus Shakes-Use Food Coloring To Find Slow Toilet Leak

Friday, May 18th

Come to find out, 98.6 degrees is not normal body temperature, matching pool floats for you and your dog and hummus shakes. It’s the 98.5 KTK Morning Show recap for Friday, May 18, 2018.

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I there's an idea point 5 KTU morning to recap for Friday may eighteenth. You're gonna notice a different accident with Chris he's not just Chris Malone anymore he's lord Richard buddy of oak. Mike port au prince of apple pie and and related. Stella small about your name lady Agnes trouble of that to lessen unique answer that's when you get your roiled a misnomer infringement page and there's a way to do it you using your. Favored grandparent. Or your first pet mr. you grow up on. You're my grandmother names are both. It's Agnes in China. Well that's it just you know I wasn't winning neither course so it hurts your first pet's name was troubled youth. Yep my first pet name of the cat and his name was trouble. I consider the disappear again see that. Chris was a Dalmatian. Are only from back but I only isn't. But it was a dog we got from the shelter known was always petrified of the rooms we could never break all the wow antennae remember amount to sweep somebody or traumatize the dog with a broom her whole life she'd. Couldn't over the middle so important thing that she was sweetheart yeah right let's talk about the show today meant. Well I learned so much because everything I knew was wrong for a story that's a normal body temperature. Now it's not 98 point six okay now and on and this the best part is simply we would go along our scam was so we have doctors that guns to school for seven years to nurse is that a gun to school for seven years. All these people have basically said in ninety point six regional temperature rig active active 1850s to some German is it. That's what it is art so the information you're working off of is a 150 years old now medicine. We might have found more things about it but long story short out the average tempered you actually your temperature changes throughout the day but you're more or less and 98 point two not six point to see your point four degrees less than you really think you are and -- pretty normal believe it or not your lowest. Body temperature is around 6 in the morning when Ewing cannot you're warmest is near the early evening when you've been up all day do you think which is like your car you know it's as you warm on our targets more active it warms up. Abu they also found out is that history as you get older you don't create as much heat so that explains why your parents' knowledge and Carolina that's right and they actually did anything dead gender and ethnic background play into your body temperatures well but. Why it's kind of important is the CDC's dead declaration of you being sick or having a fever is a hundred point four degrees and that's based on ninety point six being the regular OK so if you're and that's when your probably contagious and should go to work right right so what they're saying is even though he may have a mild temperature of like 99 point five. Based on the fact that your normal temperature is ninety point two you really are sick and you should stay home now okay so this comes some good information to have their forehead. Talk about your job if your bartender hey hey you have America's not only is job you know. Yes it sounds weird but yeah according to the research. What is it to have it may look to census data for it's a job hunting site tells sepia. And they analyzed census data for people under the age of forty from 20122016. I found bartenders tireless dollars. And food servers most likely to be single. Tour guides and travel guides in most parts sales people not just regular ones but as a part around at the top five. Personal I care workers flight attendants veterinary assistants also ranked high if they flooded tens would mean a lot of people yeah and Archie leaving a lot of people announcer but what they tend to think is that you have you're in industries. The UVs and she's just mentioned have a lot tar turn over so yeah. They're probably more like a starter job and really odd hours yeah on our roster and they also say that and a lot of times when you're in these jobs -- we're focusing in and you know looking at your other jobs of romance may not be here and if you work on commission you're gonna work longer hours right to do so and honestly go for bartenders there was me and I was young bartender. I don't wanna be married now I want every single. You know what I'm gonna be some fascinating people yeah yeah. Hurry up and I was real Biron had a party and I was a bartender I would expect people expect muted matrix and I'm I'm off. You have. If we have a bartender in our brunch bunch and I mean I'm sorry he is in charge of the bloody marys area is Ali is the exterior right. Do those doing it and loves being the bartender apparently having an Emeka Thomas shake. I he might be able to jail. Let's see us talk about the Thomas sit shakes because there's a new healthy fat in May sound kind of I think you sit right well pretty thick that it it makes me feel like it would be sandy you might need some water what is. Think to become a smooth and cool but. If this thought health benefits for people that have problem would there though yeah it's the Obama's India company at a New York they've debuted their Hamid Sheikh for the Summers sounds gross and looks like a strategy on the outside and inside. It is chock full chick peas. Tell Haney. Frozen banana and as dates are not meant to end up pure Vanilla as well see it sounds good when you we've put all of the ingredients and now they did they say the rest are all natural it's the units they're freeing gluten free hand the sweetness from the the dates and other stuff looks natural sugar yeah I guess Manning's itself on a they have like five flavors and they actually according to the reviews say they go down pretty well okay they say I I. Yeah I wasn't I was skeptical always comments Bahamas is like two peas in Dini and all that yeah but with the and the Vanilla and stuff and then the dates yet and might and might image right might you know might wanna try this one as well if you've maybe thinking your toilet is robbing you blind in my be leaking slowly has been captured on every real thought about that yeah I know sometimes you can know when the when the toilets leaking is an evening here can constantly for a lot of dirt away handled you know give a slow leak you don't know so here's the here's the trick go to your kitchen grabbed bottles food color or Coolidge Republican led and then what you wanna do is go to the twin in question opened the top tanked. Put enough of the food coloring in their two to die in the water yeah not like enough for wood stain. And come back and prosecuted twenty minutes if you notice a see red. If you noticed the coming out of the inside your torrent packets and in the toilet bowl itself to a ball itself than you know you gotta slow leak found little flapper is not doing the job at the need a battle the flapper my entire life affect. It's me vs the flapper and sometimes the flapper wins if it doesn't mean on missile with the newer ones is the chains made out of plastic now yeah and they get bound up and wildly they. The beginner disintegrate quite easy although there are that's planned obsolescence and I guess off the this is our interest in our dog blogging loving friend who absolutely I am. I think toward the pulled. We had to pull out our old house and that it every single time I got in it was my mission to get at least one dog in with me. All right despite their version too well we have account for it how about afloat he with a placed just for your poppy I go over to that she'd the house she used to have tell ya tell the people on it hey let's hear oftentimes I got dibs. There's a company called fund boy the electrical flow could brick company the other that neither the people that created bark box may lose in the park Oxley send you a doggy treats it yeah yeah. So they have actually created float bundles including human sized version of afoot and it looks identical little mini me that fits for your pet a little puppy version of I looked at this Chris it is better than the Barbie car and it looks like aid and large Cadillac pink Barbie car it's got the same things in your car Dahlia all that's just too it'll mean candidates and by the way for the thing afloat for the dog it holds up to fifty pounds and has made with specially designed puncture resist yet vinyl there we go on and it does have a place for your suntan lotion and your beverages and Rusty Yates. All right parties on glasses sold separately and I have some friends getting a puppy this weekend and I think they're also building a pool right now while this is actually I think are really neat. A lab puppy welcoming gift he really would you really well yeah. And finally who didn't have if I actually believe it and I did not have a fake ID you didn't never had a way both of us admit that we had faced guy I personally just got. We can't Google this I can't believe it out unless you've been the path I thought well. Makes you better fare better when I turned 21. Baiting pardon me at all and I was so devastated about same thing happened I mean seriously and yet when you wanna get carted out as I've ominously legal this time like about that idea still warm from the DMV where I got it yeah I'm so Arty about it let's go to a bar in New York City with a young bartender. Went to school Alabama right now it's four years later and she's working at a bar in New York City and some young folks commit and they would like an alcoholic yeah it's clear America making. McHugh and she and she should she lost her ID while she was just an in school in L in Alabama and so she had these command and it was it was doomed from the beginning is the first girl she showed. Was an idea her friend had lost. Six sites you know the idea but it because it was her friend in this you're not my friends is like a nice guy nice fake I know just by the way to suggest in this little picture here Iron Man so Walt often Alan here's a couple other ones showed me assuming legalize Louisiana shelter but we came to the final girl who hands Cleo her ID. And looks at the picture starts to laugh even harder apparently. This was her idea a real idea of us believe or long years ago and it's been it's been around the block of people have been using it as a pet idea so in New York I guess they have this law where an illicit alcohol if they serve food to people under these twenty guys they wanted to be a underage in a bar or you don't drink right celebrate she let him order food that she won and all were to get this idea how right idea had a great story this is all open to -- like he's traveling pants write songs and so she lost ID four years ago some other girl found the idea. Used it as her fake IB until should tell us is legal right. An insult to this girl and sold it out this hoses your brilliant so yes it illegally brilliant. That's so that I beat a top imagine what it is no ligament so they learn cripple criminality at odds college in Alabama what went on sale does zero regular regular no beer pong in impounded Adam. At a fixed format that we learned a lot today what the actual body temperature is what a loser you are you have a certain job. Palmer shakes out and see if your toilets leak and pull floats your dog and the great idea story what a show yet you know are coming up on Monday and a few the next podcast deafness when there. We're gonna go over one feature that apparently is being number one us sexy feature of a man. It is really not the biceps or the ads and test the rules so we'll tell you sexy feature of a man sexy feature and it's not that either their shoes. And my you know they say big shoes big feet big feet straight big Sox that's right. So there's our our broadcast for our recap today Friday may eighteenth of course who live in the air Monday through Friday between five intent on ninety point five GT ABC yeah.