5.17.18-KTK MORNING SHOW-Avoid The Lifestyle Creep-LaCroix Swimwear

Thursday, May 17th

Yogurt as a dinner appetizer? Plus how to avoid the lifestyle creep for a stronger financial future and LaCroix swimwear! It’s the 98.5 KTK Morning Show recap for Thursday, May 17, 2018.

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It's an idea point 5 GA game morning show recap for Thursday may seventeenth. And here's things you may have missed in the show who you know we have a outs jam packed two and a half hour show every morning. And you can't catch and also here's the great import. Maybe your kids are involved a little. Too much in the extracurricular activities yet there's a study that found 80% of children in this survey to party organizing and activities four to five times per week I mean somebody has to schlep from there and schlep them back you know even correct even now hi -- 58% had more than one event per day are you kidding me so what band practice soccer practice and then scouts absolutely and what they're saying is yeah I would parents are trying to do the right thing because you know. The exposure it's all these earnings and you keep him out of trouble but the problem is that your pride here. You're adding a lot of stress to your family unit of going from eight BD CBD all in an in a matter of timing you you Christen a talked about you know in Niger army was doing baseball and in the tournaments I was glad. Half and we if he was in baseball and they won their likes series so they got invited to play for all stars and we were like wow how much fun as I over the summer. What we did it know is that every single weekend that they would be out of town at tournaments. And I mean. The crazy. And explain how much money is. And I hotels and traveling gets a gets brush your friend of mine's daughter is in the traveling volleyball team oh yes they do really well in the big all over the country clamored driving to Minnesota we're going to Dallas seriously so you might want to find that Neitzel happy medium where the kids are they're doing some extracurricular activities we don't feel by oh we don't loading him up so much. That is doing them much good and actually could backfire via if you need a higher area secretary to keep track of everything the commitment to many extracurricular activities so let's have yogurt for dinner and lunch you'd get up to sell me on this all right so we know it's basically. Younger it is a breakfast food we thought it was but. And actually could have it as an appetizer before lunch and dinner because. They did a survey and found that them. Women who had twelve ounces of low fat sweetened yogurt every day work. Found to offset the inflammation caused by saturated fats at meeting cards and essence it's good for your immune system it's good for hypertension it's good. Four to reduce the inflammation. So which are doing his taking care of your gut health movement but can do this ending which he's now. I you probably could do the same thing which he's although you have to do some extra stuff because she's this kind of a roadblock if you know what I mean. I'm I'm I'm gonna show his younger doesn't do that is bad bouts OK so if I have a yogurt it that you Christie or think about like a non and on flavored yogurt right. I usual it will use to I miss so much value seat plane Greek yogurt not the Manila about the flavored just playing good Derek. And I mean IE it was one of my favorite things to eat I and I would I need at any time of the day not just back faster but. I didn't have friends text me you only did the peace and she's like you know they make so Leo very and I just. I don't think that so Leo okay or non dairy ogre has the same. But benefit where it's got the them in those areas and the dog I doubt have to research at I have rarely they do make it sound. How about that I don't let lifestyle creep eat up your your income now a lot of people are getting raises may be getting a new job. And therefore your game get some more money. Reasons to celebrate right so in my clinical and treat yourself and buy stuff but the problem is what's called the lifestyle creep is when it's a gradual increasing of your spending. That net become the exception becomes the reality and in their four year you won't notice him for the longest time but you're gonna end up being completely probably if you're a Nazi like guy and you get a couple extra bucks you starred in get a couple designer Beers some writing go to the craft Beers at. Well you might still be in that he liked guy budget wise but you carry out a crappy and we got an extra ten dollars a week I'm craft beer guy now well this is what. The older a lifestyle creep into two and they say is very gradualist very hard once you breach that at plateau. To cope backward so. What they're saying is that if you do get a raise or you're in a new job with more money is really set up your financial goals pay yourself first makes you never get into that money and it's OK okay generally. Go for the craft Beers. You know for the most part you're if you're nanny like guy urinary like you know and that he liked idea students and he'd be proud of it. All right yeah any Lauro we did this are okay we were played any. And it was a vocabulary website that took the word laurel LA UREL. I don't know ever ended this everywhere on this in the computer with sand and would we did and at yesterday in the studio Christen the clouds clear Isabel heard Yani. Chris and I both heard laurel and I think I think with it amaze does no work was completed yesterday because everyone is trying to figure out. What they were saying come to find out we were both right according to a psychology exports and this how it works and and look this they say that your brain is constantly. Receiving information all the time. In many times your brain has to make a quick decision if it doesn't have all the info it'll fill in the blanks for you which is what happened with this right here right so if you see the world let's see you see the word laurel on paper yeah you're automatically going to assume what laurel sounds like yeah and regardless of what's ahead. It may not to come across that way so. They say that that's probably what happened in the other part is that you don't have the visual cues about computer you know looking at some of these pages up lip reading a rise Syria and that also kind of makes you a little harder for your brain to figure out what exactly it is they're saying it. Plus they say and in that we have the slicked up on a website which scene ended a great job because we were playing at this of changing the pick out young going up and down and believe it or not change his pitch you'll be able to hear the other word that's right. So in essence nobody is wrong everyone gets a participant rather me joining here ago McKee Tiki and Johnny five Beckham we've got the link right there that slows it down for the changes the pitch right there. Any time I recently from now on I always do it in Morgan Freeman's voice in my. Yup actually just as dramatic posit Saudia like he does his school every morning that's. I'm gonna have to find it though I just saw somebody posted the original person who created this voice file right it is laurel. Wryly yep that the person who created the file on. Finally at like they found out who was some those post and everything and they are saying laurel. Yeah I had been in the thing is is it's not a reason I human voice to computer voice that because where is tricking the brain that's been yet to enter and so now all the information is there like human boards some maybe as many Syria's not completely useless maybe it's just I'm here not hearing which series tell me that the results are. Let's just talk it up with. Lacrosse a lacrosse what was a similar I'll look like LA Croix I think yes it's the flavored sparkling water that are -- paying too much for tell you there's as the website call public space and they've actually have to look for swimsuits that are out this summer so they joined to Rios and Taco Bell and all the other food companies that are making clothes now you need to know what these are hideous I can problems -- went there there's a rise look at their very being looked at the chance they don't so you have your here a few pure line knuckles against a your limit and passion for us as Tampa moost prompt them lose power and ability to you do it means the grapefruit in the French and it back and then our southern crayon or ask Mary. Ran area out arrest there. But that there's actually some energy water swim trunks on line maybe it's women that of south would you water there's a report that. And beyond the hats and even a flashback teacher inspired by Crystal Pepsi if I had on LeCroy shorts and Fuji waters where approximate Yonhap and a Crystal Pepsi shirt. I have to. Which I would think all that water you got on board would you what did you things or you be a NASCAR driver earth are you the congress representative of the United States of America that's yeah. A my jobs right here absolutely my sponsors and up to look at Libya have an alien encounter. Bad news if you live in Florida you're not gonna happen out casino dot org actually has on line odds as to. Where you'll find a UFO. Odds are favorite it's going to be the states of Wyoming and for months. You know hey you could have picked goes out of a list of Wyoming and in Vermont because there's so much alike greatest golf course. A Wyoming has its 205 21 odds that you'll find an extraterrestrial. Of Vermont's 250 odds to one these there's just easier to see in him right now Narnia like going on border. Hopefully not to going on board and I. I and and given control of that yeah for sure they say that they have I checked out population data as well as UFO sighting since 1940 NF compile these odds. They say the Los odds are in Florida and Texas California are at Florida Texas and and New York. California has the highest number of UFO sightings though is also more people the right so and then let's see here the lowest place believe it or not was Arizona. Which is right next area 51 yeah that that does amaze me because they can't talk about it. Is that it yeah. I'm a little disappointed that Florida with a all the crazy guy we don't have as many UFO sighting to me if I'm crazy busy we're too busy looking down at everything that's happening on our level to and this guy let's start looking up this weekend and see if we can get some crazy to Dallas deals were crazy in Florida it's not a place that's our show for today of course Thursday may seventeenth. He can listen to a slide Monday through Friday on ninety point five GT candidate BCS.