5.16.18-KTK MORNING SHOW-Banana Ripeness-Cosigning Private Student Loans

Wednesday, May 16th

What you need to know before co-signing a private student loan, the ripeness of bananas have different health benefits and Crocs are back It’s the 98.5 KTK Morning Show recap for Wednesday, May 16, 2018.


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I there's a 98 point 5 KTJ morning show recap for Wednesday may sixteenth let's jump right in because I don't believe this Crocs are back in style I used to believe it since I thought it was safe to go back to the shoe store Crocs those little foam. Blow shoes full of holes that yeah pitchers three year old niece wearers. Great idea and it seems that apparently for the month of April I guess EB sell a lot of them but they said that this shoppers log 25000. Searches. Looking for the shoes just in April. They say that does style experts attribute the uptick in two higher end designer versions of the shoes at a as well as not so celebrities like Rihanna and Jerry let go. Being photographed wearing Crocs. I have a pair of what the original purple Crocs that I only warned to mow the lawn. The Iowa let go for a thousand dollar tax cut the grass kaine as stains included on this these are a rigid his or authentic storm Roberts purple Crocs from the original. Load of Crocs that he floated up from Australia where these things came from a I'm telling -- joke about this but I guarantee you put that up and eBay and you know it's like this like what was the guy selling air yet thousand dollars Osama air somebody greens the castle like that I just know how anybody notices me on issues and not look at that has nothing we are fairly Rihanna wears Crocs I. Look at her all right so I think his era probably look and about financing and going to our college and for the first time ever for the state public universities. Tuition is the big moneymaker. Not big state money that usually outpace for education federal loans haven't caught up so no federal loans. Won't cover tuition that's where private lenders commanded this is where it gets kind of complicated does because here's the catch 22 as we mentioned many times where you people who younger. They don't have credit and they want instant credit because they can't get credit how'd you get credit component into credit pats were mom and dad coming has rights and that's where you come in as the co signer and it might be a little bit tricky because let's be honest this is that they were. Kind of the same rules as regular federal student loans but they're different. And the more along lines of actually like. They say and within two years. There's an option for you to as the post on her back out of alone without refinancing and no fees or anything if they make only payments on time in two years make all the payments on time and here's the big thing YL only 10% of these people over qualified. As you have to have. At least 10%. Or less of the monthly payment being of your gross income. So you have now got paid them make it more money you're gonna have to make a lot and I hurricane and then for the election out as the post tires now you know that's what a pretty high bar right there yeah it's so just biamby aware the because it took Acosta live on the road is it possible that I have to cosigned on jammies loans while I'm still paying my student loans you know that's blocks. Quite possible and that's it's kind of sad probably a definite yeah. Less about banana shall way. Up fiber potassium. Vitamins and minerals and what have you but the different colors of the right now is actually can change what it means in your diet. Go so they start from green and the go to yellow and then yellow brown spots and brown that's right okay so we're gonna talk about the green ones which actually to be very good if you are on local IC Mick index meaning you needed that keep your blood sugars in line. On the also is very filling because it's very fibrous and starchy. And it's really good for cooking because of its firmness. The yellow and first banana has more of that starts turning and assures us a little bit sweeter and surprisingly that is the easiest for your body to digest that's kind of like them Baston is targeting them brown and I looked a little too sugary in the gas costs of problem so that's good that's more antioxidants so that's that that health wise yes or an ox it's in the brown about it yes and has it been as it browns even more and get the dots that's when more than anti options come into play and that was completely brownstone tossing it away hang onto it. That is full of sugar yeah and that could be a really good sugar snap because or not talk about refined sugar this is actually natural sugar which could be really good for stack and for making them eight green bananas also worked in my philosophy of a long life I interviewed George Burns when he was 95 years old Walt Disney World as it what's the secret of a long life he goes always buy green business. A that's an hour and I lived that ever said all right a I let's talk about the trip to stop overspending. It's as simple as this according to are you a study zip ties zip ties handcuffs. You know burning a credit card I don't work put my credit card and a block of ice in the freezer right to creditors near a very strong magnets on the underneath you can do this so I don't know it's reflecting in recent use personal possessions and see if you if you need it soon other word impulse buying yet right if you stop and think how you're going to use this product. And if you can find no real function for this product you really don't need it like all those things that are in the check out I'll we have the grocery store you're really can get along without the writes that the a time when those things called. Now towards yeah they don't like him cinnamon alto it's not you know you I think about like when you decorating your house summit you this'll net net that's true but you know you kind of know when your mind which ones and you know when you're looking at. On average about 77% -- Americans have a bias in polls at least once in the last three months. I mean it's a lot of money we're talking about an average the 450 dollars a month and just in polls let's average yes yes that's a lot of money guys over a hundred bucks a week is yes suffered neck or something that you just adage hard so early on kind of you may think it's not much but it cutting a dollar here or there can really add up with the into the year you know like conscious spending you say that money up and a couple of months ago by Mike Crocs. Barak's past the goals reflect goals. Or you could possibly buy underwear that you don't need to wash for months at a time you know you don't really ever need to wash underwear but you probably should now ha let's look at shower you and I am on the issue and if there's a law you know organic basics as there are silver tech 2.0 line of underwear base today. Well. Go for months without having to be watched this it's the same similar process that NASA uses to purify water in the International Space Station. Actually makes the undergarments. 99.9 percent of them free of bacteria and fungus. Learned Chris and you had you you got to what yours is. I dig out my sister was going to Asia for six months by herself and she only had a backpack so I found this organics basics. And numb I got a two pairs of underwear pair of socks and act like undershirt. And all she did was rinse them off in a sink into your run for six months yeah she said she never had an issue a late. Cleanliness are feeling cleanly she always felt like everything was fresh moon. And Janet are well do you program a break ideal apparently. This is the great I don't know I learned it yet so putting off a job you need you know needed to do you need to have to do right by a baking some plea complicated at had at the house it's exactly what it is you procrastinate about yeah are you wanted to do and we supplement would baking about who we're talking about I mean big hard core major projects yeah idea is that it gives you that little bit of a break select went. That major project is. The two of them but Joseph was rising to twenty minutes fidelity in the back to the project that you were doing a good idea and actually years and both sides your brain there today say that although we've when your baking for bake sake the process is more you know it's more stressful but this is when you're not really doing it for any other reason but Julia. It's very much stress reliever have after having the bakery and now doing it for fun it's so much. Less stressful just to bake for fund you know just to kind of bacon if they turn out OK I send the work with Mitch if they don't turn out okay that's an hour I was not shocked I. There you go either way yeah so that's our show for today thanks much for listening a coaching pitchers live Monday through Friday other you hear an idea point five GT and he says laurel not handing. Yeah Annie yeah that was another thing Laura or Janine had Annie had social or I'm the next plus a nice guy.