5.15.18-KTK MORNING SHOW-Def Leppard Beer-Hack To Keep Sane When On A Road Trip With A Toddler

Tuesday, May 15th

The smart way to keep a toddler entertained on a long road trip, three red flags to watch for when being interviewed for a job and Def Leppard Ale! It’s the 98.5 KTK Morning Show recap for Tuesday, May 15, 2018.


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Well I'm adults it is the united point 5 Kati K a morning show recap for Tuesday may fifteenth is wrong about tacos today bar would be would you said all the me as a means yo what up what's not okay that's happened in the score now. I so here's what we discussed in the show you may have missed here as we get ready EE we were talking about this were what about a week and a half from a morally weekend yeah yeah right it's such just around the corner and maybe you're going to be flying to some exotic location and as much we trying cram everything in a carry on sometime Jackson need to check bags. Ott and desist is really no direct flight from here to anywhere. I does it change your bag might get lost you so if you check your more than one bag and here's what you can do is a little hack you do have disease unit had to step in once a case. Half and other divide and conquer split stuff up and always carry your medications with yeah yeah sunny event that your your suitcase goes MIA you're not left with nothing you'll have some sort of clothing her twin tree items or whatever so. And now his brilliance. This is cool because I Def Leppard. They're making beer. Def Leppard pale ale. Is a brand new Medicare. That'll be available when they tour the L world starting. It's the smug and eccentric next week and they're actually going on tour. But it's made by the a lice and now brewing company has Seattle has described as a perfect match of British mulls and Americans citrus and piney hops. At 6% alcohol giddy up. Seeking drink it all night long at all. All that and know. Yes those sixty and others 6% lower some for beer you know that's why is that now he's Ursa is a decent beer I had during an all night long if half half well not like ten. Now add they would do the sixteen ounce I think Peter normally has like anywhere from four to 6% off more like your average pail down you have the feeling I get really in before and don't pretend you well know your beer yeah because if you get too much alcohol it kind of puts you past where you wanna be you know out by the pool. Crowe as a perfect beer because this kind of low and alcohol Iago is like for like the fact that Dennis is my favorite beer it's only 3%. As real a really is just simply a gap filler yet is a got seller yet but I did well I don't get Guinness was relying on now yeah. Yes Odyssey here there was sixty announcer resembled a man hysteria label. By the way this turns up pretty good at their concerts they're gonna launch is Nate nationwide they're not the first band to go with a beer of their own Iron Maiden the rockers. Have trooper now for five years and I checked him combine it locally here and the more famous rock stars have tequila named after Castro saw him to topple wallow tonight. That's. Let's see legacy get the upper Purdue got the interview that for the perfect job him make a ton of money it's so great. Don't get overwhelmed with getting a great job if you has seen these three red flags you're gonna really wanna back up a bit this is a keep your heads up when you're known for that interview appears you need to watch out for stuff yeah monster.com brought us these tips here if you it obviously if you don't get along with the boss of the interview me. Probably gets on your not getting along with them regardless if they're kind of now paid attention to you may be being in now and condescending or you just don't get the right bite from home it's probably best he skip that particular job. It's a job descriptions unclear you know you gonna do little of this and little of that and bubble ball law on stuff you get an Abdul and everything to argue it's not really have a goal and therefore you can always be the you know you're not looking at your potential there for miss out on bonuses or raises and things along must feature. And then I'd just check the workplace if you don't give a good via the people are kind of miserable and they whisperer or they mouth you'd get out person you've got a good hack for that to now. Yes I mean I just always talked to the gate keepers are experiencing at the front desk. I mean they see it all they hear at all trust me yet I do know at all Tyrrell. And they're not shy without dep and us China keeping it to themselves even know who left so. Got back to the road trips this is a good interesting and nick here's my my sister it is getting ready do all along Khartoum and ask him a Teddy keep government nephew from policy and he's it's gonna be just turned six. And kind of squirming in the car you know. Rights and as she says you know usually I just given his iPad such as the dot while men and teller about this. That's actually the last thing you should give him is Dan electronic device yes and we'll get into that just a minute but they generally what they find is that Julie parents who give all be the backpack to toys all the accused once at one time. And that's kind of setting yourself up for some problems because you're gonna go to the it was a really quickly. And therefore be bored much faster. Verses you being the gatekeeper and pacing yourself giving them a toy an hour or at some sort of fixed time there's a dinosaur here's a car right. Here's a bag about passing you wanna do is electronics right there when you close through the good that's. That last half hour someone everybody general antsy were very very very that's when you wanna really be able to a rug. Divert their concentration into the battery should be trained by the Italians sort of dripping there. Back on a more parity apparently the most popular newborn names for Tony seventeen where it alien for a boy and Emma for girl Emma there's one name that's been left out with their little nose pressed against the glass and what name into address to be Alexa who ruined that for every race thanks Amazon okay next. What's his name was about the only Scioscia thinks Jews know uncle Jeff so backed a few years ago I was at an apartment what's when he 112012 the introduce the Amazon echo and of course the artificial intelligence is known as a Lexus or you can get. Alexa turn on the lights Alexa what's the temperature. Opt in what has happened is now bats. Since Tony sixteen the name Alexis drop off the list a popular baby name by 21 point 3%. Last year alone nineteen and a half percent. Bites to give you more numbers in 92015. There was. 6050 kids named Alexa just last year just just 3800 yeah yeah more more elects its Turk tune in. WK TK I don't think so and finally are only in Florida starts is you know they temperatures Verizon up in work turnout reached crazier and sprayed wrote in a kitchen floor yes. 39 year old Christine Lee Anderson and of all Polk County she cannot describe Christina lake police do she's four feet tall she lost both of her legs in a confrontation where she was shot by the police when she was holding hostages in the Burger King with a BB gun yeah he's one that. Now we're gonna fast forward to just a couple of days ago when she and her boyfriend were. She finally got caught she's been on the Lam yeah ever since she never showed up for her court appearance at this little Burger King follow falls well. She's on the lamb what she's got a boyfriend what happened Chris this is the best part I guess they were they got tipped off that the the cops not only just the sheriff the US marshals you know you're in drop out. They where where are you at all but so he's like he's gonna highlight her yeah and don't stock picks are up and then gets one of those plastic storage to what you know go into the Christmas decorations are right and I slash insurance candidate who fits in the overhead to your kids. So hoped but the thing was is guy is a brilliant have a plan this is apparently the window was open. They sausage stuffer in the vote capped off her. Has it easier to get her to the jail that's for sure regular downhill road here and unfortunately they are off the market that too is. Pod and haven't had a forgot to Burke the talk forward to obviously it turned up by the way they do have warnings it is. You know don't put your kids inside plastic cup where there are aired tightening will you you'll die on so. Works otherwise so that's our show for today takes much listening to the recap here of course we're live Monday through Friday between my intent. A ninety point five TT can ABC yeah yeah.