5.14.18-KTK MORNING SHOW-App Reports Rent Payment To Credit Reporting Agencies-Rent A Bridesmaid Or Groomsman

Monday, May 14th

Who needs friends for your wedding when you can rent bridesmaids and groomsmen, app that reports your rent payment to your credit report and the Rule of Five. It’s the 98.5 KTK Morning Show recap for Monday, May 14, 2018.


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It's an idea point 5 KTU morning show recap for Monday may fourth 2000 you're monitoring their red pen there Stewart yes I wasn't going into the pan collection here's the mighty united in just a just admiring occurrence it's you know security and too often you don't do and I've got to a two month from a bank and another one it's a not talk that the paper me. If you look. Yes 300 RT. Ten them I think every ten at home are these exact same pence in our company for less than me. Our XI is the same toilet papered we've ever wider war whether an amazing shot I. Accident that happened said Jim that's all right let's go over what we've learned at this morning on the show well I you know you are what you eat it's not just for health but also how good do you look. Depends on what you eat unhealthy right absolutely no matter what about the question that's right babies occur add it up and grow your size. Researchers at looked over 27 adults over the age of fifty and asked him about their eating habits and then. They take each one of them into to have the fish ski and determine the number of wrinkles they had. And what they found were that women who wait Muller fresh fruits. Vegetables and fish had a few lines is on their face. On the flip side women who regularly ate large amounts of red meat bread and sweet had. More wrinkles. Even if he had a glass or two why you had some wrinkles but not as many as you he eating out those with the red meat and sweets and that's mainly for women give them amends results Chris mail result alienate those ladies there was absolutely no difference in that the diets. I really think it's because it's you know we we expo in everyday we Clinton. He. And all that that he is a four isn't fully and that's for today's yeah I think they're healthy diets help keep women looking younger longer because I enters the body is when he vitamins in Plano it's. Which are or two or help routine boosting compounds that protect. Skin the end I can't plan an hour earlier a lot of the things they're telling us to eat are filled with water and then water makes a mean your skin just glow if you're hydrate the mixture of water I am absolutely question mandala. And one day you'll be able to rent yourself out as a grooms and are bridesmaid if you look good enough you know be great as a professional on aid you would be fabulous. In some states Reggie yourself out may be against the law but he. The world's oldest profession grass resentment here and get all the United States you actually if you could rent your own bright meaning gruesome and if you want. And makes sense if you think about this because I notice I in my in my wedding I had some to back up at the last minute it's and enemy was and I let him I was in the way they act out the last minute and after plenty of opportunities for them to Haiti is still a problem now yes. So I really kind of put extra stress of the wedding party so if you are paying these people to be their well course to immunity to that page and they're not just gonna stand there don't know. The a lot of other things like there're yeah they apparently in formal wedding planners with their rights we will have been doing the reading the errands for you plating the party's. Being there at the present at the ceremony its opening greeting guests. Believe it to have one that's. Like their professional writers are writing great host for you that's wrong and by the way it is pricey so you may wanna get a they've had a 120000 applicants across the country. For these at particular services bridesmaid for higher dot com and groups are for hire dot com. Guys get about 300 dollars for gruden spent for the ladies about 5000 dollars to what the president brought about one's a bridesmaid mores that. Because we do a lot more for the wedding just say and well and MS think the dress you know it's a make to me most is is that the deal with the at a. The most the thing is me and we're content used me and OK I know adding that I owe them a woman that was doing our hair you would be most adorable southern woman and she kept calling on the Mo assesses. She's just over their due and our hair and she's like. Enjoying your mum says that. I can't I access the poor all right yeah and I want us the most endearing thing ever their their 41 Libya mean most side right media scrutiny at a pretty angry he's your mama say there. So you know when it comes down to we we had a big housing crash back in 2008 a lot of people lost their homes in the had been trying to rebuild the credit fortunately it's it's been pretty good for them but. You know when your us starting out trying to get credit your K in this catch 22 where. No religion credit because you don't have any credit will how're you supposed to get credited to win them makes out like a cycle. So and the biggest thing that you pay is your rants but for most instances in never gets reported on where credit is not reported as credit which doesn't item that is makes no sense is that your credit right. Do you really release saying I promise to pay this month that this every month and a Mac and will fill in if you do that then you should begin some kind of credit welding you need to download the free pinch Pete I NTH app it really is cool because it well on the behalf of the of the who aren't for you they'll actually report to the credit agencies. So this is kind of how it works you connect your bank account and upload your lease agreement to pinch they'll look over suture renters do. How much is do what the penalties might be for lay it all right so all that good stuff here so what we'll do is when you get ready to pay rent a series to duke by chance he take a picture of your check. With the name in the Dayton everything like that if you do it online ticker screen shot or you know do through been no way to earth. I send that information to them and what we'll do is they'll make sure and looking to make you can't see win that money is to deducted in who the money goes to do so that your two complying with the right a lease agreement and and hope I'll do is no reported as eight installment loan paid to his experience ranging in an effects. So and brilliant yeah you're getting a super furry and they actually give you a 24 month payment window. Which is really helpful for getting credit and they say it about 75% of the users have seen their scores increased into the service. Thought something's particles for android and for a apple also take a look at that I'm surprised it took so long. Generally one this is you've been going for a long time all right so be happy in your life at home with the rule five. This is a good way to bricks and stress and it's a very simple thing when you get up to blow walk into the room and forget why he went there. All the way mine does what is something the rule five is to say five look at five things on the way and put them away. That was so brilliant much while I Vical clutter is like when removed from over our house and house we built. It was like we got rid of all this clutter warmer trying not to get back to the outer lancer. When I look around that's that's kind of what I'm looking for is our two are really need this pile of magazines right here right now. Right exactly and if you don't wanna get rid of them and in lessons that means that you you're you're doing some cleaning throughout the weeks before you're not letting it letting it pile up the way up here that's all you know doing. Another big stress reliever is to keep your kitchen sink empty panic room. I simple glass or fork in the kitchen sink may sound minor but it really if you think you're only your villain stress if you think about it always starts with a coffee cup in the morning with a spoon and in the next on you know there's lunch dishes and then the next thing you know you got a hold saying fullest I've got a client. It's like a line of sight though it if you put all divisions in the dishwasher then there are like in the sink. They're really in the sink and the counter looks clean so it's all the same. Merit and it finally did clutter your refrigerator has that this is interesting if there every square inch of your fridge is covered with. With meaning you picture is. You know whatever a magnet. He probably is a little bit too cluttering and therefore is probably having a little stress so if that bug you go head in now removed some of those items and maybe you'll have a a better home life organist stainless steel refrigerator yes they're I know you'll just have fingerprints at that point out that's yeah yeah that'll drive you insane. In our old house we had a regular fridge and we actually started a tradition where friends and come over and leave the picture on the bridge every time they left so it was literally covered like from the freezer door to the floor with pictures and actually made me really happy but. I admit when I clean Mitt and I saw the nice my fridge again like I only have a right. Yeah pragmatic view tiger what color your refrigerator like yeah I don't. Mean just flushed a little less than. This is pretty interesting especially now to the heels of Mother's Day but if you're the singles world you wanna increase your chances of finding true love. Post a profile picture with your mom. Guys girls doesn't really matter they there's a dating app called the league if found that. Users are included photos with their mothers in the profile tennis and percent higher match rate than those who didn't. And permit posing with mom indicates that he treats his mother well and is likely treat women well in general. And it's for witnessing your mommy and in the profile picture it gives you got a sneak peek at what's gonna happen to you don't experience this new job right so Latin may argue that it got to give that a shot. They also suggest that you never post a picture that is older than three years. Celtics aren't advised action photos are great though like hiking cooking engineering hobby. And the photos via candid photos and then hubble's holiday picks who doesn't love those great you know where in the reindeer ears and or the antlers are jammies yeah it is acting BJ is with their mom couldn't few things appear guy but you know it's okay. Today. And if finally talked about ten dollars actually. Did they go to you now forest people catching their spouses cheat in that mode is like a payment apostolic PayPal yes it's it works in the same way but what it is is it's more soul shall so when you. Have I hope if Preston were to transfer money to use storm yeah it would show up and didn't know. If she had a public and would say that it would tell you the amount but it would might like a glass of wine into war off up and most of them played or something so like this is for food or whatever. And that's what people kind of like it to see what people are doing and you could finally comets but what's happening is that people that are cheating. Her having that information up there and their like their spouses are going or imminent where were you having dinner the other night that's yeah that's like Christmas and I have our men on private pride I have my own private adrenaline people up my business yeah audio business yeah I mean I deal in recent Alexandra is not the social aspect of its its use PayPal. Charge you for me yeah transfers and this is how these guys make monies there's something I'm insurance ads must be I don't mind has been there are times when we transfer you know bills between accounts which has been no because as much faster than a bank in and then give banks charge. So and member and I said you have PayPal like here app you can take credit cards and stuff that garage sales gaffe you can get the same with and malveaux wryly yeah. You can take money right on the spot event though at a garage sale or something and it's it makes life so much easier when lake. My girlfriend and I got up cot or something we can one person can pay and then the other person consent event Mo and it just keeps things somewhat. Easy I've not done yet. So that is our show today Monday may fourteenth thanks so much for listening to our recap of course were on the air live Monday through Friday between five to ten here in ninety point five TT kick ABC.