5.11.18-KTK MORNING SHOW-Black Dot Of Death Text-Marion County Sheriff Hero

Friday, May 11th

Beware of the Black Dot of Death text that could shut down your phone, the perfect Mother’s Day gift and the off-duty Marion County K9 Deputy Sheriff that saved the life of an infant. It’s the 98.5 KTK Morning Show recap for Friday, May 11, 2018.


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No it's that idea point feisty hates he came knowing shows I didn't mean to it's starting are made you look me up the recap for Friday may eleventh let's jump right into its. The black top of Jess yeah sounds like like out thunder dome type thing Tom. But it's a computer thing all right it definitely has been wary if you're receiving text message with black dot among G in its. There's a good chance that it well in essence locked up in paralyze your iPhone or iPad. And now there's nothing you can this really is is he can't fix it but is as a little difficult lose apparently what happens is that it's it's a two pronged approach where. One email or what text message comes in with a black dot on and then another one quickly comes in as well what happens anytime you try to open a close it to anything. It would make your screen go Blake because in essence it's it's costing us thousands of invisible Unicode characters to. Basically cause your phone to crack is flooding your phone with him too much data and the apple when it's in danger wouldn't shut itself down and the bad part is that you can't force quit you can't delete the message is Wilson apparently issue out dude this particular fix on its. I guess it's two pronged so if you're happen to be under phoning you immediately see a message come across with a black dots you begin to delete it. If you can delete it your gut you can't delete it. This is what you need to do first off you need to force close the gaps a double click the home button. And then when it brings up the the index of the the open apps slide up on your messenger app up. And then what you gonna wanna do is go back to your home screen and then where you have your messenger icon. Do the 380 touched as we pushed down and McConnell hard yeah yeah a couple seconds. And will pop up a new menu and I believe it says so just selecting new message to let it go ahead and erase that one. So will be able to save your on your phones you'll save yourself many out hours of aggravation or frustration possibly a lot of money. Put about whom the film that's writes oh my god Becky glitter butts are so backed. And yet we have greater teeth earlier this week now I'm with glitter butts this is kind of the nutrient thanks so these musical festivals. It's actually companies are making special glitter body paint. And of course announcement to the bus. We'll have 50 PM word of the wise though I would not recommend going commando because you know it kind of gets in places and in my cause irritation but yeah I finally saw the pictures from them I'm impressed yeah out. One at their. I guess stamina at being able that's not a sit down and out right because I mean these things are injured kids up and too old I liken you do Leroy Hill. You know what how to make a prediction right here we've Hagler tong and glitter who glitter face glitter everything there's never going to be a glitters long. Clutter thought yeah yeah jewel song I think there'd be a little Kanye and little too much stay out of here. I'm sorry to say congratulations or becoming a new homeowner but the biggest fear people have or anxiety they had share. About owning a home is financing. And the simple secret is that you know that there are going to have unexpected expenses with owning a house. So these are actually Smart tips on not how to prepare for itself just as we said you know things are gonna go bad the water he's gonna go bad the roof may leak so. Going to start making a maintenance find. So when when they do go bad it won't hurt you was bad and you want to keep yourself into debt. They say make. The draw home maintenance calendar did you know you're supposed to train your water heater once a year now mr. little make it last a lot longer yeah so bring your phone say that you are on this day one year from now I need to drain my water heater. So that it will keep working and you have for all sorts of mean it's including replacing the air filters or are cleaning up the garbage disposals or whatever. And they also say that's you should take a walk around your home at least once every three months. And take a flashlight check out and take a look at the the windows the walls floors doors fans outlets ceilings and so if there's any problems and if they do find him go had to nip them in the but yeah this Amy on the outside your house Metallica the inspector. This go around with a critical I go what are what needs improvement here on the house they call it deferred maintenance and realistic when you don't do anything yeah and I've got some friends of trauma sell their house right now it's a very old house. It's it it it's a lot of work it has you unless you do a little bit of that time period expense all the wants me in so Chris in mothers' day's coming up what your what. Gift do you want. I actually got against our ready which was mentioned Jereme they went to Lowe's and they picked out a bunch of plants for me and potted them all together. And yes I have a beautiful new flower arrangement outside the gift of spring yeah view is really pretty and they both they potted them together they chosen together it was just. Think I really special yeah. Now while Mother's Day apparently we're spinning about a 180 day at dollars on average on gifts for mom but. It's not make your mom feel special and they say the best gift you can give mom is tied or. Time off but yeah a time when there's so Altria now so make this Mother's Day a Mother's Day off ask her do you what do you wanna do and mothers did you wanna sit and watch Netflix alternate. Two out of a Saudi wanna have just. Adult time to possible loss to kids so this actually works good for a pair partners and older children can handle the dvd chores a mob would normally do is just. The laundry or clean unity in the dishwasher. Reloading the dishwasher and stuff like that it's as simple as saying mom which elect another bottle of wine yes I think that's good. That's a terrific SO media firm actually. Just don't talk to mom and just keep handing him Beers look at who left I mean That's Hollywood and you know that's Eddie does so you're exactly right transfers over the Father's Day as well yes you know that with you wanna spend money basic gift certificates for spas movies are class may be sure wants to do or her favorite restaurant. But make sure it's like in the future so that it can be reminded of the special day. I at bats and speaking of food can we live without eating after 3 PM are no current crazies that talk resisted yeah I'm thinking witchcraft isn't calls somewhere in this one here because there's eight as new study out that is studying the up. Early time restricted seating it's a theory that tough fasting is actually good for. Lowering blood pressure curbing diabetes and actually you helping you lose weight. And what they found were people that of eight all their meals before 3 PM did have lower blood pressure. Had done it curb a diabetes and even had less snacking incidents according to this test group play when she snack after 3 o'clock Christen mean. I would I stack all the time that I mean I do I eat like smaller meals all day long run but I mean like I know that these things always have and another person on the other side of it but I'm sorry matches as healthy as can be met many donuts and pop tarts are they along well and. This what they are they're talking about in this particular theory is that you generally. You after eight hours of being away your your metabolism starts to slow down to the fact that you're not really you know if you over eat. That is an actor to be metabolize assessments yeah grass fat yeah so they that basically the average American consumes or meals over a twelve hour appears that's four hours later. And our big meal happens to be at the lowest. The slowest part of our metabolism. On Sony dinner that would be general all right so what they're saying is in essence that's if you cut off by 3 o'clock if you wake up at 8 o'clock in the morning. By the third at 3 o'clock it's your answer eight hour window you should stop eating and you to actually rule on enough has so many blood sugar spikes. Which will group means lower blood pressure. Your diabetes will be under the control and they did find that the fasting actually make you less hungry because your stomach such restraint law. I just would take about drinking wine after 3 o'clock that with no food in your stomach we might yeah both of us why you reached really can only half a glass or glass seemed to go yet. That's certainly got. I do have friends that do fast did work outs in the morning so they get up in the morning they go to the gym and they do their full workout facet because apparently it's just a super jumpstart your metabolism. So I I have heard of that this could mean will we just talked about is Newell and not for me. Now but I mean I do and. Stand at all I always thought eating raised your metabolism who's your body has to process the food. I think it depends that's what that's what you eat little meal throughout the days to key yeah that metabolism up yeah I'll let you know sometimes you have that meal and you're just you while falsely afterwards yes because as the metabolism is waning throughout the day you don't have as much bomb yeah and I think that's what they're Connor talk about the missing too is that you know that's a spike you butchered this week yes. Hey there's a real hero among us and it's a deputy from Marion County sheriff department's right Marion County sheriff canine deputy Jeremy knicks he really is light Saber and he did this right before Mother's Day. So on Wednesday night he finished his shift up and he was still in his mark carbon is going home guys he was done for the day he's on us at the south the seventeenth street in late we're avenue are coming the opposite way it was this car with a flash yours. And this woman's hand weeding out there she sees the mark Arian says help me help recently doubles over with her bright and she comes out of about Karl well holding a lifeless baby and remodel the cool part is there's a dash cam video on this you can see deputy nixed jumping like he's not even thinking yeah racist to the child right immediately picks him up puts him on the grounds are doing CPR. Nothing. The child's name was waiting on the ambulance to get there right he's waiting on Kingston he's just basically say look we're not waiting a winner take himself he ends up taking out the boy a to the Ocala regional medical center. Medical personnel took over trying to save Kingston is life and as of yesterday. Eileen Mary parish sheriff's office posted that Kingston is doing well is expected to make a full recovery while they are really thankful for deputy knicks for I'm really going beyond the call of duty because he was off duty. And the best part about this is Deion note that the mother Roche now Kingston is an African American child. And she did say you do wonder rights to think. Deputy knicks for helping her safer child she said that not all officers are bad. He's one of the many good ties there on the police force in the always appreciate him. I think though the one moment it gave me chills is he's actually deputy nix is talking to. The mother. Annie she's he thinks he says I'm not gonna like yours and I suppose similar I will say viewers on all right congratulations. Barry caddie. Canine deputy Jeremy next you are hero you our news into another reason we love living here at present that's one of our guys here for. So Matt is our show for other day and for the week Friday may eleventh of course you can listen to us live Monday through Friday an idea point five KT KB Syria back.