5.10.18-KTK MORNING SHOW-Student Loan Forgiveness Scams-Pasta Hacks

Thursday, May 10th

Someone stole Iron Man’s suit, couples who hare household chores are the happiest in the bedroom and student loan repayment scams to avoid. It’s the 98.5 KTK Morning Show recap for Thursday, May 10, 2018.


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It's an idea point Nike Tuesday morning show our recap for Thursday may the tenth be with you all of this to the interment to recap of the recap right eye level you duties are here's admiral art Iron Man has gone through a lot of stress who needs to get some jewelry because a student loan is due and he cannot cook pasta but. The mosquito bite is making him it's inside that Iron Man suit. And what he needs to do is clean the house with his significant other. Confused. Yes I'd ask. It's not a lot of things they make it better heated like haiku style Alcatel Caroline we can make some tiger right seventeen syllables are accurate up to figure out the avengers assemble apparently Iron Man suit when they used the 2008 original movie is 325000. Dollar Tony Stark's suit yes someone lost it how can you would think it would be is in line under lock and key incidents some giant. Warehouse like Indiana Jones now well do you think that apparently I it's been missing may think somebody stole sometime between the very Maryland vote number oh window of February and April some somewhere in the last ninety days. My 325000. Dollar Iron Man suit is missing now OK I guess it wasn't a priority then so if you see some of that neighborhood kid walking through with a very realistic iron institute think we got a corporate there Chris in my theory was the guy that would steal the army and custom would be a little overweight to get into it yet it's it's cool jeans. I don't think this goal so that's what you accidentally. I stress relief made it into fashion jewelry is thanks to the shift necklace SSH I FT shift yeah necklace ends it's a hockey whistle shaped necklace that you breathe into one when it does is it relieves tension. Now follow me on this therapeutic that you have high and high moments of stress. You inhale for your nose you X health thrilling thing with food through the necklace too for about ten seconds of what this actually does. It puts you in his in state because your heart rate to drop a little bit it causes the blood pressure to come down. And it makes you relax OK this it's a little breathing exercise. There's a single square breeding more human health for three seconds holder for three seconds excel for three seconds holder for three seconds. And you go through that little routine and it does calm you down but I think in. Instead of how much is the gold one what we either have a choice of the rose or the four kids fourteen KRO 150 bucks are 115 if you get a paper bag. You can do the same thing. The paper that while I'm excited on the storm Arnold's only 95 bucks in in the mets' late that's the McConnell won for ATI 85 but see it's gonna look really we're news that their blow and in your opinion in your necklace destroy yet calm down you know. It done I finally had a chance a look at it and I'm I have to admit. It kind of looks like a rape whistle for your neck moment and it's a little odd looking in out well it looks like a little solar and you Mac now. I know you have only few days left in your student long grace period right 3838. Day 88 days not a lot out countdown is out right. I don't but you know there's a lot of recent graduates. That are gonna earn the kind of in the same boat the arm have student loans at the payback and you're going to be wide open further scammer instances cameras are gonna know we Yorkers that apparently the data of who has been the notes are out there Yahoo! as a student loans. So your now gonna be a target of all these cameras but there's things to watch out for you out early as the first thought the government is looking into these are companies that sell these promises listen if it's too good to be true it probably is your yeah your loan backed over they do is they say. All we can now we feel like reduce your payments are gay rights and it's not necessarily choose what you need to look for in particular. Is. You know don't do go for any companies that charge US fee up front that's a scam that that's that's an in care any fee up front scam yet and that's for any any sort of debt so I keep that in mind the nominee let's see paying for monthly fee is also suspect. They say help attaining Oregon or repaying student loans usually involves a one time event so there's no. Legitimate justification now recurring one ever occurring via word is gonna do this one time and then this is probably the best won a few days they really do they do the act. Act immediately you know this is organs ending you've got to do it now probably a scam and and please never share your asked as saying a miniature Federal Student Aid ID. Not because that's basically giving in the keys and how that's they're looking for my neck business especially this cameras they won't they'll give you all kinds of blue sky well we're gonna do this this this. Just give us your idea and we'll tell you how we can help you yet exactly what time. But I am pretty sure I entered more information in the my fast than I ever have. Yeah anything in my life you really do so if you wanna find out what other look jets repayment terms in consolidations go to student loans dot gov seed that having that dot gov. Let us know it's not dubious Campbell I. Newton and they'll give you some guidance on how you can get help retain it isn't from somebody who's worked in the industry there's a lot of programs which you just gotta talk tellem with the problem and it's. I think the biggest shock for me when I got like when I finally graduated and got like the information about it mean is that there are held by different people also is that causing big. I'm like why don't have seven student loans the kind ain't so much more confusing than it means. To be an in your eyes you don't want student loan it was exact bursts differently but ya and they just all the paper other peoples that are yet like a lot of times have to also go to one place half a go to another you see you in a payment in this wondering yet. It really is confusing and so that's why I say you. Just call him in and you don't talk to them they'll help you out yeah let's get into the kitchen before get into the bedroom are hang on the bedroom later OK I'm just on our rights are I mistakes when you're at impasse that yeah our I doubt past is not bad for you anymore but there is bad ways to -- -- so most common problem is using it to smile about high has no use the small by use the big part just like they tell you yet your interest you're cutting your op Hostin half shame yeah being being being mean she game. You Hulk gonna make sure because what happens is the temperature actually drops when you add the pasta. And what happens is that that pasta sits in the water a little bit too long it's an Uzi machine yeah you want enough water enough salt in there where it doesn't drop the temperature of the water once it's boiling when you pop impostor in there yes speaking of salt make you do include an idea you're trying to cut a sodium adding your diet but I'm not much of assault it's into the hospital where. The guys. Is it cut about rubs the postured to make its so your sauce cleaned out erupts up that surface they're so when you add it to the sauce which is the reason you do not rinse your pasta either you want that starts on their way. When you drained it so the pod this also stick to in my can't do that all the time and and never I'd never heard. Had never enough courage to ask her yeah yeah has you know you have Roy and so recruit canal value especially when that was Basilan exactly and also you know don't put or went in the water either. No that doesn't help though is that the all those things. Keep sauce from stick an apostate and that's our goals yeah that makes sense. Are you were into mosquito season the heat humidity here is course we're gonna have insects that bite and staying use though. As much as we try to avoid getting stung in bit you're gonna get one or two so. Here's some advice for medical professionals and have a handle mosquito bites or beast of a wasp stings and stuff like that. First you wanna do is washing area thoroughly they say even just a rinse with water is really good because you're trying to keep infection away from him. Then you wanna do it may be a cold pack those cold pack and do the ten minutes on a two minutes offered team to reduce the swelling somewhat this dislike. Who Ibuprofen to Beirut reduce the irritation yet you gotta wash skiing or something that's really big you might wanna do that. And in sweat that was more interesting is that a bug bite or sting can actually drop your students PH balance yeah I had no idea and what that does is it makes it less effective in fighting and affection or may cause she daybreak gotten acne or something along those lines so. What you wanna do is restore balance by whipping together. You're the vinegar or baking soda. Vinegar and depending on invite baking soda depending on yeah so if you're scans more on the acidic side the inaugural let's put that back. If you're more on the base out of you're skin. You wanna put the baking soda basically I believe I could be wrong that leaves you more and more or at least in it's a little bit more at city really wrong here hobby in any case which you wanna do is if you do the better route. Port like copper two in a bath baits are a nice hot bath and so for about ten minutes. Do you sprinkle some of the baking soda to an of that row and for about ten minutes is up. And Amway gonna end up here in the bedroom mountains don't want it all if you do the job in the kitchen in the living room investing in that Crist I think to hit the nail on the head she said there's nothing more sex is in wide. A man look back Q I am the vacuum may go. All right yeah young guys listen listen closely here don't it actually said that couples who split the chores immediately had the happy this relationship and that happiness does make its way into the bedroom we're talking about love and yeah and they had to say author's eyes say that's him when you have equality in a relationship Putin not to have resentment so. You know if one person's only doing the and do it sure is going to be some sort of a resentment and however these two particular chores apparently are green light to the manager of a credit number one testing number two will clean the bathroom comet dust. Actually so I'll tell you take the about the dusting is a lot easier because there's like these little ones and devices you can news. Testing is horrible I don't know like dusting nobody has yet you only do this. Mean my eye isn't daughter Maria and it's not attract and asked me and apparently I never put everything back the way it's supposed to be an act. So I just I choose not get to pick up a million fans there's something about though the hug in the toilet when you're trying to clean about a larger economy and you gotta get real women were places that. You're not when we get that human being shouldn't be unless your home over my face exit. They still say women now overwhelmingly do more the house chores in men they spent about five hours and 48 minutes of relies on und. A series five hours and 48 minutes a week on shores. Like laundry and cooking I'm accurate yeah. By a by the way men now I'd spent more time organizing household finance is attempting homer repair how about that and that taking up the trash I attempted to repair that and attempting. And that's why we had to call the plumber that's right and they pay double the process with the. I personally love cleaning it. So I don't ask Mitch to help because it's more of an annoyance but he does. I think acknowledging that he does like he Mosley yard and let you know meaning there's chores outside that I just do not wanna do yet he does knows this earmark same thing MRSA nicely from the spiders. I do I don't care about Bosnia when really none of them bottoming in the least. Alaska's your Canadian. I'm not the other follow up. It's all that's our show for today Thursday may tenth the courts are on the airline Monday through Friday between why did you have an idea point five GT get a BC yeah.