4.9.18-KTK MORNING SHOW-The Marvel Marriage Between Universal And Disney Theme Parks-Best Month To Sell Your House

Monday, April 9th

Experts say you shouldn’t hashtag your kid’s pictures, the best month to sell a house and the marvelous marriage of Marvel, Universal and Disney.  It’s the 98.5 KTK Morning Show recap for Monday, April 9, 2018.


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Hi there it's been 98 point 5 KTJ morning Joseph recap for Monday. April 90 relies we're gonna have a Friday the thirteenth this week if we have a policy. I guess of that the first is on a Sunday you'll have a further thirteen threaten every Friday the thirteenth coming up who. Now right soon warning managed to hook up. I've this is what we discussed this morning on the show which you may have missed sped apparently if you wanted to sell your house campaign is the month to make money. It on of being may yes scoring result that's the online real estate database company cool they crunch sales numbers out of towards a realistic markers and found more than half of those mark in those markets. More than Hamels markets in the first. Half of may was the best time to Lister properly you'll you'll you'll sell faster you get more money for about that but when he 400 dollars more than any other time of the year. And sells about two weeks sooner and there are other bid to bit of advice put your house on the market. On a Saturday that's genius it's a simple yet tends to help him make your house off faster especially via people that want a new listing now. Like that. Tips to cut down on the typing errors I didn't write to my apologies I assume that this is an update that assists and everybody's phobia. Apparently just arrived on mine which. That's another story I don't know how that happened and I just downloaded the new Iowa software for my I phone and it's not on this one all right well you can dead Della third on the money back you could download a third party happen in particular the IG board app if you want. If you find yourself constantly misspelling a new texting. This is something that android users have for long time before the iPhone. You can't do it is called the glide typing reached stick his finger on and move it around to make words yeah did you boards will let you do that. Tom as well as it allows you to increase the size of food keyboard itself. Changed the lay out as well also to make it will be easier for her for some people according keyboard setup is not very efficient and they worked on a different different keyboard lay up. I downloaded it during the break I found it in iTunes store downloaded it. And now I have it and to practicing with the glide it's amazing it's different and I was able to put a picture of what my dogs behind the keyboard. Father ago you can customize the keyboard that's about I'm done I'm stuck all right and it's meant to do it kind of I get that didn't cost anything it's pretty. Mine I like for you got that much for I gonna for deferring I've beaten her ball posting your pictures of kids up on social media and hash tag him this is coming from experts even though you may have a private account. When you hash tag a photo which is seemingly harmless things inches bath time. Swimsuit. Potty training something like that. You know up predators will actually search for those hash tags and you make it'll be easy form to to find your that your pictures or your kids. Even worse so is by tagging the location. He kind of make it easier for them to find out where you live in your kids are so even though your privacy settings are got a rolling for you refuse send it to somebody else and they share it yet. Then it becomes public get arizonans and privacy says absolutely and it's to gram were most pitchers or for post it right and and in less sure in a private group and even in a private Rebecca still. Take the picture but. Your every your pictures up to everybody that's public. So he'll be ideas what they're saying is look is cute as it sounds don't hash tag TK you know your pictures of your kids just to make it safe. And if you wanna share your pictures especially like on FaceBook you need to go a little bit deeper than a closed group you need to go to some things called the secret group poker so when you set that up you have control over who's in who's out of it who can download or whatever so here oddly real future your stuff private. I never really realize too we we were always really careful and Jeremy had like pool parties when he was younger and we just didn't post the pictures on FaceBook where I didn't feel lake. Seven an eight year old boys in bathing suits or whatever it was like it does is like both the parent didn't give me permission opposed picture of their kids like that I probably shouldn't write. So it's kind of the same thing I didn't really put the two into together earlier but yeah we've kind of been monitoring ourselves for awhile. That's very true any in his like you said you know you can be taken up the issue Franchitti to picture reaches oppose it on their time lining you have no control or yes. You know kind of be conscious of that. This is some good news as well institute dismay a rumor aluminum is kind of giving a bad rap when it comes to your armpits. A lot of it is an anti press Sprint's. And what it does is actually closed loop course you don't sweat. Them and what's there's been some. Some misinformation going out on the Internet that says that somehow leads to breast cancer and dementia and alzheimer's. By blocking the fluids that come out that your body's trying to expel orchard toxins it would go land into your breast tissue and as we get breast cancer. That's not how cancer works according to these experts that we checked here. Also when it comes alzheimer's and dementia. Yes there have been cases of you know people the suffer from alzheimer's and dementia little pieces of Trace amounts of aluminum the lines and their heads. But what they found is that there's no link to dementia at all because people who worked with aluminum as their career. Have don't have a higher rate of alzheimer's and dementia as people that don't work if there were outside of aluminum moved so what you just said they're Crist and this is very true if you find it is if it irritates you or his personal reason for using it and obviously doping. You know appear more worried that's gonna cause cancer or dementia that's not really the case. Yeah I never really knew about the cancer and dementia I'd always just knew from many people in my life having clogged ducts in their arm that's beyond the line never ever ever ever ever wanna act happens I volleys used like a natural order like a stone or just regular deodorant. Nuclear reed Derek has yet deodorant does not have the aluminum and at the anti press sprint Gaza and yet keeps you from purse purse for absolutely. The tigers are wearing correctly. I just this was a fascinating marriage of Marvel Comics had no idea that you're good that they've chopped the country up liked it really is an especially when you look at it all these marvel movies are coming together for the you know the adventure movies any event movies is like a bad divorce. Do you have on one hand. Universal on the other hand Disney 20 rivals especially when it comes to movies in two it is theme park result of may have theme parks in Florida and the Los Angeles noses at the East Coast rappers and West Coast for a sell even a successful black panther is you'll not see a black panther themed ride. At Disney World even though Disney owns more loans Marmol absolutely loves that war that we've got to go back all the way in time to in 1994 at a time wind marvel. Was not doing so well right and look at his practice some extra cash by licensing some other characters. There's just so happened universal Orlando's opening a new theme park called islands of adventure. They kind of needed a little bit of help so this is a cup match here. So what universal Orlando did is they licensed as an infinite deal with marble for the values like Spiderman was one of the first note the famous ones are harder to Dilma hold Captain America. Do you all of these. So that happened at a time win it and they would be and universal owned by NCA not by you. NBC or Comcast are right so that happened. In nineteen and they made this deal in Florida and the meeting California they stipulated has said that. A theme parks to the east of the Mississippi that was controlled by Orlando he couldn't have anything else of these avengers. Outside of universal Orlando. And the West Coast it was universal Hollywood. Had the rights to the West Coast that's also important because in 1998. When islands of adventure opened they didn't really have room for it in California select panel at the least laps on the income 2004. Disney buys marble they were in some sort of a conundrum because that contract was still valid. So in his left the door open to this on the East Coast universal controls the following marvel superhero Spider-Man Wolverine Jean Grey beast. Captain America black panther whole storm as well as their villains. So Disney you're not Cassini thing Disney World how great Disney land they can you Spiderman and only one we're the smoke and oil now. Well the guy who wrote this contractors yeah. Hello Disney bought marvel they still can't use some of the characters and the best part about their job. Disney owns the marble name however because of that contract. Universal has exclusive rights to the name marble moment so even Disney land the can't use marvel and that's on his substance so wow OK and speaking out about it comic books panel hosted deals with going to space but apparently there's a company that says up by 20/20 two. They'll have a satellite in orbit. Will be able to fly to it in stay there as like a hotel let the so we'll have later space station that you go to was our guys is like 2001 as it's not just like 2000 when you go wearing do you I didn't hang out by the pool. A new order groups are facing out by the moon. Yeah you know get him a room with the moon view my move into an imam here that don't have to move and hear it from there it's company is called Orion spanned their space station is over a station they say it'll be up by a late 2021. When he 22 is when they'll be hosting tourist astronauts space research in manufacturing. And you ready for this kind of pricey I hear group yeah I think you're gonna need to take a mortgage out of this one here 792000. Dollars per night. We're heard night we're caught. Eight it's it's they are a thousand with beggars can't even say a single night for the. That's I don't think you can stay single minute sit back I can't afford Stacy but I mean I'm like no who had a flight to space you out and get honest thing. Can you imagine only being able to afford a single night like you get there and nearly getting settled in and all of a sudden you go to sleep in nearly Ocalan to go and it's for especially to get a late check and yeah. Soared 80000 dollars us and. This axis of 9792. Panel that includes the flight or that sustainably so. I'm hoping and includes a flight because it was this is a hotel let's even worse than Mitt keeps unfolding off my pillow. And if I had turndown service in turndown service and so there you go that's our show for today thinks arsonist into our podcast awards we're live Monday through Friday from five to ten a ninety point five GT JBC yeah. It.