4.26.18-KTK MORNING SHOW-What Your Blood Type Says About Your Health Risks-Frozen Peas As A Summer Snack

Thursday, April 26th

What does your blood type say about your health and any health risks, recruit your ironing board when baking and hot weather makes us grumpy. It’s the 98.5 KTK Morning Show recap for Thursday, April 26, 2018.


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I there is 390 point 5 GT he morning show recap for Thursday April 26 however show man man I'm exhausted we're gonna talk about so many things we're gonna talk about it keeping hydrated GAAP how to turn a car into a sub sandwich that's happened while I more uses for your ironing board in just nice smooth close. Your blood type. Your kids that hate vegetables and you're too grumpy when your hot yet I can't wait to get to try to suck up and explain a lot witness it does make sense though yet and I must first talk about keeping yourself hydrated as a new study finds middle aged and older adults need to be well hydrated. In order to get the mental health benefits associated with working yeah mental health benefits now you're gonna get the heart benefits. But you actually help your brain out if you have enough water on board you have to be hydrated and it's really or else you very important you know like let's say Iraq job yourself when you're not. Hydrated in your above 55. He could really impair you trying to drive home Pepsi me forget where your letter we eleven everything so this is incredible you know so definitely make sure your hydrated if you are middle aged or an older American know. This is our only in Florida story and a little embarrassing to us from Gainesville but there's more questions and answers to this story around here but it all starts. At a subway restaurant in Gainesville yet the in this heavily in the tower square shopping center and fifty year old woman Amy and Julian. Apparently was arrested last of this week on criminal mr. bath after allegedly covering a man's car with condiments. And sliced hello Pena I was not just a couple are now gallon of slight color Iranians believe I believe it was a gallon or two there was a bucket of scallop pain okay. Yeah apparently the ash sheriff's office respond to a complaint it's. From a twenty year old Germany's this car was vandalized with mustard galore mayonnaise thousand island dressing in hot sauce all over it. And now also like I gallery to have slice helping you peppers including punctures to aspire homeland and his license plate bent so's your vandalism to his car absolutely and this is my their art and why did they do this to your cards are we don't know them well but what happened was is the they got security video because. Guess what criminals now are cameras. Everywhere get used to it so they ended up seeing her. Well first up there was a text that was cents up from another co worker it's the managers saying that. And was quote. Dousing the customer's car like that's a thing that they do guys and at and this security video showed her picking up helping as a going out to you you paint the pictures of course you take a couple of gals Alipay and another store they're gonna notice that on the security still alleged but yeah you connect the dots if you want she says you know that she wasn't drunk at the time and she did not to puncture the tires but. I'm wondering what was going on net wide to discard why this car in the parking in the backside of the others can go part parks behind the restaurant he goes to the gym that was the next door. Comes back to his car and finds the condiments all over his car so. Somebody at the restaurant is mad at him I guess so maybe why don't count so we want to now story didn't say that interestingly enough. This really cool hack you might find this more beneficial during the holidays today any time if you're I've met avid baker you know it's very hard to date. A lot of cookies are cut case of something because you have to have so much counter top space yeah to let things cool off missiles in a small apartment or smaller house who have a like a Galley kitchen the F there's just not enough space but. There we can give you more. Space right now more counter space by by taking your ironing board yeah. Removing the cloth cover and the padding while Lott doesn't look like a cooling right yeah I mean it's it's already got so little holes and everything it's already punches so that's a perfect cooling rack. For those hot baked goods it just came on the end you're welcome no joy that I thought well I'll your blood type actually has a lot about you there are people who don't know with the blood type is I think it's kind of on the important things you need to know now but you know there's either a B a B or so and then they can be either positive or negative based on a particular antigen. Pretty much 85% of of the population regardless of the blood type is positive. So. There is it is important to know what your blood type is because there's a lot of health risk that you may need to be aware for instance. A recent study found people with type AB blood were 82%. More likely to experience difficulties in memory recall language and attention. Vs other types of blood it's interesting now people with a will wouldn't type O blood. I lower risk of pancreatic cancer. But that's good news actually that is that's one of those cancers eye for some reason I'm freaked out getting because generally when you have it it's doing it's it's or you know yet very few people were actually come through that. Yes so there's that what people what type a blood are more likely to have higher levels of cortisol that's the stress hormones. And are less likely to be a magnetic to mosquitoes thrive people what type B blood have 11% higher risk of heart disease in a raised risk of ovarian cancer. But contain up to fifty tied at 50000 times more strain differently gut bacteria and untouchable you know I I it's the president when they were in med school this is a long time ago. If maker and there are a lot of mosquitoes in the area so they would capture mosquitoes that are had some blood and in the area and they would put it under the microscope look and get the blood type they could tell who in the room the mosquito bit. Well based on their blood type that's true it was it was also just to a away from them to. Practice typing blood through the miners interstate knows what type O blood over twice as likely to be a mosquito magnets than those with type a blood but it's. Less likely did dead dying from malaria which. Is spread by mosquitoes and that is that's incredible so that's that as you were they you have a lesser risk of pancreatic cancer probably knock a guy malaria. But your mosquito magnet current is so I got two things don't forming an invite Kristy your picnic out back your barbecue. And then this is good if you have a kid it's a picky eater and will not eat those of vegetables we're gonna fake them out here in the summertime and make them love vegetables yes because apparently frozen peas in particular but any garner frozen vegetable at peace. Has a different flavor of verses if it's raw or cooked dinner you gotta Blanchett in some salted water first and then put it in ice water to stop oblige you then you freeze the peace after U drama off and this makes a great little snack mix apiece sickle and makes a very nice little smack in a snack commits a little bit sweeter and it's nice and cold refreshing the kids actually might want to eat their vegetables because it's cold little tree you can do this -- with corn and at a mommy which is the sort pods absolutely sorties and says we're speaking about heats it is on the way they warm weather makes a lot of people happy about it makes grumpy people grumpier. A new study out find separate exit of participants at higher levels of that stress hormone cortisol we talked about in the summertime compared to those in the wintertime which means. They're going to be extra gravity. We're gonna by the air conditioning and rhinestones or sector grumpy I guess this makes sense to me you know like if it's it's tough to be role happens when your miserable hot right absolutely. And even if you don't have high levels of courts all your succumb miserable but it is. They say it's important as could have implications on public health. Escort is also vital for regulating sugar salt influence throughout the body and surrounding that rights stay happy yeah stay cool be happy in Kubiak let me might be cool man in that's our show for today Thursday April 26 accords were on the airline Monday through Friday between five and ten. A ninety point five QTKABC. Yeah.