4.25.18-KTK MORNING SHOW-Hack To Get Dog Hair Out Of Your Clothes-Store Plastic Wrap In The Freezer

Wednesday, April 25th

A nifty trick you can use to get those embedded pet hair out of your clothes, who should use 2-in-1 shampoo/conditioner and water bottles can start a fire in your car. It’s the 98.5 KTK Morning Show recap for Wednesday, April 25, 2018.


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Hello it's the 98 point 5 Katie gave morning show recap for wind in this day when NSA when his day in April 25 mature every one of those letters skeptical Democrats in German it's Mitt Volcker middle of the week and an army invoked the utility have a bad day Chia pet. Sarah probably cut on the show later today believe it or not that's a clear bottle of water you having your car. Could actually say your car on fire and Kyra let's go over the science on this why are so there's a battery technician who posted a video. Of his water bottle. Doing just that magnifying the sun's rays come like a magnifying glass is winning everything under one particular point unseat. He says he noticed does smoke coming out of his cab of his truck and army held it in my it was a company tried to an artist as a problem. It's only courts quickly put out the fire and nobody believed him. So he recreated its. And filmed it and we'll be halted work on any angle the sun would have to be purview guns at same yet time a day that he had the bottle in my you're center console yet and the sun was hitting a curve again magnifying it and causing his seat to catch up for so. He did recreate this is it recreated and the Oakland Oklahoma far to fire department did the exact same things shakes that you just like you said storm it has to there has to be this perfect storm of everything I guess there are storm and so you know the risk of low and I you know is low for colored drinks in tinted bottle still might wanna take those clear bottles of water and keep them out of the sun. Yeah my mom actually texting me only got off the air Arab leaders earlier yeah she had glass door leaning against her house she just had her sliding glass doors replaced Jeff and the glass door leaning against the house. Sunlight came through the glass door and sent her bushes on fire holy smokes because it was leaning against the hedges like. Guys kind of day that happening that is the critics. Put upload a great big building and have those reflective glass front you know it mirrored front pin and it caught a our jaguar on fire at a certain time of day it would just concentrate that was raised at a guy's car burst in deployment was parked across the street how do you write an insurance click on I don't know yeah. What's the deductible Michael first you know being magnifying glass desire. Spontaneous combustion I'm not hearing this are so we've all done this we get on us FaceBook and you have the person. Who in new ways the heck out of view and are you just really isn't a player in your life news on me he's an old flame that. If you go from kindergarten where your quest ceiling nearly know exactly what you want and friend the middle class people have problems on trending because he makes him feel guilty. I made reason for that is that they virtual world is basically an extension of our physical world so you know it's only he would go to these people the face and say I don't like you yeah. I'm home maybe you would maybe some is that they say. Which you need to deuces kind of focus on yourself and erosion to a guilty about. Kaeding somebody had your life via FaceBook on friend in whatever way they say it's only FaceBook can do and what they say is say you shouldn't have feels aside do a scale from one attendee you know outfits you know ten being MB to be a big problem then yeah probably don't want and friend of maybe just take a break this nature of really literally Sherry missile program and expend this for you okay it's if the only problem you have this feeling guilty because you learn from some of the on FaceBook. You know I've still pretty well they don't have any other problems I'm taken. Well that this is pretty good information here because I think we all learned something about so washing. Our clothes and are betting. And even the dogs dead especially this time of year when they're shedding a lot of end. You probably know she stick him in the washing machine you wash it and it comes out with a hair just a little hairball valid. Help pelted mad and wet hair and that's just the stuff that was on the surface only problem is is that a lot of times they get stuck into your watch of script your affinity up. The pumping your washing machine at the yeah RN and also can cause us some drainage problems so. This pretty cool little hack in what it is it involves your clothes has dog hair on it. To stick it in the dryer first for ten minutes without the heat often. What happens as it spins round and round the static electricity bills up the next is just pulling those little hairs to. All together and sticks him into the Electra yeah the first thing that you do is let your lint trap take care of that and you wash then you're given a good wash its brilliant actually and it actually should just savor washing machine and save any sort of actually get the hair out of your. Closed yes. So I like that one the next little trick that you talked about two I think I have to just like take stock and rubber gloves I have a though the yellow rubber glove. Yes washing gloves he had just give him a little bit wet and it is kind of like rub up against in the sleeve of delayed or whatever of of this is the parent should axis are taking him out as well. I didn't think doing that because we have a Revver at lake squeegee for the shower yeah we isn't on the carpets my little area roads and they take all the dog parent but I never thought about doing it on the dog betting. Yeah brilliant of that show aren't yet. All right the 21 shampoo conditioners they're not a scam but you have to have a particular haircuts very particular RI a certain type of hair you have medium to fine hair cut very short and have a healthy scalp. Elliott teenage boy it yes yes. If Europe if Europe they care this kiss commit the commission is not gonna help -- not at all what there's actually what's the word again to our columnists who studies out here and nexus as you have there's this difference between shampoos and conditioners or do you have thick coarse hair. He should be using a moisturizing shampoo followed by cream based. Our conditioner that'll smooth cubicle in the be here feeling manageable. Otherwise it's Jennifer's Ian doll and doesn't look good at all I needed her to step thing with thick here is the right most of them one more among once the ones in an area right and then for the long hair for long thin hair which is another bigger group of people. He's shampoo that clinches the scalp but doesn't Wear your hair down alibi lightly conditioner to strengthen and more strides that inherent host the jets. Right now. And then we're if you found out that we are storing our plastic wrap in the wrong areas I'm I'm storing everything around here silly yes silly us we've been storing our plastic wrapping. Towners to draw or are cabinets hatchery now it should be in your freezer ambush all right in the freezer so the jeans and now apparently cold air makes its. Less static he you're able to terra for peace. And racquet through without things sticking to it so I need to try this has so they say you're gonna do with your clothes that I am I am I have a future it's an imminent Allman just immediately but in the freezer static keys skirt yeah PS sanity close to gonna freeze for about ten minutes or so by the way if you don't have enough room for your. Genes and your chickens your frozen pizzas in your freezer you can put your plaster revenue from like ten or fifteen minutes before you are out there and then. Finally we learned that you being scanned when you go into these dimly lit stores to buy clothing because a new research says dim lighting may influence customers to buy. For pleasure rather than for utility and some may wonder how does that work. I hate I don't know it's just it's it makes sense when you have a look at stores to have. Like instead of bright fluorescent lights get dim lights you think it is to make it look more natural but maybe it's more psychology that you buy something for pleasure. I know is every time I lock in Hollister for Jeremy I walk out spending like 300 dollars as he's got two things exactly as I don't finish and you think Donna do you think it's because. Nobody can see you do it. I think you'll spend more money yourself and maybe if you relax I was gonna say it's a very relaxing feeling in there it's a very late com and chill. And the kids or their olive Jeremy knows the mall we lock in LA hey man I do and and I just. Relax I think that's what did you see anything dimly lit it's it's. Like candlelight dinner you more or black hand and then the ominous on and off the ball when my refrigerator now because. I door and there is dark and I'm just eating for pleasure oldest attorney the hole for shelf. Five a bright light I'll describe the milk and get out I can only imagine Judy's or used storms stating there who passed down. Stroke and the light went out is not my fault. It's foods ruling from the south on us. Now today yeah that's our show for today. The 25 of April of course were on the airline Monday through Friday behind intent here in ninety point five GT Kennard ABC and eighty.