4.24.18-KTK MORNING SHOW-Save Money By Calling Your Credit Card Company-Make Mid Week Social Plans

Tuesday, April 24th

A quick call to your credit card company could save you thousands of dollars, foods that naturally calm you down without the empty calories and why you should make mid-week plans. It’s the 98.5 KTK Morning Show recap for Tuesday, April 24, 2018.


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Hi there it's the 98 point 5 TDK morning show recaps fort Tuesday. April 24 2018 lets you write to us Shelly yeah there is a job for wow airlines it's a cheap Icelandic budget airline company that's where I'm not interested anymore are cheap airline company had via probably want to look at it trying to get that standouts. Santa Ana winds are just an awful now. Anyways they're still looking for once they're giving and once in a lifetime opportunity for one person you'll be able to travel across Europe in North America for the entire summer. Documenting the journey of beer and giving China travel tips and advice along the way via social media. CU this is for for people in Iceland to travel other places must be right but is heavy from Iceland that give you an apartment Reykjavik so we you know we don't there all you aren't as you can give your opinion which we have. And bring all of a monthly paycheck of around 4500 bucks. With free travel I can I can handle that as pretty cool idea I get interest to do need to visit a special well traveled guys the thought but by may fourteenth inner basically found application yet uploaded the video oh by the way to doing your best deal on this one. You hungrier for like this is interesting because of your picked. You get a fully furnished apartment in downtown Reykjavik to use as your home base but your pretty just traveling through Europe and America so yeah. I'm thinking you might go to bed and breakfast and make some money off that Reykjavik property that if you did get the job you'll be on tour from June 1 to August 1 and inspect reality so T shirts and towards its trough of low line. I can give into teachers applying for this now yes or plumber who hourly that's very true. All right when last we are to call it your credit card company. I try to avoid using my phone at all costs Castro and you know you can iPhone part of phone. Credit card dot com accident first survey of you're just a front 84% of major credit card holders who asked to wave like a late fee on a credit card payments. Actually we're successful in doing in this. Something I think most people thing or I'll write this column they're gonna we're gonna make fun because I didn't pay my Bill Maher you know I was laid that was late type thing. If you're not a habitual you person who's always late else. They're probably gonna reverse it for you also look at the same way as if you are asking they found that seven in ten people were able to Huber in a lower or eliminate annual fees. More than half were able to get a lower interest rates simply by asking. That's pretty good deal right now and all you have to do is make a phone call usually the customer service people are pretty darn nice that they wanna keep view this is there's a lot of competition in the credit card NASA they are talking about this it's not like you're calling text support re gonna have attitude these yes or no meaning over backwards because they've really is Cust reserves like you said you can take your business elsewhere imminently. Burden testing this is an interesting new trade. Trend I should say for a divorced parents. With Kia with with kids so here's the concept. Instead of the children moving in between both parents don't want one pair moves out and that caused got to pack up and go somewhere you know every weekend. Either hit his actually stay in the house and the parents moved in and out based on the the and the agreements new thing isn't better for the child and had taken him to McDonald's once every two weeks to Baghdad. Ayman dad dropped job we Gaza Monty should back column you know you know I think in the end it criticizes it gives the kids more stability in their lives so instead of the kids packing up to visit mom or dad over the weekend they're able to stay home. Where they can. The state were enrolled in the school yeah with their friends. And basically feel at home more structure more normalcy to -- the because the of the house's where they spend most of their time yeah of course is gonna take a lot of work on the divorced parents because now divorces are clean and nice we have to be adult about this really you have to think about what's good for the kids and you know a lot of ground rules have to be set as to you know kudos to George who pays the bills I mean it would console my money because you're talking about keeping three residences natural on mommy's one bad knees one and then there's one for the child. But you know it is something to think about at least if you were considering divorce about keeping your kids stable and that's why bird nesting. Yeah I personally think it's a horrible idea of someone who actually has a child that lives between two home I just about. Because we've we've now both we've both been married and have other kids you're telling me that Jerry's mom disposal leave her other kid to come stay. I harming my suits me it doesn't really make sense to me personally because parents. Should be allowed me to move on and make themselves happy and you know as I think Jeremy was never angry or upset or put out by switching houses he always got the best of both worlds in my opinion. Very good good perspective thanks mom and by the way did you hire her out beyond her the other day. And where I was a better to to mention your eggs and but Chris and Ryan Crist and has a Canadian relatives went out and you know how it's easy to fall back into that particular accident fall and it in about an accident stories Missouri's got that it it. I don't doubt your day as stressful as it is may be having real relatives visit and stay in your house can be stressful at times. The president and a lot of times because of our flight or fight responses which we can't control. Our body when we're under stress once quick fuel to burn on a Mars bar it wants stuff that is not a super super Harvey and that's usually sometimes filled with empty calories of these foods. Are meant to satisfy that carb need but not be two hard on the calendar on your body's actually. Crying out for things you could give it that are healthy as opposed to the candy bar yeah Africa wants magnesium and look for magnesium county's image helps restrict ever relax restricted muscles to muscles so. And that a lot of dietitians say we don't get enough of it in our diet he's a banana banana Spanish and it's all men's and beans are really good and our way out. Look at your jab a newer transmitters as well that's kind of like the FedEx and UPS and and mail service via they actually send all the information you can pump up that network. By including foods rich and now gamma GAAP including hum us. Line TE and shrimp. Anti inflammatory foods is a natural remedy to anxieties were also. Aim for a leafy green vegetables blueberries pineapple salmon and walnuts and it sounds like a stellar salad out of it and really does end you don't just kind of go for that first. And wait twenty minutes you just don't feel any interest. Hey did you just not been well enough that I'm in California was to try to right. And then when it comes to our socialization what is it I guarantee you. We work we go home we sleep we wake up we work we go home asleep throw it over the weekend yet as payments Aldrin about this exactly now you hold off your social engagement that your classes everything to the weekend well how the middle of the week yeah. Here's why. Win now you go home from your day you're not really giving yourself a mental break you're giving yourself a physical break but guess what. It still griping about what happened at work hearing your spouse is gripe about what happened at work. And you not really relaxing and having some sort of a distraction. So go ahead and have that pottery class instead of doing it on Saturday morning do it Thursday night. Or you know one of the lot have girls I instead of having on Saturday night habit Wednesday night yeah did you little bit of a break from the monotony routine and had actually will help you sleep. Did you really good quality sleep got a medal break. Right I second page out of that book ended my noodle board arts and crafts night on a weeknight in thought to myself you never gonna last bright he's gonna fall sleep through it. But I have so much fun I was home I nine. And yeah I slept so well that night and I had the a creative outlets. App as it works and and finally a poll from glamour rebuilt 71% said. They stay in a miserable jobs simply because they need the paycheck goes fan and even sadder than that 31% said they think they're trapped in a relationship because of finances then we can give you an escape pod yes it's called the F. Off fund that app off funding yes I think M stands for fun that's trying to. Turner went viral last year when they actually wrote an essay and that's how it's driver about what she was talking about she actually is from money. To quit her job. And actually just have meet time alone time is just so I can rediscover myself and she say it was more or less liberating and freeing. And why it worked so well you're she wanted to be a travel writer says she's that I can't do what is dead end jobs that she saved enough money work. She could go launch her career right you know and you're still unsafe reviewing your forum on Cain suffering he David RB Europe a year out F off funding more or less is more its money and it's also your just your your mental safety net realized that yet if if you do get a Abbas is a complete idiot move in or are changer work yeah you can save strip and a half off on -- here and you won't be really hurt. You'll actually deliberate. And there is a difference between link your emergency fund and then this type of funding them busy I mean I I definitely took that leap of faith and I I quit a job that was very toxic. A night I use my emergency fund so. Heaven forbid I I didn't get a job as soon as I did I probably wouldn't have been as well off as I was but I mean this is a literal like gas just to start over not taking. Up your savings probably and then also think about just the mental relaxation you have if you do have like go to toxic work situation you just you can walk away from a yeah yeah I and ends just feel better and know that you know you bills still be paid in the -- and things along those pictures and it's is it even NAS a lot relationship yes you know especially that those of the wants a scare me the most of people are stuck in a relationship because of the financing because of finances that can't afford delay right yeah horrible horrible life and we only have one life to live side let's enjoy it shall wait senator box I hope you enjoy this podcast of course where on the air live Monday through Friday between five to ten here in ninety point five GT KB Syria back.