4.20.18-How To Dispose of Painkillers Properly-Sunscreen Does Expire

Friday, April 20th

The puuurrrrfect website emulator creates a cat’s purr, the proper way to dispose of opioids and medications and will expired sunscreen work? It’s the 98.5 KTK Morning Show recap for Friday, April 20, 2018.


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I there's an idea point five KG game what did you recap for Friday April Tony this port twenty of the podcast listeners this of the podcast and podcast now podcast amass. Maybe we have got to our gonna talk about in some power that you have in your kids yeah I thought half a different kind of toward joining that maybe how blood got cream of tartar. Which is in your spice right now it's not the one of the better known spices here Chris but I actually have some in my spice rack. When I was gonna make tartar sauce earlier this week well it is CS defied does have to tartar sauce does mean cream of tartar I can't say the last time I use it has been their for years you know it's it's a byproduct of winemaking ya ya and so yeah besides its you'll wind and roll like Christmas time for some you know. 18 of a teaspoon unionism agreed the Arab president like my Nutmeg on eggnog once in here but Chris is found Chris is our own scrubbing bubbles. I.s found some incredible uses forward to clean it now items in her kitchen and there's a couple things how many use micro mature for you out a lot of it comes under hard things to keep it clean to face stain and in the have to do with metal but it's talk about the stainless steel surfaces. That you have dipped a little bit of cloth in water sprinkle a little agreement harder on to a clock. He's the spot clean stainless steel surfaces and small appliances are pots then that's a great idea to make a cream. Make a paste the cream on tartar. And using their hydrogen peroxide or water to clean aluminum stained aluminum panel today. Then dip and my legacy here you can in combine cream of tartar with lemon juice or white vinegar to. Use it as to shine up copper science that's I have a copper pot that I wanna show and that's what I'm into this afternoon so that militant with storms don't think that shot in my copper pot limit tartar and that was co lemon juice OK you know because whatever you want the job that's. They did this is interesting if you ask us scratches and well used play chicken buff out the scratches to limit tartar and in what you do is you just like leave it on gas on sprinkle a generous amount on. Trouble drops couple drops water it's a marinate for a couple of minutes and likely with soap and water and I had to keep up all this between it's on our website KTK 985 dot com seriously cream of tartar. Can clean things that you didn't think can be claimed absolutely chaos or stand in the kitchen for this next this is good to have additional 88 I drives me crazy when you're on the countertop cooking and it's nighttime you don't have the daylight coming Antioch Kevin has covered the overhead light rough but I really can't see anything so. These are called puck lights PUC can't and hockey puck out there under 35 bucks you can get a battery operating at McCord you can get. Halogen Xeon LED lights or whatever. And it adds kind of a great way to spurs are partitioned by you know make chemical effects I've got in my house wired and when I when I built that the reason that it is because they look cool yeah. Or something in the only time I ever used it is on if I'm having a dinner party orally for summaries and I don't use on the on it's I don't deserve it when my guests get here boom you popped out on it looks really cool to us a view he is Smart technology now you can get a changing color herb. Bouncing to the sound of him is and don't want to or app we're very believes amendment Bluetooth sure that's what I made bush added. This is really a sobering statistic as were dealing with the over going crisis in America 63000 Americans died of drug overdoses. In 2016. Two thirds of them and word the result of a prescription or illicit opiate addiction than an amazed and so a lot of these pain pills that we have we're not using a new report out from the Mayo clinics at one in three Americans. Never use all the pain medication prescribed after surgery or procedure. 60% or never evening news or it's sitting there in the medicine can I have not been a cell Heidi get rid of it. Do not flush it down the toilet now please yeah that's it's a big note and us not just for open you paint tells us anything yeah any medication because it does into the water system. What you can do that there's a couple things you can do one of them is coming up here in a couple of weeks in the twentieth of April. The DEA has the national prescription drug take back day happens once in April once in October every six months a few of the police department's National Guard to sheriff's offices will be hosting it but. By law now which is good you can take your unused. Any opinion and use medications back to the pharmacy or hospital though taken in disposed of properly. You'll get your money form but they do we know the right fingers and it'll be don't want to stuffed in opener water supply while more importantly also you don't want in your house because there are many reports of you know when your have an addiction. You'll do crazy stuff avoid and you go to somebody's house looking for pain medicines because it chances are you'll have a few in the bottles what a friend of mine used to do during dinner parties is put marbles. In the medicine cabinet. Hop and so if somebody's using your bathroom at the party in the open it up you'll hear these marbles pop and out of gas his hip and a MacKey that people do that. Yes yes you know and people will look at your medicine cabinet not me but other people he Hester of this is good in information visit so much confusion about when food expires in when it does India medications to expire but then they really don't so deserves the same thought process works for sends drains and what about your sun screen how old is it is not necessarily expired dates on sunscreen -- that's not required to have an on sunscreen packages but experts say that three years is as bad as long as you're gonna get on room controlled -- that's something that has been kept them cool dry place but don't like you have some sun screen in your glove compartment your car have a little bottle that you know about it that convenience store paid nine dollars for the little teeny bottle corks. And it's in my car bus kept it there and and now it's it's it's gone bad apparently the extreme heat of being said the car now. Makes life's been about six months and cats and now if that separates too that's another thing to look for bit cute and cool dry place otherwise just replace its. You know if you shopper and it's not that expensive notice and and you should be using it where you don't have any left over there you are there any I'm very I'm I'm with the event you know there's many times you go on vacation or at a town and you forget it in the right by it and go to the convenience store and forget the nine dollar nine dollar bottle we have similar. Let's say here this is sometimes you need extra pair of hands and if you're a working parents you probably need about a half dozen extra hands to do. Everything from errands to word two kids to. Anything so who needs a personal system which you need. There's a family is system which works along the lines and a personal XM is almost like all pair or secretary yeah it's kind of all these things combined era relic because you feel about it babysit her house even they do one thing for you I edit personal assistant will help you in the business world but a fairly system happier in the business world. And in the personal world so if you you know meets when it's your business phone in the go pick up the dry cleaning impressed picked the kids up from school alone out of the house right in and you have. A lot of money because. I hate to meet the sounds expensive you know kept in a perfect world would doesn't everybody want an assistant well you know I really comes down to you're any time if it's if needed the money is I got to tie the idea it's definitely had a good deal but. What does it was his call 230 dollars and we're about an intern and of the F a cup hot gonna turn let's start the end term program him for the fifth we have assistance for sure and there are fairly assistance in Gainesville and localities can look online order. And then while you're online want to go to the emulator that creates a cat's perm you know this is going to be popular all that this web sets gonna crashing over the weekend because Chris found something. That will emulate the sound of kitty cats operate in the they are there's different purse right and it's called early PURLLI. It's a free website that creates the purring sound effect of academy so you can customize it. From the sleeping tablets is the slower line. Norway cat it's is that more fast you can actually to have a couple of mountain yells but there aren't a little mound and the men and you know it is kind of comforting sound to look at for like a white noise or whatever or if you're allergic to cats still love the little -- down here somebody's say that the low frequency vibrations are not truly healing mechanism for both cuts on human better journal and the exit comes with the timers well -- on our cost and whether it's I can only take so much for. That history is lay he's the my cat that Simon needs its in my chest and personal habit if this is 421 and you for humans should this be catnip for kiddies. Probably well I'll go Gibson catch them now okay we'll see what happened that's up. That's our show for today Friday April 20 of course were on the air live Monday through Friday between five and 1090 point five KG Yang ABC FYE. At a.