4.19.18-KTK MORNING SHOW-Late Night Snacking Tips-Nail Polish To Repair Window Screens

Thursday, April 19th

Why not try try drinking your coffee without stirring in the creamer, married couples have a better chance of surviving heart attacks and strokes and late night snacking tips.    It’s the 98.5 KTK Morning Show recap for Thursday, April 19, 2018.


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Hi there today 98 point 5 KTU morning show recap for Thursday April 19 this is stuff you may have missed on the show they are so important things right here on my gosh it'll previously used in China much mill politician used on your ports screened. Yeah and why you shouldn't stir your coffee when you add the Cramer buy apple. And we I really things is a bad idea but let's go ahead all right for. And continue Chris not everything's a home run I didn't so let's hear everybody there's a coffee connoisseurs this suggests that EU instead east during your Kremer and year out coffee Connell at the screener. Explore its own ways and means if you did a getting into the cause it's kind of but don't stir nag you to kind of psychedelic look and you know maybe a little bit of a delightfully satisfying look into it. Plus he'll experienced slightly different flavors with each string sometimes cough mobiles blacks sometimes. Half Kramer. The dynamic flavoring is a great way to perk up then you first thing you do in the morning the dynamic flavor England and that the iPhone and if I banning creamed the coffee I want to have cream in my coffee. So the first sip. Is not cream in my coffee. Then my coffee right right right. The slow yet and I appreciate coffees like black with cream or different kinds of Kremer all that. So late I mean I wasn't really on board and then I started thinking about like how interesting it could be. To not starent and then kind of get like a different. Flavored coffee with every cent. Right but what that first copy this wanna get it Indy your systems so we can start doing its may act this is something I would do like midday on domestic matters up a copy in the morning Clint. Think since there aren't just about late night snack trips trips to the refrigerator in cabinets we Alter it let's be honest and really there's a nutritionist says look. We're going to just kind of play along here and if you're gonna do some midnight snack he won a decent snacks are not gonna have to give you so much guilt in the morning angry could become a healthy for two absolutely so what they say is really you should eat anytime you're hungry no matter what time of the day and night the only time he shouldn't do that. Is that if you're exhibiting symptoms of binge eating disorder. You really do need to control your eating and you can't stop eating and writes exactly about what they're saying is that. What you should do is a good nighttime snack should be anywhere around 200 calories of a complex carb and protein suggest there are some cards in there I make sure to pick up something that's a relatively light and little buffer time between Eden actually go to bed because. They're free to get to harbor an aggressive you know books. So here's some of the things I thought were chronicle high fiber cereal and milk is melts great things on the string cheese which is fantastic. I'll McConnell or hard boiled egg on crisp Brandon felt like my breakfast every day so I just love they get a little earlier area here's a good one bananas with peanut butter it and and fruits and nuts Turkey slices of whole grain bread and cheese and whole grain crack. Works yeah it in the light of the refrigerator you know on thanks cruise industry. For helping us along as you say you should only when your hungry right well they invented the midnight buffet and if you ever do you ever get up in the morning and your hungry. That's because you're meeting your missing that midnight feeding into the so subtle arm midnight to 3 o'clock get up have a meal and thank you. Carnival Cruise Lines Vega for finding the midnight buffet. Well being married actually can make you live longer although some people would disagree I yeah I think you need to say what you said during the the first. None of this some say marriage is a slow ride to death. At. Not story is not for you if you wanna go at the first targets and I think it may have been heard and I vowed I can't wait to dialing he's been did you guys globally. Senators I'll pay him now it feels a death do us part what they've mr. researchers have actually looked into the benefits of a lot of of being away and in sick and relationships and in weddings and marriages marriages are. There's a significant health benefits everything from a a starting up dementia to is curtailing high blood pressure. What they did as an at between 9000 patients who had suffered a heart attack a year earlier than tracked him for over a four year period now. Generally you have a pretty good chance of having another heart attack if you had one. So the odds go up there and what they found was that those that were divorced and an 18% were you more likely chance. A suffering another heart attack stroke or die from heart disease sit in vs those that arm happily married yeah I got some panel for. Absolutely and you would hope and that's what they sit with somebody you care and love you know you're going to take better care yourself you're gonna listen to your spouses or advice about. You know taking pills include CNET doctors could smile after Iranian media stuff like that AMOCO Friday giving things like a that's journalism and and I in this is going to be a great hack is specially if you I have a screened in porch or pool yeah and you have and a dog or a caterer cats. Because generally the screen somehow gets split. Affect cats that are totally eviscerate his screens before media outlets and inward. They. So here it is now posted a rescue to the rolled out plus a first thing it can't be too big orbit there yet it's about eight and an inch or smaller but you know that's big enough for some bugs to get in your freaky routes so. And it should be clear and national waiting to make it Jackson Pollock anon yes keep a bottle clear now polishing yes it will get into that supports clean the area dried off. He's a small paintbrush to ease the that he brushed aside the Apollo. Apologists can import the nail polish on and you wanna double -- the paper writes or poor you know report on addition to the way brush and that. And it just kind of lightly coat though the whole let it dry you need music here try to make a direct faster due to coats honest and another coat and a boom you're welcome and that's pretty good idea otherwise I've had to go before with a pool. Is replace the entire panel. Yes it gets kind of pricey you know yeah it's pricing is also time consuming mistress if you're holding a dinner party and as a whole there eakins quickly do it can be done now and that when mosquito that's politics to remember that at a net one mosquito ruins my life it's well. Nothing ruins my life more than because it's more of a guy I think in a girl thing as guys he's toilet paper in the bathroom half the time as women. Yeah but you know it's never it's worse when you have finisher you're making yes yes yes and you can see there's no toilet paper. That's you know that's part of the process well I'd like forty chews you up at. Well it's a problem and in China they have anti Twitter revolution going on because. They're actually spending a lot of money in updating technology technologically updating the bathrooms. Which include. Tour boat toilets Wi-Fi connections are volatile and it sounds all very dangerous and charging even have TVs in an age you need to be to pay your electric abilities toilets but they're using face recognition technology because people have been stealing the toilet paper that's. Instead of I mean just finally told the paper they're spending money installing cameras well obviously we looked at sort of the map and it was like 720 dollars to per. To install dozens almost diversity by over 720 dollar. I'm what they're doing is there. Limiting the amount of toilet paper you get her squat yes there you would get between a foot and a two and a half feet of toilet paper. And sometimes that's enough. But when it's not enough it's not enough but that's why there's phone charging in Wi-Fi right because USO 89 minutes thing to recycle it won't it's more it won't give you any more for nine minutes all of that so when you stand up your legs main hour and a half. Well the guy duck walking outside. An hour are going to happen embody our bend based Ross the first season on a I so there you go facial recognition systems coming to hijack a Chinese bathroom near you that's not creepy at all there's no other out of dollars over a 160 million. Cameras right now by the year 22 or they're gonna have over 600 million cameras in China watching everybody do everything is they're making themselves into reality TV yes it's a real life Sam's and so you know yeah so if you hit showering he might wanna enjoy this story a little bit more apparently researchers have found that showering excessively can reduce skin hydration causing you to. Scan to become dry in cracked which can allow jurors to move and and ultimately make you sick really curious this is not an ad to not shower head is not an ad for axe body spray. And experience here. What they went there with the talking about is that your PC more than one shower today you probably are drawing your skin out and therefore you could read you know that could happen button you know there's a lot of lotions and creams that you can buy they're actually percent moisture back in your skin. Yeah I don't know if you've seen it actually make an in a shower or body lotion now yes right when you get done you don't even dry off you just put the stuff all over you and you kind of have been for thirty seconds or have you done this really does. I have and I've got one problem with what it makes the bathroom and that the floor slippery as I saw all the. I do it in the showers yeah I do to with a shower on the thing is an idiot that makes there's like a couple I just bought some of that I haven't tried -- this is the new body wash your hair and I love it fuels mats that you'd you have that necessarily Kim I'm were in my ten issues about how my you have to change your towels little marks I have noticed my towels get a little more minutes from lake is just a pat yourself. Drive you know what I just notices if you do a morning show people long enough you'll use the same body watch it happen. To us thanks for forsaking had a thought. Stroke very cure or a navy a show from now on just. That's a lot of his brakes are leg and a chef at says I can't really care I I stop using it because into. It that it was like hearted to get it often and acting like a a scrub brush up what look what they were saying though that if you bathed in the belief hundred reduces your risk of illness. But in reality it doesn't do much more than eager writ of body odor. That's why am baiting and yet they okay thanks number one reason right there do it for Gloria Huskers were in a small phone Booth several hours every morning that's right we appreciate and I appreciated. We appreciate you listening to the podcast is well of course were on the air live Monday through Friday between five to ten on ninety point five KG tank tomorrow unfortunately it's not a podcasts it's a podcast ABC. Yeah.