4.18.18-KTK MORNING SHOW-How Often Should You Clean Your Office Coffee Mug-Allergies That Are Not Allergies

Wednesday, April 18th

Break your mobile phone addiction with this app, seasonal allergies may not be allergies and should you be cleaning your office coffee cup daily?   It’s the 98.5 KTK Morning Show recap for Wednesday, April 18, 2018.


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Jello all it's the 98 point 5 KTU morning to recap for Wednesday April 18. Let's jump right into it chalet the let's drive right through it method yeah about this when you're not just wal mart's reduce fraud Christen. Yeah Wal-Mart has a really fantastic service that is similar to us it's called target drives dried up and basically what you condition the online shopping. And then now you can go and have your items picked up at the store which is Connie unique about this one though. Again the secretary of the stores are what makes a kind of cool is that. Once it's ready to be picked have a dozen M necessarily need to be picked up immediately like food yes you can kind of if you're in the middle doing something you can do it later rock. That's a very handy it's targets be it targets in Gainesville and Ocala are open to it basically. What you do is you I didn't shopping on the tat B through the app the apple often hurried drive up optioned. He then say click on to that and it'll be ready for draft pick up with him one to two hours and then if when you're ready to take it out you say okay Ramallah way it'll be ready within ten met. So it's really cool I know that belies the one that I've used you like have to allow. It to see where you wired so basically sharing you location. So it actually shows them on an app. Where you are a little bit into the parking lot and run off a little thing and they come out so you're actually like it's magic really app only chance I've. So we found this really cool place that I'm Cheryl beyond persons bucket list there is definitely is oxen museum that just opened in Jan any. Tammany. What's called pass out which is a just a little bit east of Munich and and has about 4500 different items celebrating the docs in breed including toys icons came here nine stamps. Artistic France with sausage dogs is the main character specifically the curators and if co founders of the museum and a spinning over 25 years gathering all this stuff. Another for the the the museum did not know this at the first Olympic mascot which I. Besides Sam eagle in 1984 run I've never understood how the Olympic mascot works because it looks weird. Go the other use like I know the Korean ones were weird or ruined in Japan as Sochi Japan is like what are those yes. First ever Olympic mascot was the 1972 Munich games on and he's his name is volume was a docs and yes and that was Summer Olympics because in the Winter Olympics they couldn't find him in the snow he Nadia or small there. So this is good if you're trying to break yourself on addiction and lets be honest were worlds together where all you're all guilty of being selfless and it's kind of put out an app that's a timer on your phone. That only lets you use your phone when you think you need the use it out of there early storms called the Al locked me out app and it's all right now available for android hopefully we'll have more for iPhone four but really really cool because you know many times to describe your phone to your board. And you'll start going and instead granting an alliance upstart. So staying in buying shopping all the stuff so what this does is you set a timer. So able lock out your phone anywhere from fifty missed a three hour so I was the only one or you're on your phone for two hours after two hours it would lock out your phone yes you still can make phone calls. Which they're known to do. And also aware of what's that he you can ask your making more clients into your voice from your one device to another one across the world. Ice and I think my voicemail on my phone which is is a thing until. Literally says if you leave me after calling me I probably Loney answered like I mean you Marty got his ways not because I don't answer my message. Yeah very much so that will allow you to pick up the phone and odds are you'll get notifications. You elective sport scores are raising the popped up. And then also you can use the camera but that's pretty much hits. Also you can customize it so we can have it a lock out you lucky on the specific time of the Dayton lockyer ought to set automatically later on in the day for an hour to appear in a meeting or something. And let you lock your phone for thirty minutes if you screened time passes more than five hours today so if you go up to five hours. It will lock your screen out yes and then this kind of call here army some TV lock unlock your phone just to checksum I. It's just gonna say this is the one that I would use gas so you can set that up solicit you can only unlock your phone twelve times in an hour yeah. After that a lot you know I it's such habit for me I will literally look at my phone known notifications scroll through FaceBook put it down. Almost on instinct. Boredom sets in or something and I'm like I'll just pick it up again. And. Well that's just me going to that to the bathroom ought to match the day of the phone yeah yeah. I. Didn't hear real expensive and check Obama to read anymore yeah that's true so uber yourself on a device diet with a lock me out yeah. Sprinkles Frito. Sawyer seasonal allergies may not be seasonal allergies at all or allergies at all. Basically people can suffer from a common condition that mimics seasonal allergies but is known as non allergic or night it's. And basically it's stuff that irritates your nose and it in the eyes just like allergies are so he can happening supplies can do that yeah cleaning supplies saw smoke drugs changes even in the weather pattern can cause this is that even an infection yeah no. Changes in the weather spike what I thought was allergies no match for me I'm I have to go to the doctor and ask about this sin in this couple we should be checked to see if it's actually seasonal allergies and upper one of them is is like if you're in a grocery store and you go down look cleaning aisle. And you start it seeing or you start sneezing your eyes are watering it's probably not the analogies it's the chemicals that are getting. That are causing that because a lot of these symptoms. Of of of this they're not allergic or night is is very similar to seasonal analogy but the big thing is that. If you don't have with a scratchy throat or itchy ears it's probably not pollen and yet something else I do get itchy ears man. To talk to your doctor about treatment there is actually treatment for non allergic tonight is. I'm requires a different type of medication so it's not going to be your Allah you know Euro playground or you're. I exercise yourself land so yes so don't worry apparently the story says that urology usually start in February or march. And they they ended October yeah I'll say 078 months later Larry Fine it's like it's like hurricane season yeah. Well how often do you click your office coffee mug. I mean I'd do I do clean it every day but that's because I refill it every morning I don't make coffee at work I just different yet he if you leave your coffee in your office and Nina Mehta is widespread underwater in the get coffee and is there really sanitary. Split or not it's probably more sanitary than if you were to use the communal sponge in the and I think he just sucks she's a reason to do it was sponges forever and you have released it. They found a recent report this in the dirt these things in your kitchen office is the sponge itself just like it is in your home. But you multiply that by how many co employees actually use it and you know you're cleaning standards and built. Little different than Steve's cleaning standards who eats pizza in the box in order mean. Uses cold water nose so bright and brought the kimchi serves. Who we brought that we still have a guy who brought him she all the time at all and BC brought Kim Chee nets it's it's it it was it's an acquired smell key U. Yeah I guess I thought I get yelled at this building a lot because I do bring links sometimes like a broccoli he brings things re around a snack mix. But as soon as I put in the microwave everybody's yelling on the holidays do you think age that you knew you if you ever notice in my office why I have a microwave is because the same thing I. Legs here egg whites and they have a sulfur there have a smile again and so I get so tired of people complaining about it that I don't. Closed my door open my window and I it's genius. Just so that would not hear it anymore but it and end up finally. Let's talk about your workplace anxiety be no said that they're researchers found the most common triggers for workplace anxiety. Are the jobs that includes constant expression or suppression of emotion as reservists that's blogging here a lot of us are draining to your teeth. Detail and now. Also job to have consistent looming deadlines or frequent organs organizational changes. And these can really kind of sabotage your work because you're worried about the anxiety but believe it or not look a modern and levels and anxiety. Is not that bad for you so if you have you know deadlines that are due or. Customer who is a little bit more of a challenge you could use that anxiety to your benefit. Push yourself to overcome the anxiety. At and you've probably never seen it because it's in my purse but I and a bag that says my anxiety gives me anxiety that's not that is zero that in my life right to our guests at a call sinner and I can tell you first up I think everybody short some sort of service industry job I worked at a calls and I still all right it again be on the front lines of retail sales and service and I idea that your upset but if you start. Being an a hole to me on the following us. I will put you on hold that title quote unquote research for yet as I am to be honest Hamas followed the 37 minute hold it was a really tough case now I knew I can do things away. Sorry it out like inevitable move by. But by that's our show for today Wednesday April 18 the course you can listen to a live on the committee to try to between. I'm intent on. We've received about. Game.