4.16.18-KTK MORNING SHOW-When it Is Time To Toss Your Pillow-Bad News For Night Owls

Monday, April 16th

This has won the vote as the worst household chore of all, massive egg recall and bad news for night owls.  It’s the 98.5 KTK Morning Show recap for Monday, April 16, 2018.


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I there is an idea point 5. April 16 2000. Eighteen tall boy let's see where we're gonna learn today we're learn about Legos are not the worst households shore. Tossing out your pillow is not the worst household chore dieting not the worst households shore. Even those 200 million eggs that were called. Has nothing do with the worst household chore that depends ID is Jose and it depends what time of you go to bread at night or do you elect you're up early in the morning movement Alter how long gonna live all right slot that to bring out the crystal ball and everything. The not so we yeah we were talking about if you love Lagos this action may be the job for you but it is an Ohio which. I believe is under snow right now and it's April Columbus, Ohio and you can be at the Lego land discoveries that are wiser in Columbus, Ohio we're still researching. So much about Kristen name master model building you said -- should be graded this he will and he would he would and I told him about it he was slightly interested until I said that the public part how about talking to the public yet today and yes sometimes yeah I imagine a shuttle risk you'll take care of that problem he usually does fifth it's not yet and anyone cases over the make craft beer whisk again. Robbers hours so there you have delayed discovery's and I was actually looking for talented Lego builder who can go lead workshops inspire kids aged three to ten and Debbie comfortable on the public I. Talking about the attraction. Op but in true like a fascist not just applying for jobs you've actually got to compete for an after you apply for it you gotta build baby yeah out today competition held may fifth and sixth. And in the world are the winner rice approves the last person standing as one gets the job offer. Competitive salary amusing air quotes again I mean they've little pay a little they have very little it's like a rustic living. Kinda what's your sorry a lot of value try to get a job somewhere else building Legos exactly but you do get a 401K and a benefits package. Which which involves Legos you just get a bag Legos yes. And I'm telling you they're looking for unicorn here because they want somebody you can build Legos which is usually a mechanical. And really there and I Mir and then they want someone who's good in the pub yeah just not gonna happen that tree has very true. All right the worst household chore it is knots building Legos and throwing eggs extreme camping on the horse program. Apparently do studies washing dishes the absolute worst shore you can do people say that marriage will Arab. Marriage over and a marriage. Did not say that money doesn't be Sigmund try to turn around and people think money will or and Mary and I just I disagree you dishes will ruin a marriage let's yeah. They said they dishwashing duties are the absolute worst and that they generally are done by women which is kind of setting up but he a stereotype there really is not a true and and in essence of what they're saying is that. You know playing around are not playing around and clean up all boldly food in the sink and a nice little Roma smell. Really should be kind of something that the parents show that children that they do together Lou or at least take turns. And you know keep that in mind so you can just say you know what if you don't clean your room. But the next couple of hours you're gonna clean additions to the dishes that have been sitting there so teams since yesterday on. But Jimmy does the dishes and Mitch gets a kick out of occasionally leaving a Tupperware closed. Out man Doleac. Especially has got something that's been it's kind of like ballooned up it's pretty much like the equivalent of. Stepping on a dog turned into a that's an IDD does smell good everywhere it gets on everything it's impossible. To clean up and it's not a corner last June oh it is you don't put up that end Jeremy has a horrible gag reflex still headed home just yet it even have kids to appreciate mental thing you know I have to disagree with the additions thing I think the most disgusting job he has yet. Cleaning up the cat litter box boom that's pretty good. If you have a dog. Oh my god is mocking yeah yeah the night. You my friend Lauren got to didn't she is too chocolate lab she was like I don't know where he's proving it hasn't been anything in the box and I got animals like lions. Where is the box as the 200 for our own my elite who fail he had the most disgusted look on her face to you know Sheila so's. On Flickr fan you know she's gotten doggie kisses. Aria I'll also. On the pillow which is another I and I get rid of them from time to time what's the role of the army it's also -- what every six months after six months of his those cheaper polyester pillow with a minute tell god what about this is written by big pillow with and probably there to miss immunity dear friend or have other higher quality foam pillow she probably and there are a lot around eighteen to 36 months out of like the memory -- -- -- and it makes it's you know after awhile your head laying out an 81012 hours today it's gonna kind of flatten it out. So that's why you kind of need do I get rid of them. Plus all the nastiness you know some nasty skin cell whale all boils down here nation yeah sneezes he's ever seen in a golf courses out lately so they did say you can get a little more than six months earlier pillows if you wash your pills every six months and then put on a protector and case. In between the helo an appellate case adults in the life and please picture. Your washing your sheets at least once a week and don't wash your memory foam pillow it will weight -- thousand pound has rights advocate and you should read the label that you should be there because loft federal law prohibits you from take federal law. You know we'll get put thrown in jail because those tales of fellow cops play hardball back. Strip the fad diets let's talk about them because a lot of times you'll see in a magazine this is a pretty cool the other patio diet maybe they cannot compute yeah. The five to diet even of the Hyundai seems like he could could be a good way to go but. A lot of times you make unhealthy choices by not consulting your doctor guy you have to know about the different forms approach Tim or is there a caller earlier that are gotten it wrong weeks we said that. He should eat meat for the proper approach and that's not true we're dissent it's different than yeah diet and you have to pay more attention to until you get used to the new be fun and the got to figure but the protein sources are and that's what they're cultures that don't need me and they're doing just fine absolutely and the but this is what's interesting is that the survey found of people that were up potential tighter 67 to excuse me better on a diet. 67% they took the survey found that they were on gluten free diet despite not being instructed to do so on a diet and 65% had cut at a complete food group without talking with a doctor that's total federal and there that's a problem Christian activity getting the nutrients that you need it can lead anywhere from kidney to liver problems to run and development problems so. Is it's also dangerous for people do have allergies and things like that because. Wait staff and whatnot at restaurants they get kind of like immune to this lame when you're like I don't want any goalie in their. Well those of us that actually have allergies to foods you and again you know the look from the way trivia like oh location where you want to. Those camera that's very true so. And I and it just to be safe check with your doctor even if it's on an established I think it's been off for years just to make sure that your doctors fully aware what's going on with you. Well if exerting your diet Andy might wanna check the box 200 million aches and believe that that's a lot of folks be recalled in because the FDA's received around 22 cases of Salmonella illness that tape date traced back to a farm in Indiana. They sent eggs out in nine states including Florida. Basically a fairly enough we have food lines in Florida anymore and others who lies but also it's the wal mart's two now a lot of more wal marts in anything so if you have any great value eggs from Wal-Mart or food line. Great Glen view sunshine farms Coburn farms crystal farms and country debris that Harrison you can sell legs under all those farm names of mail came from one farm sausage a little bit of fraud here okay that's why I get my eggs at the farmer's market I don't know I can look at pursing the guy. Who gathered goes but nuggets in the tackle for forming. Well and this keep in mind if he's still need to get wanna do your exit the store and you wanna make sure that these are not part of the recall look at the best by date there's a couple of indicators one's going to be the plant. Identifier number lurches from day is 1065 in in the Julian date that's what we talked about the three digit date at the day of the year that was enough boxes account drew from 1 January 1 always three or 65 December 31. So the ones that you're in question are Julian dated 011 through 102. Which is like January 11 through march and a addressing that. That the exit to older father Ruben January OK if it. So it turns out more people have a least one more advantage of the night owls live longer you guys right where I live longer take your stuff you outwardly that well I guess is the podcast hosting early this morning we're talking about books there's there's not a night all the world's gonna hear this but. Hey unite Els listen to our podcast. It's what you'd get a little earlier during your study of analyzed five hunt excuse me 50000 people. And found that those who are two sides get to bed late and stay up late. Have a 10% higher risk of dying over the over six and a half year period compared to those who went to bed early and wasn't her study was six and a half years I found out if you go to bed late. You die 10% earlier but it's not really it's too because your falling asleep lays the schedule that you have the Turkish you know you may have to be at work at 8 o'clock in the morning and your ILE I COC you may wanna have a job to start to ten or eleven which is better the top drug they do that was schools that's why some schools I have high schools are currently because of you know that because of that self. It is some food for thoughts on NS our show for today yes I do like. I have a ball at a great I learn stuff every morning rights and sometimes it grosses me out yeah. I hung tough guy and we're on the air live Monday through Friday between five tenure ninety point five Kati K a BC act that.