4.13.18-KTK MORNING SHOW-Be Cool And Smile-Why Restaurants Purposely Under Cook Steaks

Friday, April 13th

What to clean in your house before the house cleaner arrives, restaurants purposely undercook your steak and these paint colors devalue your house.  It’s the 98.5 KTK Morning Show recap for Friday, April 13, 2018.


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Hey there hi there there are. Marriott's the united point 5 GTQ morning to recapture for Friday. The thirteenth of April I am I sit on these TK in Ramon who listen and I bet. So this morning on the show we realize that you should not be investing in bitcoin or are like that I need to forget about that gold you need to go to Mexico medal wafers baby what's going on expert Candice been produced in 1847 before civil war an amazing this has been an American I can't think Abe Lincoln's on the Oval Office there and had a necco Wafer maybe then we'll and natural it's made the same company that makes the eye candy hearts that the rules a little -- Valentine's Day are you down. They employ about 395 workers in Massachusetts and last month the company that owns in the New England confectionery company said. Hey if we don't get a buyer we're gonna have to shut down were were broke and on that started the great necco Wafer panicked yes so now everyone is hoarding up the nickel wafers a including a Florida woman who offered to trader 2003 pod Honda Accord Julia for an online candy stores horde. Of the an echo wafers they said nothing Q but we appreciate the appreciate the offer and the problem there's a little Krista you don't you don't know what a necco wafers and I did not when he told me there were a lot of candy hard I mean I know I glue those Philly art projects penalty and every one dot necco wafers self has probably made out of the same material I think yeah candy hearts but. Picture roll of quarters there about the size of a quarter. And the new 000 okay. Now I I know exactly who likes Marty's on steroids yeah add the big fat okay Janet yeah Sony page. You know what they may not go out of business because everyone's that's everyone's hoarding it it's there's there's less not sixty some percent right now 63% out since March so there you go on key to keeping it alive. So you want any cool David yeah man smiled. I did you smiling but I guess that's smile and wave voice violent ways I'm thing going to be stars relic that wouldn't want to be exactly what you want to welcome to find out there was a step research done and basically when you smile you have the perception that your cool and approachable and some do you wanna be wet this is incredible that some is doing the cool scale that you wanna be called yes I do just smiled and what it is they took some people and they showed him like a magazine ads and some of the miles were smiling some of them weren't in what they found is that. Those smiling models they were perceived as cooler than the an expressive models that have been no this manner. So approachable fresher right in with the studies showing and it is a lot of times it is simple smile the you know non communicated body motions that you have. Can that be really good work me very harmful and relationship I've got to see your ideas offer somebody a necco Wafer is that were under some thoughts. Well Krista they just mile off the area -- does this in fact we were talking about CB yeah like a crazy schedule this week in your housekeepers in the middle of yes yes my housekeepers coming next week before my out of town guests arrive at your big graduation ceremony Julia yes I will be cleaning before she comes yes and I you to try to figure out when you have time to do this woman are not alone in this so yes it welcome Amy -- very comforted yes and ended this boils down to because European how do you pay for someone to keep up your house you'll pay somebody to organize your job these brightly yeah right so when we're talking about doing the pre clean you're actually talk about organizing it for cleaning so you know all the piles of mail the magazines maybe the London the pile of laundry right you know go ahead and clean all that up so that yours -- ready to go -- maybe put in the one area so all the stuff that you don't need to touch writes media room more section in -- room where you do that. And then also. This is important and I wouldn't even think about this if you have delicate stuff stuff that you replace civil. Gordon clean that stuff yourself. That house put a record that China cabinet has actual act like you know like wine glasses from your wedding. Hundred dollar wine glasses are yeah because you know they've got three or 456 house is the cleaner going to be gone through pretty quickly and things break you know. That's right Greg you never know I IE yet. It was just on the town as she thought she is doing us a favor equity and I didn't think she would clean the dishes because she wasn't there to do baton. And she did for saying this. I know I felt really bad enough. Hey we're a sticker on your house is welcome we learned earlier this week that it's for some reason still pointed out that if you sell your house in the month of may you actually have a better chance to give more money and selling faster. So this can actually stop the sale of your house and actually cost you money and has to do with the interior rooms color. All right it's as simple as the color of your kitchen or your liver rights of these colors they say Zell said they looked at over 50000 homes across the country they said today. Actually caused homes to sell at a slower pace and an average lost about a thousand dollars Randy Wright is the collars slate gray now awful whites. Terra cotta. Dark brown a lot of those Mason's it's the off white that sounds like the one we aren't a lot of kitchens a lot of rooms or off one out but yes. But what they found out it is that the off why is kind of a flat dull color and it makes the room kind of does me through pop Alter our I would agree in a bigger gamble lake. Kids are covered in cabinet so I'll play can be a ninth stark contrast flick and I start cabinet. Maine and make it feel clean and I don't know I disagree with you know when he talked to injured designers though I had no idea. How many different shades of white their answers it and every one of them has a different psychological profile so. An interior designer can take you through tonight on rumors and but there's there's a lot of off white out there yet there's there's reason terra cotta which is a very bold color you know people don't want bold with a look and buy a house -- well -- I -- a lot of Turk got to kitchens gas gas you know we discovered trying to get that Italian. But I'm mature outlook when my very first apartment I had when I moved out by myself I pain in the room salsa. What's salsa like Solso labels Osama yet salsa. Older and I got EU Russian and like he walked into the room and it was either feeling of Blake know all animal all bleeding or like I don't. Really fun but I just walk into a bottle of Tabasco so yes yes there was literally called foul far. Wow and this is my favorite on just because of of what it is for dark brown I don't know how I ever would have may have a room dark brown but. And it's often referred to as dirty tar or even death. This is how bad of a colored his Australian government on their their talking about trying to get people not to smokes with trying to find the most horrible colored to make. Of cigarette packs that coach you don't wanna have a that this is the shape they are looking GAAP. They went with a different one but that just tells you how bad those colors can be and really slow down the soul of your house and doesn't cost you money may be the guest bathroom. Aha ha. The mother in law suite is somewhat like though she's moving in is in her arm around Julio who all right let's talk also about maybe living in a castle may be a nice medieval castle its new one after a place to yeah wal England is just gorgeous mirror what's the doc Marten. Jawad PBS it takes place in Cornwall. This beautiful coastal city that's right on up. Unlawful all sorts of their opening that's why this is making a lot of news but it's at the saint Michael's amount which is a tourist friendly title island means on the tides out you can get to a guessing like what are you out about it through tides and you've got to get their by boat but. They are looking for someone has called late this visitor services manager you'll kind of oversee thirty year or so seasonal employees. And you'll make sure all the X scheduled 350000. Annual gas have a good time there. In exchange. You live in a quaint village in this tiny Fijian IO I acre island. Free rants and a salary anywhere from 34000 afford 1000 a year. Pretty cool down not a bad gig at all yeah. Charming place to count and then this is this makes sense when you hear this but. When you order a stake outs again nice fancy restaurant how many times has it come. Undercooked writes in L it's undercutting your like and you gotta wait for your back sending back an hour right there's a reason they're doing this because cooks and chefs are under pressure to reduce the number of states that get thrown out. When a customer says it's overdone because you can it can't do anything about overcoat writes you can't so did purpose of them doing this is that they went to be undercooked so that if you do they don't lose money so. A good tip would be if you our collective you like comedian stake Yahoo! may need to order it medium well and it should come out medium and here's what happens okay. It comes off the girl it's still cooking OK and and how long has it under those heat lamps to which we'll continue to cook so. It is a whole there's a whole psychology in about two of the food runner has who has pay attention especially whether it was a really expensive dishes you know to make sure they get out there but if it's undercooked. Did your decision now not to yea guys that time into it exactly you can't put the toothpaste back in the two of that of that. You know what's really funny is somebody probably after listening to this while trying to toothpaste back in the two. I guarantee you Christa how'd you like your sticks. Rare you're you like the rare thing I do I like their hair now my guess Scott my on my mind has been via he lets his well die if. Don't let me think and there's an USB of the worst cut well and now he orders a flaming owns welcome. Scott there's no tastes the shaft must just be cursing yep probably in my chefs will give you I promise you the worst economy if you order. I I NT in his defense I have like have brought him back to two medium well yes yeah a little flavor left and you can tell on the stories ago you that you want me angrier Jeremy shocked waiter one time minutes and went to a nice steak restaurant and he's a kid and so they of the EU orders a stake in their lake Heaton. I mean knowingly makes a joke like you want it well done and Jeremy looks up and knows no. Medium. And make all it's like you insulted that aren't gonna rate cut. Remakes have kids they always want their high when tiger will doing. Yeah my mother would always you know when I was younger she knows pre order my stakes and I remember she was floored. When I ordered for myself onetime tennis and I wanted to mediums. Have. And I'd like I'd just I don't I needs instead of you on taking a bite of upstate and having to drink water and she really yeah. About having it end up yes I outlook for sub zone. Well that's our show for today Friday April 13 of course on the lot and airline Monday through Friday between five to ten here on ninety point five KG day ABC yeah.