4.12.18-KTK MORNING SHOW-Best Time To Take A Work Break-Glitter Sunscreen

Thursday, April 12th

You may be overlooked for a promotion because you are not being noticed, glitter sunscreen and the most admired people in the world.  It’s the 98.5 KTK Morning Show recap for Thursday, April 12, 2018.


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I'd say 98 point five KTK more ensuring GAAP fourth Thursday April 12. Let's jump right in just like god jumping into the pool cold pool water all right let's do that now should I give my kid an allowance in cash or just given what my credit cards just did so did you consider because there is say there's a valid point when's the last time you actually a cashing your pot could your pocket. Three years ago yeah I don't I really take cash to tip. Wait staff right so it's sure rarely have cash so we are makes sense if you're trying to teach your kids about money you may wanna give them a card vs cash. I'm not what you should be doing according to childhood experts because. With cash just like you would no primary no this is content. You know a cash many coins at their infinite which means our finance finally others on here there's this you have a stack of coins once they're gone they're gone. You don't get that from a credit card not at all and dad this is something that you wouldn't think about which you really should is that. You really teach a kid I used to spend money correctly you should be spend some cash as well and watched him make decisions so for instance if you go to the store right and only have as a twenty dollar bill in the you know it brings up a 25 dollars. You're gonna have to put something back to is gonna have to be some limits in that kind of teases them. You know it's only you can always spend as much you have verses just going and credit like yeah you're the fast food restaurant and you're watching the kid trying to figure out how much change to give you you know a painful but it's good for I mean that it's yeah that to learn how to do that in your brain without having to write it down and sovereign author cater take your shoes off to count yet that's pretty that's important not to have. But what about co signing for your kids are tabs are put them on your cards or some yet that's the other thing is they get older. You know you may wanna help them give established credit or whatever you can do that I would suggest just like. Making them an authorized user on what are your accounts because if you end up co signing on a credit card for child you could be liable for your dad nick and actually regular credit him. And you know kind of help them look out for the low interest rates there are people though issue cart's attempt. And so you know you don't try to resist the urge to cosigned. On a credit risk is not just young kids do it's when you get to college I can't do as a freshman you're getting offers in the mail for free credit cards. And it RegToy maybe they're given me they just give me 300 dollars more liberal I mean I got it and when I when I was in school. I had a credit card with a 5000 dollar limit I had no job. And that's how or I ruin my credit for the longest time because you're alone Chris you don't think about 805000 dollars is just a number on paper and you don't think about all the interest you know. Hey about the payment they you have to make right do it right exactly so all need to do is pay nine dollars a month there really want the balance. You know he's very it has like illiquid and come on Montana state how how much I mean you've got a certain amount and we make him take it out of the bank every month at smarts and Aiken physically watch it dwindle all right so every inning goes and does some things he's like only and I only have 52 dollars vs seeing the whole bank account numbers right now and come. Should make this wiser choices for your money as well I thought it was a great lesson there I really wanna go do this he's learning to budget right and what he had mortgages and now more more for expenses. You we go to budgeting absolutely so let's just run a subject of money I know you're not making enough. You need a promotion okay we're gonna get your promotion and a lot of times according to an HR manager a lot of the stuff that we do. Who Andy will we think is it justice and open a position to be promoted fraud actually causing us be overlooks via the vision not to be your own horn you need you need to think of your work ethic as a brand. Meaning you need to develop that you need to protect it and you need to promote it as as a leader even if you're not a leader need to rip promote yourself as a leader so. And never focus on negatives when you're at work all right so let's say there's a project comes up on my gosh we can't do that there's like a wave of guys I don't know no neither person that comes openly alt. You can say you know what let me think about that a at that there is a way we can do and even if it's no way that's really never gonna happen. Junior at least making a positive spin on resourcefulness. Right never be forgotten exactly. I need to do keep in mind yes sometimes you do need event occasionally from from bill and his you know heating it's a sandwich and microwaves don't wanna be the complainer that route and it was always funny in the negative there's there's an appropriate time and a place to do your venting and ask you need to ticketed you don't pay close attention to that. Let's see here well you feel comfortable about doing your own project in your own little bubble without anyone help you helping you ever drive that's actually working to your and not working to your benefit because you're not working as a team into our about a team player right now you rob this is a big team. So actually do get some input from other people that'll show your worst two the bosses well. I'll believe it or not working too hard. Can actually be bad as a negative trait and it's because he's smiling because this is Chris Malone was the hardest working man and Obama's. Hi April and does a great job and an attack athletics needed tap the breaks every now about yet. You put in an iron but where any of three jobs which is what should you have come up another front to make a master class job. Of they do say when you do overworked and this is true very true you'll burn out quickly ending your work suffers in the long run. You did Nagin as you do all the things they you know supposed to do and that's what's gonna bring you community that particular race. Balances which need to worry about it I speak up when you have a good idea if you have a good idea about something you may be nervous or intimidated to speak of in front of the crowd you need to. Post your opinion in your good ideas in your observations but just remember think about the words used before you save them. So they again it's in a positive way. Anyone that's the last thing is make sure your cheerleader for yourself lecture superiors know what a good job you die and your brand nobody else gonna do it for you rights but it remember there's an appropriate time and place to do it but to be in really good shape and feel good about yourself you have to get enough sleep and we're gonna go to the military. Folks that are out on the front lines and real distrustful twelve hour jobs. Then they have to get up the next day to do the same thing how do you follow us and we've got all that on your mind I ever think it's funny my MI stepfather was in the air force and it was it was you've heard real quit when the word order comes out you have no choice are they say you need to sleep that's an order. He needed to go to sleep so what's the trick so a lot of so this article posted opened a website looks at some bella armed services that's and they say these are the things they do. To help them falsely quickly one of them was to write down your thought there was a guy who actually. I guess works and drones or whatever but there are intelligence for twelve hour shifts in relation. Body armor on I actually started to feel sleepy and he equated it to be like defender should have a dog. Yeah her wearing something tight I guess releases and how does that sound how does that work our christened as you guys have a dog group publisher right. Yet the undershirt touches to places one under the neck and one in their belly and it's supposed to apparently. Squeezed just tight athletic kind of flake releases endorphins of like now a comfort feeling a lot. And it helps them calm themselves I eight have taken videos of Harley when I put it on. He's an absolute disaster and you can physically see in less than thirty seconds and go from fat to. Asleep 100% of. Well his a couple of hot guys yes yes. And Asus and that's where you know you might wanna get the weighted blanket Yemen Libya as well plus they say. A many times when you're talking about jet lag because the military sending all over the world. Many veterans say running we're just doing exercising is a great waited to a recent your internal clock and Taki route just sort getting tired just kind of resets things right. So I shocked at this the most admired men and women in the world according to Hugo which is an international data analytics firm. They asked thirty some thousand people in 35 countries. Bill Gates is the most admired man in the world he's been the most admired man since the inception of this surveyed were gates and and for women it is Angelina Jolie. An actress and you're probably wondering how the two connected. Both of them are extremely few minutes I am okay they spent a lot of time and money in their role developing nations in this was like 35 countries people as you all over the world were you know. And you know with the six most admired man in the world Vladimir Putin he's more he's more more than the Dali Lama. That's well craze that is as we hadn't and I think I think people in Russia you know you have to vote for not for all yeah. No comment yet how about about Jackie Chan is more popular than the Pope yeah. It's great lies and Jackie Chan right below Bill Gates and the world is president Barack Obama this and admired man in the world actor Jackie Chan number three. Now I doubt that. I think what's his name is. Texas ranger what's his name techno artists making this with just a strain. Thanks and I trust talked to Jackie Chan about I never for this president is China's president as job UZZ John team. Yeah and Chinese businessman Jack Ma rounded up top five. For women you have of course second best is Michelle Obama run for Winfrey Queen Elizabeth the Second of the United Kingdom Oprah's word mark than the queen about that are Hillary Clinton landing out the top five months and I I would agree that. It's a very interesting listening if you go to our website okay because they do change up a little bit for the US for instance Ellen DeGeneres makes the top five which I would agree yeah. Common let's see all exports people yes sports people as well and this is kind of the similarities if for for minutes more business moguls in sports stars yeah William buffet made a list alien mosque. Michael Jordan David Beckham right up for women in like this just entertainment industries such as Emma Watson Madonna Taylor Swift and gal got out what what about David Beckham on the woman's list you would think that it is you know most. He just Chinese. Oh is that right yes well as Ireland Zelasko views and not be married to posh spice but more important that's true if let's see the best time to take a break today give me a break is believe it or not between ten and 11 in the morning early in the day now in the afternoon that's were I'll agree that the best and take your first parishioners have called allied brands or make and after your first lunch at 9 o'clock yes. High five right path. I'm there's a new study that came out that Aston adults 22 if you 67 describe their breaks over five day work week rather they said those had breaks in early in the day between ten and eleven had more energy concentration in motivation. Compared to those who had the breaks later in the afternoon it's interesting. And you go on. And additionally found out people get more out of their breaks when they do something they generally want to do. During their down time. Some nice little gal and I read a book that maybe is read a book I need to get accounts from my office they get out in an office first I was thinking about my smoking days of my that's what I enjoyed a maverick missiles yeah. I mean having a back and smoke again at the and then finally glitter sunscreen of course were glamorizing sunscreen for summer. It is new but is it really doesn't work as an effective. We'll find out it's really it's as if the it's not been approved yet but there's really according to divert colleges there's no. Period there's no change to the composition of adding glitter that would prevent it from acting as he sunscreen I wonder what the glitters made from it as well maybe the Bala. I see I Google those well we are I Blake after we talked about this morning. And I knew that there was sun screen that I had like a shine to it yeah I feel like I've been using NASA and the nineties. And that is like they're body lotions that have like a shining and there's apparently there is onscreen that has like. It's more of a shot rain and then glitter like it just makes you look clean shiny like you're glistening. And I don't know if there may be talking about that lake is being more popular or something but I'm just telling you from a experience glitter you are you the glitter and anything's. Think if that's true. As sure but they were they are really talking about is any sort of sunscreen including the glitter Khan yeah is really look to make sure that it is a broad spectrum coverage which means it covers of those UV a and UBB lights yeah UVA actually dvd burns your skin but the UBA's when they cannot make draws all yeah Mishawaka whether I'm not and I got on them or are linked to cancer so picture that that's in there and also the SPF of rating of fifteen or higher ball. So that is what we had our show today tomorrow's Friday the thirteenth or give any superstition things. It's no notice long you have big baseball or don't have a superstition thing. Yeah and I'm not now is Friday the thirteenth no you don't have plenty of other things got him about Micah tough hockey friend now who also have a lot of superstitions as well throughout. Am I so now it's just another day yet that's what I'm pelican and I'm. Just wanting to get to work is it Friday and Indians in the use a hockey ref has always wanna get the puck out of here yes I thought a a playoffs so we are right follow that's writes in his supported the idea of Philadelphia Flyers have made the playoffs this year they did to read a lot of talk about it and then off classmates in an. But I'm not really were alert with the flyers is that mean they fly. I don't know they that's yeah I don't floundered floundered again none. So that's our show for today you can navigate even pay utilities village and you can direct your emails to the and Miller MI LL ES it's TDK nine don't come across well on the airlines and their Friday between by the dent. A ninety point five day today and these media buying.